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HJ Fountain
• 08.28.15 10:32 am


I guess the hottest new trend is the POV killing. We live in this strange era of social media’s instant gratification—why not film yourself firing the hollow-point bullets right into an unsuspecting news crew? It’s shocking, troll-worthy, and a throw-back to our childhood fantasies of Doom. I don’t know, maybe you preferred Quake or Duke Nukem?

POV porn is totally hot, and the natural extension is murder—or at least an attempted double homicide. (Nothing gets the blood pumping like sex and violence).

Whatever: You just feel like you’re there, man.

All I know is that this asshole that shot up that news crew in Virginia, is a Grade-A douche-bitch, and I’m glad he’s dead. Never mind his name, or his supposed reasoning—I don’t care. It seems this man-twat thought that he had experienced a life-long battle against racism and homophobia. Maybe he did. I don’t know, but I doubt it. Most likely, he experienced a life-long bout against incorrectly perceived racism and he was an overly sensitive gay black guy.

So far, every account of this shooter’s workplace behavior and demeanor paints a picture of a psychopath, ready to (literally) unload on everyone against him. Was he mentally disabled—I don’t know. Was Dylann Roof? I don’t know, no one even asked. Roof was assumed to be a cogent, racist asshole. Most likely, he was. But before we dismiss the VA shooter (I’m not using his name) as crazy or mentally ill—shouldn’t we at least ask if perhaps, he too, was just a guy with a racial vendetta?

I don’t think the press will like that angle—black and violent is one thing, but black and gay is a whole area that no journalist wants to touch. Maybe these so-called journalists are right: This shooter was a bad guy. But, I would go further and posit that this guy was evil—but only religious freaks, historical knaves, and retards believe in evil. Right?

Well, unlike “obscenity,” which has been defined as, “I know it, when I see it.” Evil, is clear. You feel “evil” in your gut and heart—when a man guns down people doing the most mundane of media jobs—evil becomes a concept as clear as an unmuddied lake.

Andy Warhol warned us: Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Well, disturbed killers get at least a week’s worth of coverage on cable news. Sure, maybe he harbored a hatred for white folks, but that’s not important: He had a gun, and clearly that should be the focus.


  1. Mistersoftee says:

    Fuck Her Right In The Pussy just seems quaint now.

  2. raymi says:

    such a disturbing incident. her poor father.

  3. Dan of the Mole People says:

    And the shitbird claimed that the girl made racist comments about, but they were never employed at the station at the same time.

    Good riddance, people didn’t hate you because you were gay, they hated you because you were a twat to work with.

  4. Vicki says:

    I can’t believe everyone buys this completely obvious hoax. No one died, no one got hurt. This is more masonic theatre to push gun control. Wake up already. Hoax after hoax after god damned hoax. I mean seriously, take a close look at this footage. Take a look at the incredibly poor actors who can’t muster one tear for their lost loved one. It’s fake as hell. CNN is the propaganda arm of the CIA.

  5. Vicki knows... she KNOWS says:

    Look how the pistol in the photo is pointed to the right. The RIGHT. A subliminal message to discredit Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and the New Jesus Generation movement. I’m, buying what you are selling…

  6. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @ Mistersoftee This one still hasn’t gotten old for me yet…

  7. Hooey Davis says:

    @Vicki Every so often I find myself to be a skeptic, so I do a little bit of that research and questioning. I’ve read into all these current supposed “hoax shootings” and admittedly did find certain tid-bits and inconsistencies to be pretty damn compelling, to say the least. Unfortunately it’s just too hard to draw a secure conclusion on what is and what isn’t. I have a hard time doing that in situations I was never a part of or there to witness. As long as I live I don’t think I’ll never know for sure. Regardless of all that, one of the inconsistencies I found to be the most interesting in the Virginia News Reporter shooting is the apparent screenshot taken from the cameraman moments before he died which showed an Afro-American shooter in all black clothing, while the first-person footage shows a man of indeterminate skin color (white or light-skinned black) wearing a blue flannel shirt. It’s one of those things people, or better yet some expert, have to analyze for themselves because it could all be debunked as a lighting issue. Or at the very worst, a “trick of the light”.

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