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Street Carnage
• 06.14.17 01:35 pm

I can’t think of a more perfect person to take down that asshole Fleccas than Miles McInnes. Watch Miles take him on while they both watch one of his dumb videos.

  1. frank says:

    It’s good that Fleccas has thick skin you meany Miles. Did you see the inner tube on that pig!

  2. The Central Bus says:

    What kinda name is Flecca. Sounds like a booger you flick out of your nose.

  3. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Proof that marijuana is not a harmless drug. It should be legal or decriminalized but it’s not harmless.
    “Because he’s a capitalist”. Plenty of reasons to dislike Trump but you could apply “he’s a capitalist” to every President we’ve ever had. What does she think of Obama “vacationing” with his butt-buddy capitalist Richard Branson?

  4. nico brown jr. says:

    SJW students today are embracing the Stalinism and Maoism types of Communism their professors embraced decades ago. Their “social justice” is essentially groupthink. It’s not “social justice” in the sense of civil rights.

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @nico brown jr Not even the leftist professors and administrations are safe. Look up some of the things that have been happening recently at Evergreen College. A proggressive biology professor was threatened and called a white supremacist by the usual suspects and the spineless college president wouldn’t stand behind him. Do some digging on google and you’ll find it. It wasn’t covered in the mainstream. I think Tucker had the professor on his show.

  6. nico brown jr. says:

    Oh yeah, you’re right. I forgot about that event. Still, he, and the few other profs threatened and even pushed off campus in recent memory, are a minority. The vast majority of educators do preach what these young brownshirts then put in practice.

  7. Nostrildumbass says:

    The Lefts appetite for eating their own goes right back to the beginning in the French revolution and every other violent communist takeover since. The coalition’s that led to the overthrows of Czarist Russia and Batista Cuba were soon betrayed by the communists who only used their “partners” as useful idiots. The example most useful for todays SJW parallel is the Maoist university Red Guards (pray it never becomes like the Khmer Rouge children of the corn.). The adults were chastised, reeducated, or eradicated. Once they dehumanize you they can in the name of humanity commit crimes against humanity. The professors are reaping what they sowed. Today’s young radical becomes tomorrow’s brow beaten sheepish professor.

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