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• 10.31.16 07:30 pm

Miles talks UNICEF. Their orange fundraising boxes are a Halloween tradition, but lately the organization has been under attack

  1. Buford says:

    Halloween is a Satanic holiday with pagan roots. It teaches young girls to dress up as witches and to go trick or treating, preparing them for a future life of prostitution treating Johns to tricks. UNICEF is part of the coming NWO and your Uncle Miles is a Cuck who works for the dark side. If you hate the term Cuck then you just might be a Cuck. Life is a box of chocolates. Don’t waste it on trick or treaters.

  2. Childhood Memories says:

    I had a friend who did a Backyard Carnival for Muscular Dystrophy with games and candy and little prizes. A week or so later, we found out that he and his family kept the $30 that they had raised for Jerry Lewis’ twisted, mangled child bodies and weren’t going to send it in. We were like 8 or 9 at the time and we told him that he and his family were monsters, he would get Muscular Dystrophy now for being so dishonest and his whole family will someday go to hell.
    He told us to “fuck off” and “Mind your own business, assholes” and his mom wouldn’t let us in their yard.
    A week later, all was forgotten and we were back to playing and being friends again. Our parents were secretly happy that it turned out bad, so we weren’t going to nag them about putting on our own Backyard Carnivals. Besides, we didn’t know anybody that actually had muscular dystrophy and it was during the Vietnam years, so everybody had darker shit than $30 to care about.

    The End

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