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• 01.30.15 09:43 am

Remember last August when that cop shot that unarmed kid? They were different races so it must have been based on racism. Let’s have a fucking parade. 

I’m talking of course about a white 20-year-old named Dillon Taylor who was shot by a black cop. It didn’t fit the liberal narrative so it was completely ignored. Of course, by cherry picking white-on-black stories, the press is creating racial tension where there was none. Now we all hate each other. Way to go, assholes!

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. raymi says:

    hate keeps the world spinning

  2. MildMessiah says:

    I live less than an hour from Detroit. Saw one article on this case. Shocking.

  3. blah says:

    Are we really “letting them literally get away with murder” if they’re convicted of murder? I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.

    Also, so many great “aboots” in that clip. Thank you.

  4. Tim Lewis says:

    Buy a gun and carry it ,shot anyone that threatens you with harm .it will stop.

  5. MildMessiah says:

    After asking around it turns out coverage was quite extensive in the 2 major Detroit papers. Since I mostly follow national news I didn’t see it, cause national news coverage was nil.

  6. RED says:

    Out of the 7,000 blacks murdered by blacks last year, how many do you think were prosecuted. The media has a No Go zone when it comes to gang violence and the police are only too happy to ignore those areas also. No public pressure to stop gang violence, no prosecutions.

    By the way, gang violence also has a lot to do with single mothers enabled by welfare. Give a black family a reason to stay together and the crime rates will plummet.

  7. Rob says:

    Sometime last fall, during the height of the “Troubles” down in the U.S, the CBC began pushing the same race baiting angle as the media down south. Ad Infinitum. One day, Ana-Maria Tremonti had as a guest, a black professor from the Women’s Studies dept. (of all fucking things) at York University. At the beginning of the interview this character stated that racism and violence perpetrated towards black males in Canada by whites was just as bad as in the U.S. Flat out. Naturally Ana was orgasmic with glee. The rest of the interview became one long masturbatory diatribe about the horrible inequities faced by black men in Canada.

    I’ll tell you what’s scarier than this though, the fact that probably 30% of whites, in their love of self-flagellation believe this all to be true. They spend to much time examining the wart on their ass and ignoring the festering tumour in their brain. The racial grievance industry (as well as most feminist groups) have simply run amok, with the media and the universities supplying and erecting the circus tent.

    The question though is, who funds all of these groups? Russian government money has just been discovered (National Review) in the bank accounts of several prominent U.S environmental (Sierra) groups who are fighting oil/gas exploration and production. Who’s to say that Isis (with it’s hundreds of millions) or any number of government’s for that matter, wouldn’t engage in fomenting civil unrest and strife. Their aim, simply to weaken the U.S from within through the financing of certain elements in the racial grievance industry. It wouldn’t be difficult. Your well-established branch of the Muslim Brotherhood for instance has many close and influential friends all over the Middle-East (including Turkey’s President).

    Whatever is happening, it feels like we’re one major atrocity away from the whole thing blowing up. Forget about what is already going on in Iraq and Syria. Russia is lining up the whole of the Ukraine and the Baltic states. Turkey is chomping at the bit, remembering the glory days of the Ottoman Empire. Iran continues with its prodding of Israel. Nuclear-armed Pakistan is descending into the abyss of civil war. North Korea, in desperate need of cash, continues to develop its intercontinental missiles….Lost count of all the insurgencies in Africa. I guess everything will be OK though, Obama tells us that he has turned the page on this nightmare and he would like us all to do the same. Gavin, perhaps you should start looking for a big, easily defensible property in Northern Ontario. Lots of old fishing lodges for sale…. In the meantime begin brushing up on your Franz Fanon and please start using the Arabic Rosetta Stone I sent you for Xmas.

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