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How crazy is it that we have a Proud Boy in the White House Press corps (Lucian Wintrich) and another destroying Obama’s legacy and the DNC (Mike Cernovich)?


Him catching Susa Rice spying is at least 5 big deals at once.

1- Destroyed SUSAN Rice’s legacy and her entire career
2- proved Trump was right about his “crazy” wire-tapping idea. Thus giving him more credibility.
3- Exposed Obama as a corrupt and paranoid little bitch who spies on his opponents.
4- Showed the DNC tries to influence elections (something they’re OBSESSED with accusing us of).
5- proved Russia did not collude with Trump. If he was, Obama’s spies would have blown it up. SUSAN Rice would be on her morning talk show tour exposing him.
What a check mate chess move.

Anyhouzers, here’s my column on it.

On Sunday, Mike Cernovich proved that Trump’s wiretapping allegations are true. In a piece he wrote for Medium he told the world that “Susan Rice, who served as the National Security Adviser under President Obama, has been identified as the official who requested unmasking of incoming Trump officials.” What followed was a hyperbolic shitstorm from the left, which has become mainstream-media-speak for “This is true.” On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Mark Steyn said, “They’re annoyed, in a sense, that someone has managed to outfake their own fake news.” He was referring to the left’s obsession with Russia and how this leak proves Trump wasn’t colluding. If there were ANY evidence that anyone remotely near Trump was working with Russia to influence the election, Susan Rice’s people would have been screaming it from the highest mountain within minutes. They’re calling this scoop a distraction, but it’s really a shocking true story that detracts from their boring fake story about Russia. The media is calling it “Spygate.”


  1. OogaBooga says:

    Un-masking is that quivering moment in an S & M session where your dominatrix finally pulls the leather ball-gag mask off your face so she can slap you silly you silly naughty boy. Next comes the Un-Strapping where she pulls her strap-on out of your Ass and you do an ATM with it.
    I only wish I could have been part of Spygate peeping in on my god emperor Trump as he took his dumps on his gold-plated toilet in the Trump Tower Penthouse. Talk about being a fly on the rim, I’d have been in ecstasy watching those presidential turds get baptised in the toilet holy waters of my dear leader.

  2. Omega Man says:

    How much anyone wants to bet that this latest breaking democrats scandal goes as usual when republicans are in charge – nowhere. In the end, the cowardly republicans, the incompetents that never get a conviction, will bungle this up too. After all, when you don’t have the balls to even stand up for yourself when you’re right and have done nothing wrong but – STILL – recuse yourselves because you don’t have the guts to defend yourself against a fucking Media that needs to be called out every GODDAMN day of the week as nothing but DNC hacks, well then how can anyone believe that this time will be any different?

  3. OogaBooga says:

    Fake me, you stoop-backed, beanied, Milton Berle-nosed, scrawny lil Hebrew school virgin, in profile you look like a vulture embryo.

    But why sit here creating your own scat porn featuring me? Get up on your withered legs and do a lil hava nagila! You and your death cult are one step closer to the end of the world!

  4. Your Daily Shoah says:

    Israelis desperately trying to start a truly cataclysmic World War 3
    — AND SO ARE WE,
    The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.
    — Mel Gibson
    Hey Street Carnage, we know our good buddy OogaBooga keeps you abreast of the machinations of Squidly ZOG. We just wanted to weigh in with a blast from the recent past.
    After futzing around with lame alternative explanations that no retard would seriously believe — though many Americans actually did — Israel finally has admitted one of its missiles shot down a Russian passenger jet during recent war games with the United States. Then, even with Russian troops situated all over the neighborhood, the Israelis bombed Damascus for good measure, although mainstream media conveniently omitted mentioning this event, as they typically do with obvious Jew atrocities.

    Is this the Jews’ clumsy way of repaying Russia for thwarting the their false flag terrorists in Syria, yes, the ones Obama kept missing with his U.S. bombs, as U.S. weapons, vehicles and supplies “just happened to fall into the hands” of those “good” rebels intent on overthrowing the Syrian president, who just happens to be wildly popular with his own people?

    Or is this just the continuing effort by Jews to eagerly start World War 3, and to demonstrate the complete insanity of the Jewish philosophy in which these kosher murderers, these Yiddish perverts who have subverted all the Western nations with their filthy lucre animating deranged narcissistic politicians, think they can emerge from unscathed and in charge of a smoldering worldwide graveyard they have worked so hard to create?

    The Israelis want the whole world to look like Gaza (4,000 dead Palestinians in the month of October alone), and the U.S. government, dominated by Jewish traitors, thinks that’s an excellent idea, which is why it is trying to increase the $3 billion per year gift that Israel typically receives from the United States.

    The situation in in Syria is just like the deal with Muammar Qaddafi, who was wildly popular with his own people, but once the gay mulatto American president said Qaddafi was a bad man, the Jewish American war machine turned his country into a smashed landfill, whose refugees now pour into Italy and Greece, overwhelming those already impoverished countries, wrecking the lives of the peaceful inhabitants of Europe, who don’t have the guts to even defend their own countries from this deranged invasion.

    How long will it be before the Europeans realize that if they want to save their countries, they will have to take up arms to repel these endless invaders? And how long will it be before that message reaches America, now that our schools and cities are being overrun by savages who don’t speak English?

    It’s a new way of making war, for sure. The same thing has been happening in Syria that happened in Libya. Y’know, Press TV once called me up and asked me to comment on what would happen to Syria. This was in the early days of the Western invasion, before ISIS, or ISIL, or DAESH — whatever you want to call them, the U.S.-Saudi Arabia band of unspeakably cruel outlaws — had gotten all the press they have have received recently.

    I answered quickly. I said, “The same thing that happened to Libya will happen to Syria.” And they hung up on me. I don’t know what’s up with Press TV. Like so many other news outlets, they won’t speak openly, unabashedly, about Jews. About the ingrained evil that is present in the minds of all Jews.

    No matter how hard they try to spin their “progressive” concern for other people, Jews can’t escape their demonic Talmudic programming, which commands them to treat everyone not possessed of the same psychopathology that warps their minds as farm animals to be slaughtered at will.

    And they’ve even taught the Americans, as well as their British, French and German allies, to defecate on the corpses they create on a daily basis.

    There is a simple answer as to why Jewish crimes around the world don’t receive the publicity they deserve. It’s because Jews own 100 percent of the world’s media, including many websites you wouldn’t think they own.

    Jewish Americans tried to kindle World War 3 with the blatant subversion of the Ukraine, where they spent $5 billion and inserted Jewish henchmen in the key positions of power, where they immediately began murdering residents of the Eastern Ukraine who spoke Russian.

    I don’t really know why Russia’s Vladimir Putin didn’t take action then, since Ukraine had long been a part of Russia before the Jews got hold of it. In any case now the Jews have a hold on it again, literally grabbing Russia by the testicles. And Russia did nothing about it. That (and other reasons) is why I have been suspicious of Putin, and think (sometimes!) that he is merely in a choreographed dance with Obama, but that they both serve the same paymaster, who is located in the City of London and controls everybody’s paycheck in the whole world.

    It seems as though Putin has emerged victorious in the Syria scam, but who knows? Nothing is really resolved. Since Russia seemed to grab so much control over the situation, it has triggered an idea that if Russia would just go ahead and blow Tel Aviv off the map and reduce all those war mongering Israelis to ashes, the world would be much better off.

    I only know Putin has taken a lot more crap than I would have if the world’s bully was constantly abusing my country. Bullies don’t stop unless they are punched in the mouth convincingly. Which is what the United States, its overlord Israel, and all the NATO stooges need to happen to them.

    I know a lot of people all over the world who sincerely wish that would happen. It would make the lives of people all over the world a lot simpler, and probably make those lives a lot longer, too.

    I’m sure the residents of Germany, Sweden and all the other beleaguered European countries feel the same way as filthy, savage and uncivilized foreigners stream into their countries like so much human sewage, ruining futures, raping children, and worshiping Allah, while corrupt leaders say immigration is needed and miscegenation is good, and longtime residents shake their heads and wonder why all these elected pimps would be trying so hard to destroy their own countries.

    Israel uses its vassal states like the United States, England, France or, especially in the case of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, to do its dirty work.

    At home, the Jews have merely specialized for more than a half century in slaughtering defenseless Palestinians. But all over the rest of the world, they buy off venal politicians to do their killing for them. And there is no more vivid example of this than in the United States.

    Is it 74 wars we are now fighting?

    Or is it 134?

    But it isn’t just evil political aggression that makes Jews such a threat to the survival of humanity.

    Perhaps even more lethal than their manipulation of the world’s military forces in the Frankensteinian control they have over the world’s medical profession, which is the real reason why many pollsters report that following your doctor’s orders is the leading cause of death in the United States .

    Then there is the matter of the food we are expected to eat, and the revelation that everything you can buy in a typical supermarket is injurious to your health.

    You don’t have to guess who controls America’s food distribution network.

    Then there is the matter of free speech, which Jews control through their dominance of worldwide media, entertainment and universities, which guarantees only their side of the story reaches the majority of people around the world.

    And today’s universities are utterly Jewish bastions of homosexuality and perversion so that the generations to come will have a much harder time detoxifying the false history they are being fed that totally rewrites the script into a paean of Jewish triumph over those who believed in God, the family, Mother Nature and love.

    As we speak two innocent people who have only tried in their modest ways to inform the unsuspecting populations of their respective countries about the lies the Jews have told and the many ways they have manipulated the histories we have come to accept as authentic are both headed for jail because they have been tried in Jewish courts and been found guilty of defaming those who claim to be the world’s chosen people.

    At this moment, 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck of Germany and 68-year-old Arthur Topham of British Columbia are preparing to go to jail because they have told the truth about the Jewish lies of World War II and how no one was actually gassed. And for telling the truth about Jewish in a world controlled by Jews you get to go to jail.

    Tell the truth and go to jail in a world made insane by Jewish lies. You will have to fight to stop this madness, and if you don’t, there is zero hope for your future.

    If we get to live at all, we’re all going to become mindless slaves in a Jewish prison if we don’t fight for the freedom we say we want. And that fight totally depends on neutralizing the Jews, on expelling them from civilized society, and most importantly, on understanding how they trick us into killing each other over arguments they create, into doing their dirty work for them, into turning society into an abattoir of abuse and betrayal.

    Until we take those Jewish statements that they are the world’s chosen people and jam them down the throats of every Jew on this planet, the world will never know peace. And we will have no future in which we are truly in control of our own destiny.

  5. OogaBooga says:



  6. The Big Picture says:

    Dear Patriots, as MSNBC has reported; something doesn’t smell right about this gas attack and convenient response by the Trump administration – except they have only HALF the story (the dem convenient half). Now that Trump has demoted Bannon by taking him off the NSC just days before the Jericho I mean Tomahawk missile attack, we now see the ascension of the JEW-Wing of the Whitehouse led by 1st-Son-in-law: Jared Kushner – Jew ambassador to Jewland – and other Zionists and warmonging neo-CON generals newly appointed to that council either by seat or access. The Russians have their own Jewish DEEP STATE problem and have a subverted compromised Putin – a mere Zionist puppet- to create this false flag to help Jareds father-in-law drown out the dems and their barking mad media acolytes Fake-Fake Russian narrative (fake in the alleged contacs, but true in a deeper ZOG manipulation kind of way). In fact the Rothschilds were waiting for the last old guard Rockefeller to finish his faithful Zionist course to set this gas attack plan in action. Trump and Putin is an age-old dream of the elders of Zion (nothing wacky it is short-hand for leaders of Jewish global interests) to control the World political scene which was previously impossible throughout all history because there never was ONE power that ruled the ENTIRE Earth, that is until NOW. In a bi-polar (China may yet make it tri-) Super Power World (yes Russia still is one militarily) and one in which the rise of the Zionist dream of a NWO of ever spreading non-democratic bureaucratic Unions and international agreements bring John Lennons Jewish “Imagine” World anthem closer to realization, then this plan to control both Super Powers simultaneously is for the first time feasible in the wake of the Cold War. Trump is clueless and just a tool of his devious son-in-law and charming leftist daughter who is being used by her husband to influence her father in a very strange, almost erotic, father-daughter relationship. His character defects made him a long-time target for Presidential ascension by ZOG no less than the parallel effort by Patriots like Bannon who appealed to Trumps simple-minded but good-hearted patriotism while ZOG salivated on the sidelines quietly, even cunningly making token use of Godwin’s Law to fire up the Patriot base in order for a full voting turnout to elect him President whereupon they would take over in an internal Whitehouse coup using his daughter and her MOSSAD-op huspand to manipulate him in a Shakespearian drama while the Whitehouse sank into the tentacle-riddled SWAMP. They did the same in bringing Obama to power though a whole different play of dynamics was needed since the new dems are increasingly the anti-Semitic product of an deconstructionist education system that they don’t fully control anymore in its last stages of demolition. In order for the NWO to be achieved they will destroy the very concept of identities starting with Nationalities working their way to the Nuclear family while simultaneously they conduct the attacks from below-up in a fission-fusion anti-human revenge attack on humanity like an aggressive Cancer on the body politic. If Jews seem to conduct contradictory plans that seem at odds it’s because they do since they always hedge their bets knowing by hook or crook they’ll get their way. Israel’s temporary usefulness in this conspiracy will one day itself be collateral damage since they have larger claims than that shitty little corner of the EARTH.

  7. OogaBooga says:

    Heh. But of course it’s so much simpler to see, for sane people anyway. Hezbollah kicked Israel’s ass the last go-round. Totally humiliated the IDF and made them the laughingstock of the world. This happened because the IDF are vastly overrated as fighters. Their fighters are softies who lack will in the battlefield because they feel inferior American goy kids should be doing their fighting for them. Plus, it’s easier to win when you are in the right, as Hezbollah was.

    Well, that didn’t sit well with the craziest of the Zionists. They were hoppin’ mad! They correctly saw that Hezbollah benefitted from the Shia crescent that cuts through Syria and reaches to Iran. Regime change in Syria has been one of the main goals of the Zionist Neocon blueprint document “A Clean Break”–just like regime change in Iraq, Libya, etc. was. Those other dominos fell, but something stands between the extreme Zionists and their goal of ousting the secular Assad–Russia. Syria is a key strategic ally of Russia’s, and they aren’t going to be pushed around easily. Hence, the insane Neocon plot to vilify Russia in ways that make run-of-the-mill airhead American Progressives passionate useful idiots for the cause. Throw in an alliance-of-convenience with certain Sunnis, and here we are, on the brink of nuclear apocalypse.


  8. joe rokhead says:

    @gavin i still think youe on blak dudes jawk

  9. Hj says:

    Ah yes, those “brave” Hezbollah guerrillas who hid behind women and children, and inside hospitals and mosques and churchs slipping and sliding, sniping and hiding, in dense civilian urban areas rarely facing the IDF face to face, counting on their Jewish enemy to act in a far more (relatively speaking) humane manner than their own civilian targeting Katyusha rocket firing way on Northern Israel.
    The initial 2006 border hit and run attacks by Hezbollah started the whole affair.
    The Israelis then launched a land invasion into southern Lebanon with the stated aim of disarming the movement.
    Hezbollah, for its part, launched hundreds of rockets across the border into Israel. Around 1,300 Lebanese were killed, mostly civilians, and 165 Israelis lost their lives, 121 of whom were soldiers.
    The blood of those mostly Lebanese civilians falls for the most part on the heads of Hezbollah who effectively used them as human shields. The fact that only 14 Israeli citizens were killed by the Katyusha rockets is a testament to Israeli civil defense preparedness and Hezbollah ineptitude. If Israel had fought the war by the barbarous standards of Arab terrorists where there is no collateral damage because all is fair game when Allah declares Jihad, then Israel would have wiped Hezbollah clean off the map. Fighting under civilized Western standards including the ever watchful adversarial press is a handicap when fighting stone age religious maniacs. You can call the IDF withdrawal from conquered South Lebanon a victory for Hezbollah in your Jew hatred fevered imagination, however sane people would call it an untenable situation in a savage region of inbred lunatics who you defend because they’re the enemy of your enemy. I’ll give you that back in 1982 the Israeli’s committed war crimes in the Sabra & Shatila camp massacres that is one of the great sins of Israel, however that’s no reason to celebrate Hezbollah and its merciless history unless your situational ethics are very warped.

  10. OogaBooga is O.K. says:

    F.U. Hj you Jew loving Cuck. Israel needs to go, and if the pedophile prophets inbreds can do the job, all power to them especially the Iranians who I hope are even now preparing Armageddon for the chosen ones. After Israel is nuked I’ll go there on vacation once it’s safe to not get free x-rays. I’ll go to the Wailing Wall to look at the Atomic Jew shadows imprinted in mid prayer-bobbing as they vaporized into a final solution of sub-atomic particles just like those Hiroshima spooky kook shadows that said the empire of the Sun had set.
    Then I’ll dance a little jig to the strains of 🎵Hava Nagila🎵
    Oh yeah Hezbollah rocks and go go Assad & Putin. Trump has become a Zionist traitor. For the one and only time in my life I agree on something with that skank Madonna. You guess what that is.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    Awaiting moderation, eh?

  12. An Observation says:

    I’ll reiterate:

    The comments. Turn them off.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    Turn off the comments so you don’t have to read them, even though you already don’t have to read them?

    Getting to you, eh?

  14. Lofghr says:

    “destroying Obama’s legacy”

    Except for Obamacare (which Gavin is on the record as saying is “a good idea”). Obamacare is still in place. That wasn’t destroyed, despite endless promises from the GOP and Trump that they would repeal Obamacare. What a failure.

    So you did *NOT* destroy that part of Obama’s legacy, Obamacare – which is actually his *biggest* legacy. That and killing Osama Bin Laden. Remember that night when you learned Bin Laden had taken a bullet to the face? One of the proudest moments in our history as a country. And it was thanks to Obama getting the CIA back on the hunt (W. had 7 years to get him and he publicly said he stopped thinking about Bin Laden only 6 months after 9/11. 6 months! And don’t get me started on “The Pet Goat”, talk about lack of leadership in a crisis. Sitting there for 7 minutes in frozen silence while a little kid reads a storybook to you)? Everyone had written off the possibility of ever getting Bin Laden (he’s already dead. Or he’s in ill health and will die in a cave somewhere), but then BAM! like a gunshot to the face, we learned that, no he actually faced justice at the hands of Americans.

  15. srsa says:

    “Obama as a corrupt and paranoid little bitch”

    Except for that time he got Bin Laden. That was badass, sorry if you wish W and the neocons had gotten him so it would fit neatly in your worldview. Seriously, if you wouldn’t at least buy Obama a beer for getting Bin Laden (W would take an O’doul’s because he doesn’t drink beer) and give him some credit then get the hell outta here you unpatriotic partisan hack. I don’t buy it for a second, if you take out the worst terrorist in the world (who was laughing in our faces making his videos) then guess what? You’re a hero and I don’t care what your views on taxes or abortion are.

  16. Dyeupos says:

    Oh please Lofghr & srsa you bathhouse bitch. Your half-breed wimp-ass homo on the down-low son of a mud shark Prez had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden being killed you lying sack of shit. The hunt for Osama had been ongoing with ups and downs and was not because your Neo-Marxist Trojan horse put the C.I.A. back on the scent. This constant BS about presidents being responsible for everything good when he’s your guy, or bad when it’s their guy is so fucking lame. Give credit to the unsung heroes who persistently, even when the trail hit dead ends, stayed the course till the big break through. At least Obama didn’t shut down the program which surprised me.
    Give it time you lover of Monopolistic Big Government, the incompetent repukes still have time to replace the rapidly collapsing ACA, an oxymoron if there ever was, and if they still can’t overcome their cowardice of being accused of the half-truth (millions of young adults voluntarily forgoing coverage) of millions losing coverage (which will really happen as it collapses), then it will become much easier to sell the fiscally responsible marketplace replacement in the ashes of the ACA meltdown. You want to compare 7 minutes of contemplation of a cataclysmic epochal moment in history with Obama’s 8 years of disastrous leadership that exacerbated a bad hand he was dealt, but that he doubled down on and that’s led to ISIS and refugee stampeding chaos and a health care-insurance system on the verge of collapse (which was the devious intention in order to bait and switch into the real goal of universal govenment health care – we own your ass) and a stagnant morose economic “recovery” – well then fine. You really should be talking about the real failures of the neo-conned president Duh, not Michael Moore’s shitty little film gotcha moment that only ass wipes would interpret as “those 7 minutes that let Osama escape because Duh was…”.
    Take your hero worship of the first truly anti-American president and shove it up your ASS – ENJOY!!

  17. Kibbutz Mayhem says:

    Uhhh jeez @$!# – its back.

  18. A Non OogaBooga says:

    We’re still waiting Gavin. Waiting. Still waiting. When are you going to address the Earth shaking events taking place RIGHT NOW!! It’s not all about you and your circle of struggling attention whores. Trump is betraying us and you have nothing to say!?!?!? WTF!! You respect Buchanan? Then read his latest column and tell us what you think if you haven’t formulated your own thoughts on all the shit going down! This Presidency has bigger problems than the fake Russian narrative and it is in large part because of its reaction to it. Nothing to say about the Republican congress and its fumbling ineptitude over the ACA repeal and tax reform? Oh well, I guess you’re too busy writing yet another Nixonian “I AM NOT A NAZI!!!”

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