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• 12.26.15 10:56 am

Unless you think the war on Christmas is a myth or “God Bless You” is a microaggression. If that’s the case, I want you to have a shitty Christmas and I’d like the Lord to passover you for a blessing or two. 

Can you believe people still go to college?

  1. Mackattack says:

    Great video as always.. I live in Sweden and I say merry Christmas to jews, christians and muslims alike, and (almost) everybody says “merry Christmas” back. Only a few are socially retarded enough to feel the need to comment.

    I’d love more articles and videos including Sweden! The war on facts and logic are the same here, but we have a white indigenous population. Which escalates everything, which makes it very exciting!

  2. Saturnalia says:

    If your looking for the original “War on Christmas”, it took place in Europe during the 16th century when Christmas became a temporary casualty of the Protestant Reformation; the holiday was considered little more than pagan customs dressed over with a make believe date for Christ birth. The following century Oliver Cromwell had it outlawed in England while the Puritans in New England had it banned for a time as well.
    The reasons then for banning or criticizing it were the holiday’s purpose and origins. This goes back to the Catholic Church’s strategy of co-opting the various pagan people’s of the polytheistic Roman Empire. Up until the end of the 4th century AD, the “Christian” communities throughout the Roman Empire did not celebrate the birth of Christ, as they were commanded by scripture to observe his death only. When Constantine legitimized certain elements of “Christianity” to be the de facto state religion, there were obviously many pagans not happy with the new order. That’s where the aforementioned strategy came into play.
    Winter solstice was one of the the busiest times of year worldwide for various religious celebrations. In one fell swoop many of the biggest and most important holidays were co-opted by this brand new “Christian observance. Pretty smart, and it worked, setting the template for many other con jobs like Easter, the “Saints of a thousand pagan masks”……..etc.,etc.,…….

  3. frank says:

    Yule is not Christian. Almost nothing about “Christmas” is Christian. Same deal with Easter (Oester). It’s all way, way older. This stuff is specifically northern european. It is absolutely about race, not abstract values or theology. That’s why these people freak out about it, one way or the other. The anti-whites simply correctly understand these things as what they are.

    The term “judeo-christian values” is ridiculous. It’s just a silly hat tip to jews. Theologically Christianity has more in common with Islam than Judaism. Using the term in reference to the foundations of the west makes less sense than talking about “roman-byzantine values” or “norse values”.

  4. Ben says:

    Ah yes the good old war on Christmas LOL Running out of things to say, eh?
    Drop this shtick and do something new, Gav. This has gotten tiresome.

  5. Ben's Bored says:

    @Ben…..Something more to your liking such as, “The war on women”. Just happened by coincidence to have been xmas in case you just woke up Snow White.
    Stop kvetching and throw Gav a bone so he knows how to amuse you.

  6. bro says:

    LOL, LOL the war on Christmas! LOL You’re a delicate (western) butterfly.

  7. TheBadSamaritan says:

    … opposed to a hardcore (African) killer bee though I bet your another undersized wigger.

  8. Vicki says:

    Judeo/Christian is an oxymoron.

  9. bro says:

    The english word you’re looking for is you’re. Learn your language.

  10. Blah says:

    The war on Christmas is a myth. A really stupid one at that.

  11. Greg says:

    Gavin, are you going to produce any of the silly videos you seem to have a natural talent for again, or is it shrill, selfish pabulum from here on out? Shit is dull. What became of the TV Carnage guy?

  12. War Pig says:

    The war on Christmas was devised by Christian social misfits that nobody talks to at the office Christmas party.

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