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• 06.23.16 10:01 am

Michelle’s father is spinning in his grave which must be extremely painful even for a dead guy because he died from MS. 

Poor fucker schlepped to his shitty job every day with two canes because he was always dying and on Father’s day his rich daughter uses the opportunity to discuss how I don’t do the dishes enough and play golf too much. What a cunt. Can you imagine Barack on Mother’s Day going, “Be better. Mow the lawn. Talk to your broker about your investments and your mortgage. Fix the roof”?

  1. Beyond-say says:

    Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Did you see her arms? Fucking impressive, girlfriend ….

  2. OogaBooga says:


  3. John Thomas says:

    At a table on a golf course?

  4. John Thomas says:

    I taught my 4 year old daughter how to use a plunger (for real). I’m empowering her to do a traditional man’s job.

  5. raymi says:

    I was just talking about father’s day ashtrays this morning. All you guys get are crappy ties and a POS handmade ashtray (if it were the 90’s) why is it that our teacher’s allowed that? Moms get flowers candy clothes jewelry spoiled blah blah. Dads get garbage and they deal with it.

    I’m a DIY girl with many years of hardware experience, you name it, I have built it.

    I forgot my point have a nice day.

  6. That 90's show says:

    Dad’s liked the ashtrays. When they got drunk watching football all day and knocked it off the coffee table, they didn’t feel so bad since they only broke a piece of shit.

  7. frank says:

    I didn’t watch the vid but I mostly feel pity for Michelle. She was repeatedly affirmative actioned and politically boosted into places she didn’t belong and I can understand her anger and frustration. Imagine deep down knowing for decades you’re too dumb to hang with these people. It would drive anyone crazy.

  8. frank says:

    Also, being betrothed for local politics gamesmanship to a bath-house homosexual has to be a scarring experience.

  9. Rose. says:

    Fuck the flowers Raymi, Anal sex is was we get in return.

  10. OogaBooga says:

    You’re a DIY girl?

  11. John Thomas says:

    Kids are out of school by Father’s Day, so, no crafts for Daddy. Yet, Mother’s Day comes just in the nick of time. Convenient. That’s like waiting to break up with someone until after your birthday but making sure to do it before their birthday.

  12. George Jefferson says:

    The Whitehouse maids will be finding kinky little tumble weaves of greasy nappy hair in tight hard to clean corners for decades to come. They’ll silently sing in their hearts an ole timey Negro spiritual remembering that one and only time when the help for a spell was actually the big bossman of the house instead of their usual role as house nigger staff.
    It must be disconcerting for that ape to see all those portraits of white men staring down at her everywhere she goes in The WHITE House. She must feel like shes living in a museum of White Man legends while feeling deep down she belongs in the anthropology wing of missing links. Or it must seem like an episode of the Jefferson’s on steroids where instead of “moving on up to the West-Side” they moved all the way into the West-Wing and then she wakes up looking at that portrait of Thomas Jefferson staring at her with that knowing look that she’d have been one of his quickies back in the day.
    Poor poor Moochele.

  13. Chimp Out Niggerologist says:

    In the long dynastic reign of Egyptian Pharoahs, over thousands of years, their was (1) nigger interloper, an Ethiopian who took upon himself the title Pharoah after conquering a relatively weak sister period in Egyptian history. It didn’t last long as Egyptians reconquered the land before the black “Pharaoh” could be succeeded by an heir.
    Today we have no-history niggers trying to create themselves some self respect by attempting to appropriate White Man achievements with black Athena theory , black Hannibal, black Egypt, phoney inventions, etc….
    In the future when whitey has miscegenated himself into extinction, these apes, just like the ones in the original “Planet of the Apes” movie, will rewrite the history of the U.S.A.
    The new history will have a George Jefferson co-opting the role of Thomas Jefferson and whitey will be the slaves they brought over from Antarctica.
    Obamay and the gorilla Queen will be remembered as the new George and Martha Washington.

  14. 1-800-Flowers says:

    Fuck the tie wives, give the old
    man the brown flower, that’s something he’ll appreciate.

  15. Michelle Obama's Grave-Spinning MS Riddled Dead Corpse of a Dad says:

    Sweaty balls are the bane of my existence.

  16. Cunt Bradley says:

    Jesus (hrist Gavin what has happened man, I never thought I’d see you aligned/encouraging people like some of the fine humans in the comments section here like Thomas Jefferson and his ilk. It’s all gone a bit gross. the Hip to be Square days and the immigration debates days were elucidating but the KKK troll styles are sickening. stay fly

  17. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs says:

    “….Gavin what has happened man,…”
    Tee hee hee. The faggy hipsters were ridiculed to death and ran right out and over to the safe spaces of Salon and Jezebel.
    Gavins not aligned or encouraging the shit storm Mr.Triggered, he’s just allowed a free fire zone with no consideration for collateral damage like your tender feelings honey.
    Gross is another way of saying raw unfiltered dialogue that in its assault on your sensibilities might jog a neuron in your noggin to see absurdities in your pussied ministry of Information PC World.
    Call it the theater of the absurd that mocks, mimics, caricatures without coming from a specific POV. He who has insight will discern.
    It’s Halloween at Street Carnage 365/24/7. Grab a costume and join the freak show.

  18. Free Pollard! says:

    ^ Cunt Bradley

    You mean like this KKK troll style:
    (Comments are straight out of “Chimp which makes the KKK look like a think-tank.

  19. Free Pollard! says:


  20. Free Willie says:

    Ok third times the charm.

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