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• 07.07.09 12:00 pm

The media has successfully chased Palin out of politics but that doesn’t mean she won’t become the next president. After the press clobbered Nixon out of a presidential campaign and then out of a California governorship in 1962, he told them, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around any more” and swore off politics for good. Seven years later he was president of the United States.

The media has successfully chased Palin out of politics but that doesn’t mean she won’t become the next president. After the press clobbered Nixon out of a presidential campaign and then out of a California governorship in 1962, he told them, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around any more” and swore off politics for good. Seven years later he was president of the United States. Americans resented the media for telling them who to like in the early 60s so when Nixon said he had a plan to get out of Vietnam, they ignored the press’ bias and stuck him in the white house. What if Palin’s got a plan for Iraq in 2012?

If she pulls that off, everyone at ABC, CBS, CNN, AP, MSNBC, MTV, SNL, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Time, the New York Times, The View, and Oprah are going to kill themselves. Why bother being a journalist if you can’t change things, right? Wait, what? That’s not the fucking deal. Reporters are supposed to “report” things, not tell us who to like.

The vitrol behind Sarah Palin bashing always made me uneasy. From the viral video of the quarterback slamming her to the ground to Letterman’s recent jokes about fucking, everyone just seemed irrationally angry. A close friend of mine told me he’d like to kick her in the cunt. Who wants to kick anyone in the cunt? He believed it when the press told him she insisted on abstinence-only sex education, slashed funds for special needs kids, and wanted to inject creationism into public schools. All of which were lies. (UPDATE: better link).

The real reason they hate her is because she’s a woman who is pro-life. Everyone I know hates that even more than a visible minority who dares to be Republican.

When you see the Palin-bashing put up next to the Obama smooching, the bias becomes even more apalling. I realize nobody’s going to do this but if any of you would dare watch just five minutes of Media Malpractice you would see how totally unreliable mainstream news is and what a pathetic fiasco this last presidential campaign was. The movie meticulously documents each media fuck up line by line. When Palin was inexperienced, Obama was fresh. When people dared to bring up Reverend Wright, Anderson Cooper would shoot it down as irrelevant (12 times in one segment) and cut to Campbell Brown discussing Palin’s wardrobe – again. Then John Roberts declared CNN a “Reverend Wright-free zone” and that was that. Tina Fey’s impersonations of Palin became fact but when anyone mentioned “Obama” in the same breath as “terrorists,” they were slapped for pluralizing. IT’S JUST ONE! (Obama’s wife was good buddies with Ayers’ wife so it was “terroristS” after all). Shit, you had CNN reporters literally working for the Obama campaign and discussing it openly on The Situation Room. Can you fucking believe that?

I am not a big fan of pro-lifers so Palin’s out. I hate Obama because he’s against gay marriage and Nixon totally dropped the ball with Vietnam. However, I want to dislike these people on my own accord, and not have Gloria Vanderbilt’s son make the decision for me. That’s not his fucking job. When Bill Hicks saw how popular George Michael was getting he said, “When did we start letting babysitters tell us what’s good?” but we’ve always been listening to babysitters. That’s what journalism is.

So, now that the press doesn’t have Palin “to kick around any more” is she going to leave for good or follow the same path as “Tricky Dicky.” I’m hoping for the latter. Just to see the carnage.

  1. A better informed American says:

    I really appreciate your eloquence and thoughtfulness, but having any sympathy for Sarah Palin is seriously misguided. She was a corrupt governor and hawked abstinence-ed and creationism — those are not lies. You just never want to believe American democrats and journalists who don’t dump all over liberals, but you don’t realize that you are being spoon fed by conniving right-wingers disguised as proper journalists. Obama’s current anti-gay stance is just as much a strategy as Palin’s jumping ship. He’s trying to earn some conservative trust and she is trying to wade out of the muck she made in order to clean up her act/fill her wallet with speaking engagements and book deals in time for a 2012 campaign. Your relationship with the American left is like an angsty, naive teenager and his dad who was a war veteran.

  2. arroz says:

    nice one!

  3. Already Drunk says:

    “abstinence-only sex education, slashed funds for special needs kids, and wanted to inject creationism into public schools”

    How can you link to an article that repeats the exact same phrase with absolutely no explanation of its validity and then point to that as proof itself? And an op-ed piece in the New York Times? This is really your go to source for fact based reasoning?

  4. Wack-boy says:

    I’d like to kick you in the cunt just for worshiping Billy Hicks.

  5. DamnDanMan says:

    what about the fact that shes dumb as a brick and has no idea what shes doing?

  6. Vane$$a says:

    Haha. Camille Paglia on Palin:

    How dare Palin not embrace abortion as the ultimate civilized ideal of modern culture? How tacky that she speaks in a vivacious regional accent indistinguishable from that of Western Canada! How risible that she graduated from the University of Idaho and not one of those plush, pampered commodes of received opinion whose graduates, in their rush to believe the worst about her, have demonstrated that, when it comes to sifting evidence, they don’t know their asses from their elbows.

    Liberal Democrats are going to wake up from their sadomasochistic, anti-Palin orgy with a very big hangover. The evil genie released during this sorry episode will not so easily go back into its bottle. A shocking level of irrational emotionalism and at times infantile rage was exposed at the heart of current Democratic ideology — contradicting Democratic core principles of compassion, tolerance and independent thought. One would have to look back to the Eisenhower 1950s for parallels to this grotesque lock-step parade of bourgeois provincialism, shallow groupthink and blind prejudice.

    I like Sarah Palin, and I’ve heartily enjoyed her arrival on the national stage. As a career classroom teacher, I can see how smart she is — and quite frankly, I think the people who don’t see it are the stupid ones, wrapped in the fuzzy mummy-gauze of their own worn-out partisan dogma. So she doesn’t speak the King’s English — big whoop! There is a powerful clarity of consciousness in her eyes. She uses language with the jumps, breaks and rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist. I stand on what I said (as a staunch pro-choice advocate) in my last two columns — that Palin as a pro-life wife, mother and ambitious professional represents the next big shift in feminism. Pro-life women will save feminism by expanding it, particularly into the more traditional Third World.

  7. Charles says:

    I agree that the way in which Sarah Palin was treated was in some ways completely hypocritical and sexist, and the stuff about her family was more than disgusting. But the idea of her being Vice President or President did scare the shit out of me.

  8. lol@u says:

    I think some people need a good kick in the cunt. Yourself included.

  9. Russia says:

    they all fucking suck.

  10. JuCIFER says:

    C’mon Gavin, you can hate ‘Bama all you want… but you would actually defend that dumb fucking tool Palin?

  11. Trap Counselor says:

    Who the fuck wrote this? Megan McCain?

  12. JuCIFER says:

    The critical thinking you so herald is really on display when you link to a fucking Douthat Op-Ed containing no facts whatsoever as proof of Sarah Palin’s past policy decisions. NIcely done.

  13. BAPS says:

    If you lived under Bush for 8 years you would sweat Obama, too. It’s dope to not feel utterly despairing and hopeless about the future anymore, and you know… like my own country has a place for me and my interests as they relate to living remotely comfortably here. Shit was mad scary, and now someone with a conscience is making it somewhat less scary. So yeah, I’ll suck Obama’s dick for not being flagrantly dumb, selfish, and evil, because I never expected to see that in a president in my lifetime.

  14. Scoopy says:

    Seeing the people she upsets…and the 100% undeniable hate speech they fling at her…I’d vote for her 1,000 times if I could.

    And who here hasn’t lived under Bush for 8 years? What a stupid thing to say. As far as I can tell, shit’s a lot worse right now. Oh, right, but Bush caused it. Because he’s “evil.”

  15. Russia says:

    actually, i agree with Scoopy. I would vote for Palin purely out of spite for everyone else. 100% serious.

  16. Dough Boy says:

    Scoopy, you basically just said you’d vote for her to be contrary, how fucking brave.

  17. no. thanks. says:

    nigga what?!

    you “hate Obama because he’s against gay marriage”

    nigga what?!

    youve been quoted as calling gay marriage ridiculous.

  18. tommy gun says:

    there is good media out there. no one reads it though.

    As an example I am linking to an article – – that manages to explain, in 5 short paragrphs, the fundamentals of the economic catastrophe we are in. Let me assure you that compressing that complex of an issue into 5 paragraphs borders on sheer genius. But OF COARSE no one will ever read it, except for (a) people like me who have to know about this stuff or (b) knowledge thirsty intellectuals, but i figure ya’ll should at least have the option, SC commenter peeps. The money quote: “If everyone hypothetically wanted to buy securities rather than goods, prices of goods would crash. Something like this is happening, of course.”

    Forget Palin, Obama and the rest. Go learn about Goldman Sachs (beyond Taibbi’s article, which was good but too hysterical). Learn about how the commodities markets function. Learn why carbon offsets are a scam. Learn about FOREX. Learn about how currency is valued. Or, conversely, learn how to hunt, farm, build and fix shelters and tools and to make simple medicines for yourself.

    But for god’s sakes don’t spend your intellect worrying about being a republican or democrat. The only way you can control your life is to either (a) make a lot of money and control your destiny or (b) go completely off the grid.

    Anything else is you asking for some politician to help. Good luck with that.

  19. Scoopy says:

    Talk about brave! You suck the ass of someone the whole world is rimming! Now that takes some guts, mister!

    No, I also said I’d vote for her because things are worse now. Unemployment is far higher. The Dow is about half of what it was when Bush was president.

    Tack on the 700 trillion trillion gazillion in new debt we’ve all been given—I mean, I hope you didn’t think Mr. President magically created new money to save the economy—and everything is falling into the toilet. Oh, but whites and people of color can all be homeless together, and that’s what counts!

  20. I can’t bash on Sarah becuause I’m too busy being embarrassed for the poor lady. I would feel the same way if she was running for student council… she’s just not cut out for it.

    It’s particularly shocking when you think of how low Georges W. Bush set the bar for public speaking.

  21. erc says:

    That’s a retarded bunch of words up there.

    Palin isn’t treated any different than any public figure. While most people shrug it off, Palin has to make a huge shitstorm. Letterman’s jokes? Stupid photoshops? Seriously? Hillary had to deal with just as many stupid attacks on her kid, her appearance, ect. but. Clinton handled that shit professionally by ignoring the fuck out of it, not by press releases and suing bloggers and resigning her fucking position.

    Did you ever think maybe people dislike Palin legitimately? I don’t give a fuck about Palin’s personal life, I just don’t want her anywhere near the presidency. We already had 8 years of a religious redneck who couldn’t rub two coherent thoughts together.

  22. DamnDanMan says:

    to gavin:
    oh my god, the mainstream media is corrupt! they’re not completely objective! what are we gonna do now? this just happened! my innocence, my dream of a perfect world…
    your obama-bashing is exactly like the kids in my high school (91) saying they didn’t like nirvana just because everybody else started to like them. kind of childish.
    to scoopy:
    are you seriously saying that things are worse now because of what obama has done or not done? did you just wake up from a ten-year nap? somebody takes office and instantly the effects brought about by years of financial skullduggery (republican and democrat, clinton isn’t innocent) are his fault?
    and let’s not forget that the first (and most useless) bailout was put into effect by the bush administration.
    and surely it’s more appropriate to point fingers at the cause of the crisis for putting us in hock, rather than at the attempt to heal the crisis?

  23. Vane$$a says:

    Saying you want to kick someone in the cunt is a 3rd grade way of saying that you want to fuck someone in the cunt.

  24. Gigantic Faggot says:

    Jesus fucking Christ I’m so tired of all these bullshit pseudo views on everything. Why don’t you all just admit, that all the candidates are extremely flawed, and get on with things…instead of trying to act smarter than the next mongoloid by taking an “out-there”, “wacky” or “different” and unexpected stance.

  25. Dupey says:

    Scoopy is a sock puppet. It’s Gavin commenting on his own article.

  26. DamnDanMan says:

    Anyone worth anything pays little to know attention to fluff reports (good or bad). Who cares if Obama “has a hot beach bod” or Palin “shoots wolves from helicopters” (actually, the latter is pretty fucking cool). Palin sucks b/c she will contunue to foster the atmosphere of anti-intellectualism and “gut-instinct” politics that have been the right’s bread and butter for over a decade. Obama sucks b/c he wasn’t forthright w/ voters concerning the fact that his health-care initiative would expend a HUGE amount of political capital to pass, and going out on a limb for gays would pretty much doom it. Who doesn’t know this??

  27. cuntvomit says:

    No shit, the media is controlled. Who even watches corporate new’s anymore? What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and her vagina? Only 20% of what comes out of her vagina is retarded.

  28. SHITCOCK says:

    OMG the GOP is SO oppressed! “The Media” is out to get them! Palin was totally set up by that evil bitch Katie Couric. Palin is clearly a really intelligent, empowered woman and The Media is just SCARED of that!

    You are so fucking full of shit. You don’t need any spin from any side to see Palin is a fucking cipher. Anyone with any brains whatsoever, who isn’t blinded by ideology can see she’s an empty sack of hot air with no substance whatsoever. If you deny that you are just fucking delusional.

    There’s PLENTY of valid reasons for being conservative, and PLENTY of valid arguments to come out of a conservative viewpoint. But supporting Sarah Palin and claiming she is anything other than a lying, stupid sack of shit is just blind ideology. She’s the right-wing equivallent of carbon offsets (which yes, are a worthless, stupid, meaningless, lying-driven industry for idiots.)

  29. Michael says:

    The past eight years of my life were actually pretty sweet. I know that has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah Palin, but there it is anyway.

  30. Scoopy says:

    Good job, cuntvomit! That’s only about the tenth time that joke has appeared on this site!

    Isn’t it always the people who insist on calling Palin “retarded” who want to throw away any IQ tests which might prove some of their cherished protected minorities might skew more retarded than people of Palin’s “redneck” stock? So things are dumb when you call them dumb, but not when test scores call them dumb, because test scores are unscientific? Am I following you here?

    Yes, Obama “inherited” the financial situation, but pumping $10 trillion or so of worthless Federal Reserve Notes, hardly worth the paper on which they’re printed, into the economy doesn’t seem to be helping much. And in return for it not helping much, we each now owe the government untold thousands of dollars more…in a bad economy. So yes, he’s done things that have made it worse.

  31. framengo says:

    erc, now you are just avoiding facts there. u r srsly avoiding everything that it was done to sarah palin — d00d, hillary has been on the public eye for almost twenty years; just think about which one had the most ‘appalling’ depiction by eminem.

    i’m from brazil and our president cannot pronounce one sentence without making a grammatical error — and yet he gets away as a fine politician here. the brazilian left makes the same point that camille paglia made, exactly the same; that ‘dumb’ talk about palin is really all that camille paglia said on the commentary above by vane$$a: a really naïve — if not party politics — perspective by the media.

  32. Polly says:

    Gavin, I respect you a shitload, but its hard to when you show your political ignorance. I’m not even trying to be a douche, its just undeniable ignorance on your part. Your political blogs are some of the least credible content on this whole site.

  33. Polly says:

    I mean, not to say there isn’t any truth to all this. Yes, the media has an obvious liberal bias, and yes, Obama is given a pretty easy time of things by CNN, NBC, and ABC.. but at the same time you have to recognize how truly easy they went on Bush for about six or seven years (including the year leading up to his ‘election’). The media has no spine, no integrity, and no allegiance to anything we could describe as ‘facts’. all around they are partisan and uncredible. But with that said, Sarah Palin is still [unavoidably] a dumb greedy bitch. Crying foul on the media’s part doesn’t change that.

  34. Kaitlyn says:

    I second Polly on both accounts, and would like to add that Fox news talks shit about Obama all day long. And who’s jock were they riding the past 8 years? And whooo’s paying for Sarah Palin’s new book? Right. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal for the media to attempt to show a country who hated their past president why they should support and appreciate their current one.

  35. Arv says:

    I think there’s a real lapse of logic when you’re arguing that the media is unreliable and then citing those same media outlets in an effort to prove something besides their unreliability. It’s like calling your friend a compulsive liar, but then asking him to settle an argument about what happened last night. If he’s full of shit, why are you asking him?

  36. the voice says:

    The Media is the new Praetorian Guard.

    The point is that Obama and Palin are equally media whores in the sense that our ideas of them are pretty much entirely media creations. Palin just got the shitty end of the stick, whether she deserved it or not, because she wasn’t “charming”. Whatever teh fuck that means.

    Has anyone else noticed that Gavin is getting a lot less funny and a lot more intelligent? Dude, more of this and less of the other. Turn down the ‘zany and nihilistic contrarian’, turn up the ‘new media veteran aging gracefully’.

  37. framengo says:

    and, folks, why the fuck we can’t see what obama wrote in college?

  38. Gide says:

    Jesus christ this website is for making fun of the way people dress and looking at funny videos. Fuck off with your embarassing political pieces

  39. angry commenter says:

    This story is gayer than talking about different tastes of cum.

  40. @ michael says:

    Michael Says:
    07.07.09 at 2:22 pm
    The past eight years of my life were actually pretty sweet. I know that has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah Palin, but there it is anyway.

    you win!

  41. youth movement queef says:

    i have never voted; it’s a pointless enterprise anyway. but it makes me incredibly angry when one party holds a virtual monopoly on the way information (intended for public consumption) is collected and distributed. it’s also retarded that the democrats are the ‘cool’ party. sorry, but voting democratic isn’t ‘hip’ or ‘progressive.’ this thought process is just the flip side of the political coin, the other side being people who think voting republican brings them closer to god. it’s fucking pathetic. just because you voted democrat (or republican) doesn’t mean you just did some kind of favor for mankind. voting is an essentially illogical and symbolic act so please don’t lord your moral superiority over me thanks.
    i watched conan the other night. he makes a jimmy carter joke (saying he looks like that wrinkly emperor dude from star wars) and the LA crowd boos him. a few nights later he’s riffing on palin and the crowd does the forced group-laughter thing. carter was a terrible president. palin is a political pop-culture icon and palin jokes are about the least edgy comedy you could do. it was just another example of the kind of groupthink that makes me want to vomit.
    any perspective that deems palin suitable for public mockery while holding carter in high esteem needs to be questioned.
    i think most hardcore democrats and self-described liberals are OBSESSED with their socioeconomic status/class standing, whether it be provincial, plebeian, bourgeois, etc. they think that the democratic party will somehow fix the ills associated with our country’s outdated, racist/sexist/ageist/classist corporate structure. when in fact the democratic party is a part of that structure.
    the real reason palin is such an enemy of those with the above mindset is that she is a. ‘of the people’ b. a woman. she’s a member of the oppressed classes and yet she’s managed to succeed and even espouses views held by the enemy.
    can you imagine the reaction if she were brown? condoleeza rice can.

  42. Kaitlyn says:

    @ the voice:
    You are not a “media whore” if the media creates some image for you. you are a victim. Sarah Palin is 25% victim of the media, 75% victim of her personal failings on many fronts. Sure, it’s gross that everyone harps on her mistakes, but she made them in the first place. Obama is definitely a media whore, but I challenge you to come up with some other way for a president to communicate efficiently with his country. Whore it up! I’d rather ABC fill itself up with this guy and his plans than some bullshit about celebrities and excessive childbirth whores.

  43. affirmative maction says:

    democrats=date rapists

    what’s the difference? republicans are like ‘bend over, we’re going to fuck you and there’s not too much you can do about it, sorry.’ democrats cozy on up and are all ‘hey buddy how’s it going, wanna drink?’
    the next day you wake up and you can’t figure out what hurts worse, your head or your asshole.

  44. SHITCOCK says:

    I just made the mistake of reading the comments besides mine in this story. I don’t know where all you retards live but I kind of want to just bulldoze the whole country into the sea now. Ugh, so much fucking stupid.

  45. very boring says:

    None of this is interesting and all of it is lots of words

  46. two cents says:

    Like the bodies immune system kicking the shit out of a destructive virus before it can get a foothold, we as a nation got together and said “fuck this shit”. And we did it with extreme prejudice. We didn’t need to hear her fucking take on abortion or missile defense to know that here was another blank slate beauty queen being foisted on us by the Republican party. She didn’t pass the smell test. She’ll be back, and we’ll be waiting vigilantly to kick her in the cunt.

  47. Already Drunk says:

    I love it when Gavin talks about Politics. He espouses a kind of hysterical, contrarian, conspiracy-theorist paranoia that is always guaranteed to be deeply and unfathomably wrong, as well as very, very funny. The linking to nut-job right-wing Palin apologists and Gavin responding to his own article made this one especially amusing.

  48. vegan jules says:

    i can’t wait for the blognigger follow-up

  49. Dork says:

    The pro-life and religious-nut thing did bother me, but when I realized that Palin wasn’t really going after abortion, I thought that she could seriously kick some ass in Washington. If Republicans weren’t “The Religious Party” they would have a lot more followers. If you want to see the vitriol Sarah faced on a daily basis, just go to Gawker and Jezebel and look at half of the stories. I don’t like the extreme right wing at all, but I absolutely despise the frothing, needy looters on the left.

    The funny thing is that I firmly believe that the fiscal conservatives already said, “fuck this shit” with Obama’s porkulous and this is one reason the economy is in such bad shape. Everyone I know, out of fiscal preservation, went Galt. We have the money because we are the producers and savers, and we aren’t the types to get in over our heads in debt. In November and December we got the hell out of the stock market and we went on austerity budgets. Tax that, bitch!

  50. FaceKick says:

    While we’re regurgitating the NYT here….

    Someone wrote in a Letter to the Editor today regarding Palin….She believes she can accomplish nothing else in the final year and a half of her term. In other words, she is incapable of exercising leadership for even one full term as governor of a thinly populated state blessed with more economic advantages than nearly and other.

    She can’t take the heat as governor of Alaska, yet she’s somehow a good choice for president? Come on, even Ann Fucking Coulter is ragging on Palin.

    Its this, coupled with the fact that she wants to up the ante and try for national office, where the stakes are higher and the odds much steeper, that scares me about Palin. I didn’t need the NYT or MSNBC to tell me this, either. I didn’t like her ass the moment she popped up out of nowhere at the Republican convention.

    And in closing…since we’re being contrarian here, and someone took offense to an earlier Palin joke…

    Why did the Palins choose the name Trig for their son?
    Because Corkey had too much elitist Hollywood baggage.

  51. FaceKick says:

    I apologize, I mistakenly attributed the above editorial to Ann Coulter. It was actually some sportswriter jackass…so ignore the part about Ann Coulter. Everything else still stands.

  52. two cents says:

    It’s called Keynesian economics, and it works. What’s your plan, tax cuts?

  53. Stone dyke here says:


  54. GangstaLegs says:

    Hi guys, what are y’all talkin’ bout.

  55. City Ballz says:

    Do people still not get that Gavin’s whole schtick is being a devil’s advocate and stirring up the pot? I love angry people.

  56. marcy says:

    i just went to the Media Malpractice site…shit says “endorsed by Rush.” that’s a house built on a shaky foundation, right there

  57. Dork says:

    My plan? My plan is to continue to save half my salary each month, continue to live debt-free, and live a nice, simple life. What’s your plan two cents? To mooch off of the world?

  58. two cents says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.

  59. Dork says:

    Go for it! I’m going to buy up another distressed, bank owned property near my house and fix it up. Good time to buy, and bad time to sell!

  60. the voice says:


    “I’d rather ABC fill itself up with this guy and his plans than some bullshit about celebrities and excessive childbirth whores.”

    You stupid, stupid bitch. This is exactly the problem with Obamaniacs: it’s more about “feeling” like change is taking place than it is about enabling real change. Case in point: You would rather watch ABC reporting on “his plans” than celebrity bullshit. Don’t you realize it’s THE EXACT SAME THING.

    Tell me, right now, what Obama’s “plans” are for change.

    Tell me one.

    ONE specific, significant step he has taken that will fundamentally alter the US for good.

    Health care: co-opting the Clinton’s plan and making it look like his own

    Closing Guantanamo: shifting prisoners to other prisons, more a PR stunt than anything else.

    Expanding the war in Afghanistan: Hmmm… wouldn’t you guys be against this is GWB had suggested it?

    You’re buying into the “CHANGE” brand the same way you buy a Big Mac. It looks good, it smells good, but it isn’t real food. But the truth is, you would rather pat yourselves on the back for having a president who uses words like “Cool” and convince yourselves that you’re doing something revolutionary.

  61. ew kids on the block says:

    i only want kick sarah palin in the cunt because she murders adorable baby wolves. also, nixon won because he even though he was evil, he was also SMART . palins just fucktarded and unlikeable.

  62. drunkilocks says:

    I disagree with the premise that Palin in any way compares to Nixon. For one thing, Nixon won election in 1968 by skillfully manipulating both the Republican Party and the media. Your statement “Americans resented the media for telling them who to like in the early 60’s so when Nixon said he had a plan to get out of Vietnam, they ignored the press’ bias and stuck him in the white house.” is complete bullshit. First, there was plenty of press for Nixon in 1968. Second, the thought that the majority of Americans even thought at all about what was said in the early sixties is ridiculous no matter what, but especially with all the shit that went down in 1968. Whatever the media’s mistakes (crimes?) in dealing with Palin, it seems obvious to me that she wasn’t ready to be second on the Republican (or any other) ticket for President. As far as her following the same path as Nixon, well if she hires any number of lawyers, marketing wizards and various thugs with no regard for anything other than getting her elected, and if Obama shares the same fate as JFK, and if Biden gets us further into a foreign war while passing a universal health care bill that ends up really sinking the economy, and basically if everything goes off the rails, you may get the carnage you want.
    But if you are basing this on your knowledge of history I wouldn’t bet on it.

  63. Vincent says:

    aw shit I shot marvin in the face!

  64. shysta says:

    Obama’s a lot more like Nixon than Palin

  65. framengo says:

    drunkilocks, so obama was prepared?

  66. bubbles says:

    aren’t you from canada or scotland or whatever? i don’t bother to give a shit about your politics, don’t drone on about mine. sarah palin discussions are for real americans only.

  67. Homo Ejectus says:

    I agree with an earlier commenter. This is a very well-written piece and thank you for that.

    With that said, clearly the woman is a dangerous, unstable narcissist. More than that she’s an uneducated, simple-minded narcissist suffering from delusions. At her age it’s no longer cute to see someone so unaware of the things she does not know.

    The media can and does shape this country’s course in ways it ought not to, but sometimes it saves us from ourselves. One more year of theocratic minority control over both wings of our government and I’m afraid we’d be way past fucked. If I’d had to watch another stolen election, or bloc voting by ethnic minorities with Stockholm Syndrome, I’m pretty sure I’d be learning Mandarin and buying Chinese currency.

    Regardless of any pertinent social, political or religious issues, Sarah Palin the human being should be someplace away from taxpayer money where she’s not in a position to govern anyone other than parents’ groups or her church deacons.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.


  68. Anonymous says:

    good post.


    “The real reason they hate her is because she’s a woman who is pro-life. Everyone I know hates that even more than a visible minority who dares to be Republican.”

    dayumn skippy bippy.

  70. Gavin says:

    The point is not whether Palin is a “stupid fucking bitch” or not. Fuck Palin. The point is the press has completely given up on being nonpartisan and has united with anonymous bloggers to smear people they don’t like and just make up shit. THEN they make ads about how nonpartisan they are! Media Malpractice breaks this down flawlessly. Even Obama’s mind would be blown if he saw it. Please. I’ll give you your money back if you aren’t impressed by it. PLEASE!
    You all remind me of Jehova’s Witnesses who refuse to read anything that isn’t endorsed by The Watchtower.

    PS: Swear to God this is the first comment I’ve posted on this article.

  71. well I'll be dipped in shit and rolled in breadcrumbs says:

    You’re stupid.

  72. wait says:

    was this whole thing just a gigantic ad for this dvd?

  73. wait says:

    that’s what i call marketing.

  74. wait says:

    Gavin, I agree with what you’re saying and it was and is completely clear that the media targeted Palin. but part of the story actually IS that she’s a stupid bitch. The Palin bashing gets ratings just like Mike Jackson’s death gets ratings. if it bleeds it leads. if she’s a dumb cunt, put it up front. sorry, i’m retarded.

  75. drunkilocks says:

    Framengo if you are asking was Obama prepared for the campaign? my answer is yes. Teddy White has been gone for awhile but there should be a number of books and other forms of analysis of Obama’s campaign which I for one will be interested to read because what they did still blows me away. If you are asking if Obama was prepared to be President, well, we’ll see. A friend was visiting last week who is over the moon regarding Obama. I don’t share my friend’s enthusiam yet, more for personal reasons than anything Obama has or has not done, but I do agree with my friend’s sentiment that it is nice to have a President that seems to understand what it means to be President.

  76. f-bomb says:

    a school teacher recognizing intelligence is about as probable as a dog using a telephone. when it does happen it makes the local news.

  77. Uhh, your first mistake is watching mainstream TV, esp. CNN. Should anyone trust news coverage from a news channel that sells ad time for silver-plated “9/11 dollars” during commercials?

    I think it’s bullshit that people are getting way out of line with the Sarah Palin personal attacks, making the left look like nothing more than the loons who are storming around looking for Obama’s birth certificate. Attack her atrocious policies as Governor instead of the playground name-calling & give her voter base one less reason to make her a martyr.

  78. erc says:

    media malpractice is by john zeigler, who spews crazy bullshit propaganda constantly. next you’ll be telling me about this awesome op ed bill kristol wrote.

  79. Of course, [McInnes] wouldn’t say so, but it was GOP pundits who seemed to be unfurling the most “abuse” at Palin: conservative commentators such as Peggy Noonan, George Will, David Brooks, David Frum, and Kathleen Parker — who all came clean about Palin’s glaring deficiencies as a candidate. In fact, Brooks went so far as to call her a “cancer” on the GOP, while Noonan claimed Palin’s candidacy symbolized a “new vulgarism in American politics.” Yet [McInnes] played dumb and pretended “the media” were guilty of taking pot shots at Palin.

  80. Shryke says:

    This could be some of the most ridiculous, illogical shit I’ve ever read. Plus, the argument is rests on the sweeping assumption that everyone is hating because the media told them to and an ‘unbiased’ documentary will show how?

    Why can’t a sort inverse argument be true: MOST recognized that the woman was way out of her fucking league and had no shot – the media took that story and ran with it?

  81. Vane$$a says:

    Gavin isn’t doing all the commenting, it’s Blognigger.

  82. Michael says:

    I still don’t understand why the news media hasn’t completely dropped her from their sights once the presidential race concluded. She’s the governor of a state that very few people in the continental United States care a rat’s ass about. You would think that a certain governor from a certain ever-so-slightly more prominent state, who was practically a shoo-in for a certain Obama cabinet position but dropped out due to some ambiguous malfeasance would be drawing more media scrutiny than this Palin. Even more curious is why would Letterman’s writers even bother crafting monologue bits about her at this point? Were Lloyd Bensten jokes a hilarious late night staple in 1989? How about Kemp in ’97?

  83. blunt dog says:


  84. Michael2 says:

    83 fucking comments for this weak-ass shit.

    Said it before & I’ll say it again: You all take Gavin McInnes’ political views way too seriously. He’s been a junkie for most of his life, his brain is fried & his ideas are scrambled.

  85. teenage girl says:

    Who is Sarah Palin?

  86. bj says:

    Twitter, Google & Youtube are proving to be WAY more powerful INTERNATIONAL journalistic tools than any talking head journo idiot in the corporate media sphere.

    I’ll check the media malpractice video out for sure.

    Saying mainstream media is guilty of malpractice in relation to obama / palin is like saying cassette tapes sometimes get chewed up. its sad, its true, but the goddam things are outdated.

    But im checking out the video you’v linked to because the sharing of information is the best tool / weapon the human race has against the ‘bad people’ right now.

  87. Roight says:

    in the Queen’s onions!!! Bwaaa!!!

  88. bj says:

    Also can you other commenters do us all a favor and please NEVER SAY EVER AGAIN THE NAME (FIRST OR LAST) OF THE GUY THAT RUNS THIS SITE….. PLEEASE…..

    it makes me feel as if i just ate a piece of human shit that somehow found its way into my ears.

  89. Hopscotch on my unicycle says:

    The humor I find in all of this, is all of you get so jazzed up and defensive over shit that is as important as fucking kickin boxes. When, when, when is this ever going to compute that, these people you vote for DO NOT & HAVE NEVER run the country.

    I’ll be over here under my coconut tree, relaxing with my thoughts. While the curtain falls.

  90. Cunning Stunt says:

    God, people whose mind can be blown by a “documentary,” be it by Michael Moore or– Jesus Fucking Christ, John Ziegler (are you fucking kidding me? Do you realize what kind of a shitstain that guy is?) or “Loose Change” or “Zeitgeist” or whatever– that person is clearly weak minded, and probably an excruciatingly annoying drunk. Read, conspiracy nerds, preferably more than one book by more than one writer, and not all from the “occult” section of barnes and noble.

    Anyone with some basic grasp of editing can string together video, ominous music, and talking heads to argue any point imaginable, and if you are stoned it will probably be pretty convincing.

  91. Cunning Stunt says:

    Is this site actually taking a politician’s side against a comedian? Actually buying that this venal politician is a victim? That is enraging beyond belief, I’ll admit, so if that was the intent, congratulations, I guess?

  92. nope says:

    You sound like Michael Savage. That is NOT a compliment.

  93. creeperstatus says:

    I can appreciate your role as the devil’s advocate, but Sarah Palin couldn’t list one newspaper when questioned. The easy answer would be the Wall Street Journal or Washington Times (a simple appeal to her base). And while the coverage of her was extremely one-sided and at times sexist, it does not detract from the fact that she was – and is – extremely unqualified for the Vice Presidency of the United States. Obama had little “experience” in politics, but the clear delineation between the two was their ability to articulate clear thoughts to the American populace. Is Obama ruled by corporate interests? Of course! You’ll never find a modern President who wasn’t. But the man has something that struck a chord with America, and it wasn’t just CNN (North Carolina, Indiana). It is understood that he will deliver far less than he promised. That being considered, I believe his under-achievement will for surpass the actions and policies if the last 8 years. Life isn’t fair. Neither are politics, but the American people were given a choice, and they made it.

    I continue to read this blog, not because I indentify with your system of beliefs, but because I enjoy healthy discourse. I also think your stickers are awesome.

  94. quadruple x says:

    Ugggggghhhhhhhh. Gross.

  95. Daz76 says:


    I’m reading this while eating Ben and Jerry’s Triple Caramel Chunk. Only way to read late night Street Carnage.

  96. vegan jules says:

    That’s not me above. I actually couldn’t give two shits about making a cameo on this one.

  97. Max says:

    I would throw a party in her mouth until it gets raided by 1000 girls and boys in white suits that manged to wiggle their way in there in style, on a suicide misson. I would say that I’m more concerned about Will Smith becoming President, now that this whole black (make a change) nonsense is in the air. Sorry was in the air, fuck maybe Palin could do it because Obama may have fucked it already. Just when we think hes the only Kosher one around, he fucks us, its in his kinds blood. Don’t be fooled by the neat afro, hes a maneater. Obama as of now has fucked the black people in America over in ever getting a niglet as a President again. I can say that word because I own like 200 Motown records plus my Moms into dudes that are so black they look blue. I also wear Du-rags mandatory style and I blame Michael Jackson for wanting to be white, so I’m cool and I can say Obama is a just another niglet.
    Then again why really would I give a fuck, when its Wednesday am I’m feeling Greek today? That’s why I would bang someone like Palin. Its a sick world, pass the ball son. When you’re desperate, one does strange things…the rest follow even if they hate it. Its love/hate, embrace it and rub it in, enjoy the madness and death and Hasslehoff. look out for Chinese dudes dating your daughters. And be happy if you can drop a load that forms into skin and bone, oh yeah and don’t live in America, fuck as many black women as possible and then move to America. Am I done now? No this is freestyle bollocks, why don’t you fucking hang yourself already? Why don’t you just string up and do a way with it you wrongen, sorry burnt my tongue on coffee so I’m pissed off and have Daddy Issues on top of this all. Hey was that a fucking rabbit that just ran by me? Let me chase it and ask it who will be president next, I really want it to say Molly fucking Ringwald for some reason. Wish me luck, I’m running for America and I can run all fucking night.

  98. mark says:

    Republican Dream Ticket 2012:

    Sarah Palin for President / Joe The Plumber for VP

    Their motto can be:


  99. John Doie says:

    Let’s make it 100!

  100. Gavin says:

    1- When I was a very young man and a crazy person approached my dad and I in a bar, I answered his questions. After realizing my mistake my dad explained the secret to loonies is, “Don’t engage.” So why comment here? Dunno.

    2- She didn’t say what papers she read because Couric was trying to corner her into choosing a team and she refused to play that game. Their editing emphasized moments like this. All well covered in Media Malpractice.

    3- Liberal bias actually helped Palin in one instance. She had a pastor who was even more nuts than Wright. He was a Haitian nut who believed in witches and I think he even did an exorcism on her. CNN didn’t touch it because they were scared it would drum up more Wright quotes.

    4- McCain and Palin didn’t fight back as well as they should have. Bush knew how to play dirty pool and when he ran against McCain, started a rumor that McCain had an illegitimate mulatto baby. Nobody bothered to check to see if that baby was actually an East Indian child they had adopted, which it was (is). Personally, I don’t get the way Americans are so obsessed with a person’s personal life. Who cares if someone is against gay marriage but solicited a homo in a bathroom? He didn’t try to marry the guy. So he’s a fag. Mind your own business. If John Wayne Gacy told me murder was wrong he’d still be right.

    5- I like how the best thing people can say about Obama is that he’s better than Bush. Congratulations. You’re better than the worst guy alive.

    6- I showed the movie to my mother-in-law last night who made it about 5 minutes in before storming out of the room screaming “She’s stupid. She’s STUPID!” It’s weird how hysterical and closed-minded people are about Palin. There’s something very suspicious about it.

  101. tommy gun says:

    can we please turn our attention to the more important questions!

    why are Michael Jackon’s kids white?. did he change his DNA? Is Paris Jackson bigger than Paris Hilton? When will the MJ retrospective come out? When is the tribute album coming out with everyone from Kanye to Nickleback to Beyonce on it? How come that hyperbaric chamber thing didn’t work for MJ? Will they turn his house into a new Graceland? How much of him will actually rot and how much is non-biodegradable?

    Come on lets get to the bottom of this!!

  102. Gavin says:

    Here’s another question. Why do we hear so little about Joe Biden’s idiocy? I think Saturday Night Live was one of the few “News outlets” that dared to take it on. He said Roosevelt went on TV during the Great Depression and calmed the people. Um, what TV? He said we shouldn’t fly in planes. He said Israel can do what it wants with Iran. He said Obma got the economy wrong. He guaranteed us the surge wouldn’t work.
    How come none of my friends want to kick him in the cunt?

  103. Tabs says:

    I don’t agree totally with your politics. And I’m surprised that such a big fan of Media Malpractice, which is smug and hates the media, dislikes Jon Stewart for being smug and hating the media. That being said, I enjoyed your article. But, most of all, I really enjoyed the fact that when I clicked on the links, they opened up in a new tab on tier own. I don’t know if that’s new or if I’m just a tard. Either way, it’s much more convenient.

  104. Kaitlyn says:

    Because vice presidents are nothing but flaccid penises. He can say whatever he wants as long as he hold a position with no potential to do anything.

  105. Scoopy says:

    “Because vice presidents are nothing but flaccid penises.”

    True, and that’s why the press gave Dan Quayle an easy time.

  106. Kaitlyn says:

    My point was that Gavin’s friends don’t care to kick JB in the cunt because he is governmentally ineffectual. They are bent on kicking SP in the cunt because as someone will run for president, she is extremely dangerous.

  107. Hopscotch on my unicycle says:

    this is one controversial thread. Gavin knows how to stir shit up! have you noticed how boring Vice has become since he left.

  108. tommy gun says:

    i’m not your friend Gavin but i do want to kick joe biden in the cunt. telling Israel they have a green light to bomb Iran is INSANE. I could list a dozen reasons why but the main one is that Iran will never nuke Israel in the first place because Russia and China – who really pull the strings in Iran – won’t let them and they won’t nuke Israel because they will be destroying and/or rendering inhabitable Islam’s third holiest site (Al Aqsa).

    so yeah, lets bomb Iran, allow the commodities speculators full license to drive light sweet crude futures above $200 and REALLY destroy middle class america. Go get em Joe!! Geithner et. al will be happy.

    Anyway – my main issue – identified in my first comment somewhere up there – is that the media focuses on the wrong stuff ALL the time, not just with Palin v. Obama. PALIN DOESN’T MATTER.

    Money is the only thing that matters. Period. Now lemme go back to gettin’ some.

  109. tinyfrogs says:

    @youth movement queef: Carter was prez for 4 years during a global crisis. Then he was a humanitarian for three decades and got a Nobel Prize for Peace. People don’t like to laugh at Peace Prize Winners. And since you don’t vote, sit down and shut up.

    @Dork: Congrats on having enough income or inheritance to be a vulture. What about all those poor bastards who went into debt to go through college and have been walking an economic tightrope ever since? The rope snapped before they had a chance to save anything.

    @Jeremy Williamson: Word.

    @Gavin: Congrats on stirring the pot again. I still haven’t figured out where you stand on anything, you cynical hipster you.

    @ everyone else:
    1. With actuaries giving McCain a 1 in 6 or 7 chance of dying in his first term, I was faced with a choice between Obama (constitutional law prof, senator, world traveler, author) or Palin (beauty queen, sports reporter, creationist) for president during a very difficult time. No choice there.

    2. If you think Obama should have solved this economic shitstorm overnight, then maybe you also think that it happened overnight? Fool.

    3. OOOOOOoooohhhhHHHH, the media is biased! Everyone has a position. Fox News and AM radio are way right of center. HuffPo and the like are way left of center. For the most part, old print media like the NYT, Economist, WSJ, and Atlantic are a little left or right, but on average or not far from the middle. Get your info from multiple sources, think about it, and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND. It’s called having an informed opinion.

  110. here’s my question: when will people start to realize that Obama’s intellect isn’t nearly as impressive as they initially thought? when do they admit that he’s really not all that ‘well spoken’ (traditionally racist whitespeak describing black people who sound…white)?
    the dude is a well-polished product of a paranoiacally managed media machine. ‘all press questions must be submitted 24 hours ahead of time so as to prepare an appropriate response.’
    i’m not saying he’s as dumb as bush/palin, but he’s definitely not as smart as everyone thinks. and a lot of you people who fawn over his ‘ability to speak’ are just plain racist, not in the angry hateful way, but in the ignorant, self-involved way that’s so characteristic of the white middle and upper-middle class. which is basically what the traditional media is all about, with their pseudo-noblesse oblige and bullshit cheerleading for the big O.
    and it’s not just conservatives who complain about the nonstop love he’s gotten from the press:
    obama aint no black jesus.

  111. youth movement queef says:

    guess who else won a nobel prize? the dude who invented lobotomies. maybe it’s not all that great an award considering the long list of dubious figures (stanley tookie, for fuck’s sake) who have won it.
    jimmy carter is a liberal wet dream bukkake-figure. anybody who doesn’t live in said dream realizes he’s a joke. sorry.
    but i guess none of that is relevant since i don’t vote.
    i’d also like to add that you are a fucking idiot

  112. Failure says:

    Take a listen Sarah Palin’s conversation with “French President Sarkozy”

    Then let’s talk about Palin’s intelligence.

    It’s not just that she or her people are too naive or uninformed to realize that she is being made fun of – it’s also the quality of her responses to the man she believes to be Sarkozy, and the way she allows this man to speak to her, that indicates that she lacks the knowledge and intelligence required to run our country.

  113. As to whether another pursuit for national office, as when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House less than a year ago, would result in the same political blood sport, Palin said there was a difference between the White House and what she had experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House, she said, the “department of law” would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

    “I think on a national level, your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

    [Troll repellent: I know there’s a Department of Law in Alaska, but there’s no such thing in D.C. Even if she’s referring to the Department of Justice, it’s not “in the White House,” and you can find plenty of examples of the DoJ not protecting presidential candidates, or even presidents, from all allegations.]

  114. Dork says:

    tinyfrogs, ever heard of a loan? That’s how folks buy houses. It is done all the time!

  115. Mark says:

    Q. How many Sarah Palin’s does it take to change a light bulb.

    A. That’s not fair! Sarah hasn’t been adequately prepped for a discussion about electricity.

  116. Michael2 says:

    So people who criticize Gavin McInnes’ political views are conspiracy nuts, eh? Yes, there’s something “very suspicious” about people disliking Sarah Palin. It’s not like she gave anyone reason for that, it’s all the liberal media MAKING YOU THINK THAT WAY. And they don’t talk about Joe Biden for some reason, holy shit that proves everything!

    I bet he thinks all the comments means he’s really shaking things up, too.

    Dude should really just stick to drugs & fashion, it’s all he’s qualified for.

  117. ^^^^ says:

    The Biden example is easily the best way to totally prove that the media isn’t all up on Palin’s dick. You a genius

  118. Gavin says:

    “I bet he thinks all the comments means he’s really shaking things up, too.” Um, as far as this website goes? Yes, that’s PRECISELY what I think.
    Here’s a better link than that op-ed everyone’s so mad about.

    -didn’t cut funding for special needs kids
    -didn’t ban books
    -never pushed creationism

  119. Kennedy says:

    Sneaky Christopher.

  120. Max says:

    Do what you want to do, say what you need to say. Cover me black, while I spread with the color with understanding. Dawg.

  121. Jeremy Williamson says:

    The factcheck link posted by McInnes purports to debunk “dubious Internet postings and mass e-mail messages making claims about McCain’s running mate, Gov. Palin,” and as such it only tangentially addresses media mistakes concurrent with the McCain-Palin campaign. Many media errors mentioned in the article occurred well before 2008. Factcheck can cite only one “mainstream news source” claiming that Palin cut funding for special needs kids. Factcheck cites no news source that claiming that Palin banned books and no news source claiming that Palin actively pushed for legislation promoting a creationist agenda (although Factcheck does acknowledge that the Boston Globe correctly reported that Palin “supports teaching creationism alongside evolution” and it praises the AP’s coverage of the topic). This does not add up to a grand media conspiracy to “chase Palin out of politics” as McInnes would like his readers to believe. Palin’s most outspoken critics in the media were her fellow conservatives (Peggy Noonan, George Will, David Brooks, David Frum and Kathleen Parker), which doesn’t square with the prevailing conservative role of victimhood at the hands of the liberal media (which is oddly, inexplicably owned by transnational corporations like General Electric).

    It is now clear that McInnes knows nothing about this topic and doesn’t want to think about it too hard — or at least, not hard enough to discern between mainstream media and “dubious Internet postings and mass e-mail messages.” It is likely that his kindest bud forwarded him a link to the “Media Malpractice” video and it totally blew his mind brah, so he posted it on his blog just as many liberals did when their kindest buds sent them links to “Loose Change.”

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