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• 02.28.14 09:45 am

This contest pits two men of tremendous lyrical dexterity:
Micky Dolenz of The Monkees in what many consider the first rap song, 1969’s “Goin’ Down,” versus probably the world’s most unappreciated rapper, Suga Free, with 1998’s “Why You Bullshittin’.”



  1. Russell Cooke says:

    I’m an (unashamedly) big Monkees fan. but i’ll have to give this one to Suga Free. That mid easterny keyboard riff was really fucking catchy.

  2. Sean says:

    They’re both fucking great, but these days I mostly stick to rap because it’s the final bastion of machismo in music.

  3. Mr BULLSHIT says:

    Dolenz is not rapping there, he’s scatting. I call bullshit.

  4. Tony Heartman says:

    Suga Free. The 90s were the golden age of rap.

  5. Bohannon Grove says:

    I like the Dolenz more though Suga Free is quite the find.

  6. Jim Goad says:

    ^ Suga Free has one of the most unique lyrical styles I’ve ever heard. He comes in at 1:35 on this one:

  7. Keith E Lee says:

    “Goin’ Down” is kind of a minor song in the Monkees canon, yet one that I can’t help but love.
    There is scatting there and a white guy getting funky at a time when Hendrix opening for the Monkees was considered controversial.

    Since I’ve sworn off rap I’ll have to give this one to Dolenz by default, but I did actually enjoy “Why You Bullshittin'”. Never heard of Suga Free before.

  8. Goon Raquel says:

    Got no love ’cause he’s a pimp from Pomona

  9. '60's were bitchin', man! says:

    Was “Going Down” about eating Laurie Partridge’s pussy?

  10. Drew Carey says:

    Suga Free is really the only rap I’ve listened to in the last 12 years. Saw him at a Carl’s Jr in Fresno not too long ago, dat nigga was on one, as he says “off that shit Hitler gave the Nazis”. Helluva scumbag but man does he humor me.

  11. JW says:

    These guys are both a couple of fags. Even the word “rap” sounds like slang for sucking on my knob.

    Now this guy was lyrical dexterity incarnate:

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