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• 11.17.16 06:00 pm

  1. Felonius not Fellatious Hillary Rodham says:

    These protestors need to watch the old SNL episode of William Shattner at a Star Trek convention telling the Trekkies to move out of their parents basement and get a life! I would tell these useful idiots myself, but I’ve been on a bender since I got my ass kicked last week as you could tell from my vacuous speech and disheveled appearance yesterday. But I got at least $50,000 for rolling out of bed and that’ll pay for a month’s worth of shitty wine.

  2. America IS a Reality T.V. Show says:

    What we need now is to permanently spike the Nation’s water supply with 💓Ecstasy💓 so that we can “all get along” and live in that Huxley State of Mind.

  3. insickness says:

    The Freddy Krueger ‘trump supporter’ is actually not a Trump supporter. He is an autistic democrat who got triggered by the loud noise.

  4. Asian Spike Ree says:

    ^ thanks. Another “hate crime” is debunked.

  5. Bridget says:

    It is necessary to read more such messages

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