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• 11.29.16 10:00 am

Miles makes an appearance to drink some Cuban beer and Mojitos. Most importantly, he has high praises for Fidel Castro and Trudeau.

  1. TP says:

    “Canada is the first post-national country” said Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in October 2016. It’s too bad Justin learned nothing from his father who, in his later years, regretted making multiculturalism an official policy. Pierre realized, all too late, that it was a policy of divisiveness and that the many different cultural and ethnic groups comprising Canada were doing just fine in preserving their own cultures without government interference, all the while seeing themselves as Canadians first (not the hyphenated type) and gradually morphing into canucks. “Post-national”, “trans-national”, “multiculturalism” are forms of cultural Marxism but which will only serve those elitists who wish to control the world’s economy, culture and individual governments.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Justin learned plenty from his father–Trudeau IS Castro’s love child. Not a joke:

  3. Ouego-Bouego says:

    Look if Castro’s death means those insufferable Cuban-American exiles who have been bitching about him for the last 57 years will now go back to that Zika stew pot, then something good will come out of it. Take the PR nationalists and the Dominicans with you, too. Leave the Haitians. Somebody has to clean the toilets in Florida.

  4. frank says:

    The cuban exile problem is the original argument against refugee resettlement. Those white spaniard cubanos in Florida have been an enormous headache in America for almost 60 years now, far disproportionate to their numbers. Imagine if we’d just told them to fuck off back to Cuba to their deaths. Things would have been fine with Cuba from an American perspective over 30 years ago. Instead they still aren’t fixed.

  5. 8th Street Bang Bro's says:

    The Big Cohiba is dead, long live a Cuba Libre! Down here in Miami the Jews of the Caribbean are partying like it’s pre New Year’s 1959. Already they’re dreaming of reclaiming their properties and suing for damages. Raul is 85 and can’t be too far behind his bro for a grave future. What then? They’ve been planning for that future forever down here and I can tell you it will be amazing. Havana’s crumbling architecture is fantastic but needs a major face lift and the city’s infrastructure needs modernization. Think of the beautiful restoration gentrification of decrepit 30’s-40’s Art Deco architecture in South Beach during the late 80’s-early 90’s, and multiply that in Havana 100-fold with Casino’s, sex tourism, and you have SIN CITY, a virtual paradise. Fuck Vegas, fuck Amsterdam, fuck Bangkok, Havana will be all three rolled into one and some!

  6. 2nd Generation Miami Bang Bro says:

    Yo bro you right when we Miami Cubans get over there and show those peasants how it’s done it gonna be a paaaaarty.
    We goin restore all those antique cars and ship em over here to sell on ebay to ole white babyboomers who pay top dollar for that hobby. Dat whole Island need to be modernized so MasTec, Jorge Mas Canosa’s transnational infrastructure engineering company will do a bang up job and I work for them. I’ll be banging every village cafe con leche babe looking for a Yanqui passport out of the village with my promissory note that’ll be worth the used condoms I leave her as souvenirs as I lay them and lay cable from one end to the other end of that hot’ Island. Cuba Libre! and free Willie!

  7. happy wheels says:

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