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• 06.17.09 12:30 pm

Anyone feel like getting their nuts handed to them by a self-righteous production team staffed by more JAPs than a sortie over Pearl Harbor? Some Jewish broad at MTV seems to have sent the following spam all around god’s green earth.

Anyone feel like getting their nuts handed to them by a self-righteous production team staffed by more JAPs than a sortie over Pearl Harbor?

Some Jewish broad at MTV seems to have sent the following spam all around god’s green earth. Answer her email, and I guarantee they’ll give you a on-screen beat-down so condescending it’ll make Oprah vs. James Fray look like Oprah vs. Obama:

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Delivery-date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 12:13:43 -0600
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Hello, Iím currently involved in a project at MTV documenting stories about racism. If anyone affiliated with your group might be interested in sharing their stories with us, please write me at this email address or give me a callÖ thanks so muchÖ

We would greatly appreciate it if you could post the below casting call on any & all of your blogs/forums. Thanks again.


Would you ever openly admit to being a racist? Were you brought up to believe that people with skin colors other than your own are inferior? Do you hang out only with people of your own race? Do you feel that the country would be a better place if people from each race would just stick to their own? Do you treat people from other races differently from how you treat people who look like yourself? Do people look down on you because you make racial statements you didn’t even realize were offensive? Is being perceived as a racist standing in the way of a goal, a job, or a relationship?

Or…. Do you have a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family member who is racist? Does the way they feel about a race affect your life and youíd like to try and do something about it? Does the fact that they are racist affect your relationship to them?

If you appear to be between the ages of 17 and 27 and can relate to any of the above questions, please send an email to with your story. Please include your name, location, phone number, and a photo.

Anyway, the friend that sent me this email is an oldtimer at MTV – he also included this forwarding note which I found mildly interesting- I don’t know if any of it is true:

You know all about the head of programming at MTV, right? His name is Brian Graden, and he’s the angriest and most bitter gay man on the planet.

He got his fucking big break by “discovering” the South Park jesus vs. santa video – because, at the time, he was just coming out of the closet and boo-hoo-hooing about Jesus not loving him. You see, he went to a religous boarding school and fuckin Oral Roberts U – Now we all have to suffer because he spent his formative years with nothing but homophobes, including himself.

Now as payback, he serially walks through every fucking piece of MTV programming to remove anything funny or real, and makes sure it has a larger PC message of humorless moral fucktitude –
I guarantee He’s 100% behind this kind of “hunt-the-racist” initiative. EVERYONE at MTV hates him and is abuzz esp after layoffs. I guarantee you that these girls are cringing at having to make this self-righteous piece of shit documentary that belongs in 1991.

You know they fucking have no HEALTH CARE here for 90% of employees, right? biggest broadcaster in the world – no healthcare. And now he’s on a witchhunt for RACISTS?? How about some fucking healthcare for my co-workers you fucking hypocritical self-righteous DOUCHEBAG??”

OK, back to me (Blognigger) now…

I encourage you to go for it – write her an email and see if you can be on the show!

By the way, if while you’re on the project you need some ammo to help explain why racial humor is so hard to break free from, please feel free to use the following pic as exhibit A (Thanks @DoctorCocktagon).

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  1. Red says:

    The fact that MTV thinks it’s going to find some cool, articulate emo-looking young person who happily goes on their show and talks about what a classic racist he is just shows how totally out of touch they are with the real world. What country do they think they’re living in?

  2. Maxwel says:

    My mom thinks I’m racist. I think she got hate-crimes and skateboarding is not a crime all mixed up one year looking at a CCS

  3. SHITCOCK says:

    My favorite part of that whole email is “If you appear to be between the ages of 17 and 27”.

    It summarizes MTV entirely in a sentence fragment.

  4. vegan jules says:

    It was mad racist when I kept getting pulled over at airports in my own country from 2002-2005, being searched because of less than 100% white skin.

  5. Richard Nixon says:

    I hope they get nothing but colored people applying to be on the show. I sure will.

  6. Red says:

    I would love it if they got cool articulate racists from every race that totally broke it down and made convincing arguments. They even met each other and respected each other. The black guy was like “I respect this man. He’s well read. I agree with a lot of what he says. I just don’t want to be around him and I don’t want him near my kids” and the white racists laughs and they high five then go their separate ways.

  7. Dork says:

    All religious nuts send their frail gay sons to ORU to be hetrofied. Seriously, the entire campus swishes. Also, I like to send drunks over to the campus to admire the futuristic campus and annoy the staff.

  8. Dork says:

    Dang, I should consider proofreading.

  9. JUST A NORMAL EW says:

    true life will always have a special place in my heart thanks to the i work in the ex industry episode which yielded the best quote ever: ” if id know id meet so many hot chicks, i would have started having sex with guys years ago!”

  10. to be continued... says:

    I do not like it when things say “to be continued” and then are never continued. Even if the ending sucks; I want closure or at least some continuation.

  11. c. roco says:

    y is the video deleted but the ad is still there…what kind of fuckery is that?

  12. Danielle says:

    I’m with to be continued…

    Back to the jail story please. Who cares about MTV?

  13. SHITCOCK says:

    Reading Variety is like eating a hot steaming plate of shit.

  14. American Guy says:

    That’s his Friday column not his Wednesday column

  15. Deetdetdeetdeddledeet says:

    Hot off the presses:

    ‘Angriest and most bitter gay man on the planet’ quits MTV

  16. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    That commercial was the best thing ever.

  17. vegan jules says:

    so a fag ruined mtv…

    is it true Hitler was gay too? or should I not believe what I hear at work?

  18. neil says:

    ha, what fags. yes, i’m being held back from getting a job because it clearly states on my resume that i hate bloody nig nogs.

  19. What if I’m just a garden-variety asshole? Where’s MY “True Life”?

  20. KUNTZ says:

    vegan jules – you were driving a microbus tho’, right? meat is murder sticker? potleaf decal? tie die? dreads? beads? right?

  21. Atkins diet jules says:

    ^ He stole thousands from his own mother and fled to England, and he blames all the negative attention on racism. Never accuse VJ of originality.

  22. french guy says:

    do you people still watch Mtv anyway?
    i’m so happy tv got out of my flat years ago, the web is soo better.

  23. vegan jules says:

    No I miss mtv. cause now I’ve got to sit down and log on street carnage while I eat all my meals. Fuck this place too.

    And I’m more the hipster type vegan, not the hippie one. Got the asymmetrical haircut now.

    I don’t blame the negative attention on racism. I’m just saying I felt less American each time I was profiled and searched. I grew up in LA playing baseball and throwing rocks at cars and shit, and then you fucking pick me out of a line on home turf and search me like I was fucking born somewhere else. Get the fuck outta here.

  24. ... says:

    The best possible scenario would be if all the “racists” started ganging up on the show’s hosts and accused them of being racists.

  25. Lactose-Intolerant Larry says:

    Admit it, Jules: The Customs officials detained you for being a fag.

  26. Blognigger says:

    What jail story?

  27. vegan jules says:

    If they did that it would not be very nice either.

  28. scrim rim rim says:

    your excessive layers of obtuse irony just shows you’re racist. even though your captions are as irritating and offensive as vice, they’re not good. you could use some posi-force, as could i

  29. Vane$$a says:

    What happened to part 2 of Cool Hand Luke meets A Different World?

  30. M says:

    If this is what MTV ~ then they are really dumb!

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