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• 08.20.16 09:15 pm

Toronto girls are OK looking but they’re total squares and they stink in bed. The worst part about them is they think they’re all sexpert-y about everything and talk a huge game. 

Then, you get them home and it’s like having sex with your brother. Montreal girls are the exact opposite. They don’t talk about sex much and when you get them home, they become possessed by Ava Devine. The fact that most girls in Montreal look like a young Sophie Loren doesn’t hurt either.

  1. JR Wirth says:

    I find bay area women to be generally dowdy shrews. It’s amazing how much they think they’re put together.

    Just today I was walking through a Safeway and said to myself, “wow, not one head turner.” It looked like you could put together a Roller Derby team. What’s even worse is the effeminate men who indulge them, the kind who drive Priuses and later in life ride their recumbent bikes with the orange flag on dangerous roads that they have no business riding them on.

    The Marina District has patches of good looking ones, but then you have to listen to them talk about their USC alumni shit.

    Then you have the flakes. The women who hug upon first site, but are as vapid and emotionally distant as serial killers.

    That being said, a major urban area will always have gold nuggets who don’t fit the norm. The bay area norm being stifling cuntish bores.

    I’ve always found the Orange County ones to be hotter and friendlier. When I’m down there I feel like I’m coming up for oxygen. Of Course your 7 in SF is a 10 in Seattle and a 4 in Orange County. My God Seattle has some bad ones. Waterlogged clots of hair matted to frumpy fleece. Bad stuff.

  2. The Duke of Wayne says:

    Montreal girls. Does that include SC own Duchess of Montreal, raymi the minx?
    “…it’s like having sex with your brother.”——–don’t you mean your sister?!?!

  3. Black Robe says:

    Damn that’s one dirty looking nasty ass ho. I want some of that.

  4. The Duke of Montreal says:

    I’m a hot Montreal transgender who changed his (once was her) name but which rhymes with the old name. My full handle is now “Jamie the Lynx”

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