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• 07.31.15 09:21 am


A common refrain when blacks are confronted with their terrible crime rate is, “It’s $9 an hour at McDonald’s or you can take this ‘empty’ pack of cigarettes over to that guy for $100.”

I get that. What follows is the notion that the government flooded the ghetto with drugs to oppress the poor. There’s truth to that too but it had more to do with propping the contras in Nicaragua than keeping the black man down.

I believe the REAL solution to the troubles with black America is to end welfare so there’s an incentive to retain a family culture. Most non-liberals agree that welfare is bad for America but no prominent politicians on the right oppose the drug war (although, I suspect, in private Cruz cares as much about it as Obama cares about Jesus Christ). This is likely because conservatives, paleocons, neocons, Republicans and libertarians tend to be raging nerds who have never tried drugs and don’t know anyone who has been persecuted for selling them.

They see America’s prison culture as the lesser of two evils and assume 2.2 million people would be better off dead. I don’t know many prisoners or ex-cons but the ones I’ve met defy the stereotype. I’m going to keep meeting them and if prison is as fucked up as it looks, I’m going to do something about it.


This week I interviewed a drug dealer who just got out.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. MildMessiah says:

    I’ve been a hardcore conservative with a sprinkle of libertarianism since I was 12, but when it comes to drugs it’s time to follow Portugal’s lead and completely decriminalize all of them:
    After 14 years the stats are in. 80% Drop in drug induced death. Heroin addiction cut in half. Zero increase in usage rates. Just imagine the $ NOT spent on enforcement and incarceration! I’m not a user of hard drugs, but these numbers speak for themselves.
    Legalize Now!

  2. TJ says:

    Prison reform is a huge issue. Huge. We need to change the whole thing from top to bottom.
    Its time to tell the cruel assholes to sit down and shut the fuck up on this issue. Your way was tried for the past 40 years and its been an abysmal failure.

  3. Polwasright says:

    I did seven years for shooting two people. Did time in level 4’s in California. The place is full of the scum of the earth. If they’re not guilty of that particular crime, the are still likely a career criminal guilty of a plethora of other felonies. This fantasy that they are a bunch of good dudes down on their luck is an utter farce. Legalize pot, sure, but Americans can’t even handle access to hamburgers without wrecking their health, what makes you think the average joe could handle heroin or crack? You sound like a fucking liberal do-gooder.

  4. Ghetto Defendant says:

    That interview started out great, and you had a real chance to get that guy talking about modern prison culture and recidivism. You were almost there, then it went south with you trying to pry your own answers out of the guy towards the end. You’re too good an interviewer to pull that hackey Gothamist/Gawker lazy interview shit.

  5. Voice of Reason says:

    I can understand their frustration. I made over $500,000 at my mid level management job so I never felt tempted to sell drugs. (eyes rolling)

  6. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    I know PLENTY of excons. For the most part, they are dumb, lazy,and prone to apish dominance displays. They cannot learn from repeated mistakes, often seeming genuinely surprised that the SAME cop found him in the SAME place doin’ the SAME shit with the SAME crew as last time he got locked up.
    Let these fucking morons STARVE, and let us shoot ’em when we catch ’em stealing the second time.
    Problem solved in five years.

  7. yalyalyal says:

    Gavin why do you call yourself a libertarian but then act like libertarians haven’t been calling for an end to the war on drugs for decades? And why support Cruz over Rand? Genuinely curious.

  8. Tim Lewis says:

    The truth is 7 of 10 WHITE guys don’t belong in prison are ok guys .as far as everyone else in prison I would say 7 of 10 belong there.

  9. Alec Leamas says:

    American blacks’ criminality likely has numerous causes, but the one that’s soluable (but not likely to be solved) is poor future time orientation and an inability to delay gratification. (See the “marshmallow test” and black children’s poor performance) This is probably worsened if not primarily caused by the lifestyle unwittingly encouraged by the welfare state, and now it’s been compounded by having successive generations of this lifestyle seriatim. If you’ve had anything to do with the criminal justice system you understand that if criminals were smart we probably wouldn’t catch them. They’re not, so they wind up going to prison for being some mixture of impulsive, stupid, and violent. Not the sort of people we’re missing in civil society. Having said this, you need to check out Steve Sailer’s theory of drug prohibitionism – basically we’ve arrived at a point of stalemate where drugs are kept illegal to provide a cottage industry to the unemployable black underclass localized in the hood and without which blacks would be more frequently venturing out of the hood to commit property crimes (e.g. car jackings, home invasions) with the attendant and inevitable spur of the momen rapes and murders. A decriminalized or legalized regime would make drug dealing a legitimate business and squeeze unemployable ghetto blacks out, after which they would have no alternative but to resort to property crimes and other more violent ventures. It’s definitely something worth thinking about when discussing how to proceed.

  10. dingbat says:

    Anecdotal evidence is the best evidence.

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