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• 09.29.16 09:47 am

Newsweek wants you to know you are more likely to be killed by a “right wing terrorist” than a Muslim terrorist. This involves a very loose definition of redneck and a very strict definition of Muslim terror. They also started right after 9-11 to keep the numbers low. 

However, we’re still talking about 45 or so attacks from both groups. The fact that Muslims are less than 1% of the American population and men of a fighting age are a fraction of that means we have a handful of terrorists competing with – what liberals tell us – is a massive swath of the population. That is wildly disproportional. By my calculations a Muslim is 13 times more likely to attack you than a non-Muslim. That doesn’t include all the acts of violence committed by Muslims who didn’t yell Aloha Snackbar. Like Marc Lepine or the Palestinian who meat cleavered a cop last weekend or this Cascade mall shooter.

Once liberals figure out what “per capita” means they are going to get mad woke.

  1. eeer says:

    You may have the facts and logic on your side, but I have sneers and eye rolling on mine.

  2. Lock & Load says:

    On a daily basis, the greatest domestic terrorist threat is the lowly home grown Negro. Entire inner cities are held hostage to the point that NO SNITCHING means not testifying against a relatives killer quite often. Latino gangs in their rats nests are importing the scum of the crop from South of the border. I’d like to see the RICO act thrown at anyone being a member of a gang. The tats and tags should be recognized as a uniform signifying them as enemy combatants. Since so many of the beaner countries won’t take back their wayward sons, then besides suspending foreign Aid and trade embargo-ing the brown runts, we should be emptying our prisons and raining gang bangers all over their countrysides in parachutes. Legalizing drugs will break the back of the gang bangers we can’t deport. Strict common sense immigration laws, and no nonsense borders will stop most of the foreign threats as well as a foreign policy of no treaty entanglements and absolute energy independence, manufacturing base kept home and corporate nationalism being recognized as the highest priority in National Security. No dependency no temptations to play Global beat cop. Nothing new in that proposal except for the will to do it.
    So what’s the real obstacle. The traitors within. Blood must flow.

  3. JR Wirth says:

    If you receive a welfare check, you’re not competing with immigrants for your daily bread. The domestic poor is the natural enemy of immigration. Before the 1960’s the poor voted in lock step for slamming the door. Once the milk and honey flowed from Uncle Sam, they couldn’t give a shit. WHEN, NOT IF, the country goes bankrupt, and these people have to work at Pizza Hut to survive, it’s going to be PURE COMEDY watching them ask “hey, where did all these Mexicans come from?”

  4. Omega Man says:

    If we apply “Left Wing terrorist” to Black and Latino gang violence (democrats) in the way (((SPCL/ACLU))) apply Right Wing to “Redneck” then we are in a domestic war against these gangs (ex. Chicago) that rivals the Middle East conflicts. Obama is so quick to defend his brothers in the Muslim World from association with Islamic terrorism, but is so quick to judge the Crusades of centuries past by some Princes to recapture Christian holy sites and cities, as “CHRISTIANITY” (yet can’t name todays terrorism as Islamic) or he condemns Nationwide policing on a RELATIVELY few questionable incidents (appx. 12(?) “unarmed” black deaths out of 238 total for the past year out of 411 million police contacts) or scapegoats millions (NRA) of law abiding licensed gun owners every time a terrorist, or one of his “sons” or illegal criminal, or the RELATIVELY far fewer White criminal uses a gun, as an opportunity to demonize those who obey the laws, and trys to create the political climate to undo the 2nd Amendment or neuter it. They literally have orgasms when a mentally ill White kook who should have been committed commits a heinous crime. The amount of MSM activist attention payed to such relatively rarer events, compared to the thousands of bodies dropping dead from the daily domestic terrorism of those who WE will now call LEFT WING TERRORISTS, shows how evil the Left are. No Life matters to these immoral nihilists.

  5. Just asking says:

    How many more times are Muslims more likely to submit their daughters to CLITORECTOMYS compared to us?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to submit their women to HONOUR violence compared to us?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to submit to SYMPATHY/UNDERSTANDING (Pew poll data) for TERRORISM compared to Western attitudes (not including Leftists)?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to submit (Pew poll data) for the desire for SHARIA LAW compared to democracy?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to kill fellow Muslims over SECTARIANISM compared to Christian sectarianism?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to BURN CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES compared to Christians, Jews burning Mosques in the West?
    How many more times are Muslims more likely to kill Christians, Jews, minority non-Muslims for being Christians, Jews, minority non-Muslims?

  6. frank says:

    The Islam complaining is a stupid dead-end. Gavin only harps on it because it’s safe and Jew approved. There’s an almost infinite list of non-American peoples who have no business being here and commit murder at ridiculous rates. What are the numbers for Hmong and Haitians and Maoris and Dominicans? Christian Armenians and Nigerians are apparently really good at various forms of financial fraud.

    We need a positivist expression of white north American identity. Various ancient texts simply don’t enter into it. This place is ours and fuck off you foreigners.

  7. Miss Haney, Math teacher says:

    “By my calculations a Muslim is 13 times more likely to attack you than a non-Muslim.”
    Really, Gavin? Show your work. I don’t see your formula listed here.

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