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• 11.21.12 01:18 pm

The guy who sits down from me at work does these little movies where he animates animals talking about stuff. 

He does them with a guy at another desk named Mike and they do really well at the Channel 101 competitions here in New York. You don’t know what Channel 101 is? Well, after years of making TV shows for the garbage, Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab started screening canned pilots and voting on which one was best. (They were always better than what the networks actually picked up.) Soon, people were making fake pilots just for Channel 101 and it became its own thing with individual competitions all over the country. Dan and Rob are the same guys who created the Sarah Silverman Program and Dan is responsible for the funniest sentence of all time: “As a cop, I’ve seen things that would make you crap a book on How to Puke.” I’d give my kingdom to anyone who could find the sketch where he plays a sword-wielding warrior who saves the day and kills all the aliens but is also super-annoying about it.

Anyhoop earrings, submit a short to your local Channel 101 affiliate and see how you do. Apparently it’s pretty easy to win. Also, Phil, please leave me alone about this now. It’s up.



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