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Street Carnage
• 04.22.13 10:00 am

New York police subdue a rambunctious young man who really should have been wearing a belt.

America’s melting pot boiled over last Monday as a young “teen,” also known colloquially as a young “male,” otherwise known as a young “youth,” greeted a yarmulke-wearing man on a Brooklyn subway car with the Islamic version of “Aloha.”

The yarmulke-wearing male apparently rebuffed the gentle gesture of an interfaith alliance, which apparently led
to an unpleasant reference to the Holocaust, which apparently led to a physical attack, which apparently led to police arriving on the scene, which apparently led to a woman named “Shaniqua” mouthing off at cops, which apparently also led to her arrest.

Apparently we have very far to go as a nation. Apparently we need to pray. Apparently more needs to be done. Apparently we still don’t understand one another. Apparently our real problems aren’t remotely apparent to us.

  1. Bobo says:

    Well that was anticlimactic.

  2. Twalsh says:

    The “Litter Stops Here,” shot at about 6:50 point fairly amusing.

  3. zbow says:

    I think you meant, “a young ‘yewt'”

  4. sally says:

    What im dying to know, is what francisco murphy has to say about all of this.

  5. Dabney says:


  6. sam says:

    thanks a lot black people

  7. raymi says:

    ^^^ “relaxing!” LOL. QOTD though, “Apparently our real problems aren’t remotely apparent to us.”

  8. Clovis says:

    That was lunch every day at my high school.

  9. Sniffy says:

    nigs gonna nig.

  10. Fuhrer says:

    Where are explosions when you really need em?

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