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• 02.07.12 07:00 am

I am fucked. Fucked. FUCKED!

I am fucked. Fucked. FUCKED!

The past 3 years of my life have been consumed with my effort to work out a mortgage deal with my lender. I simply cannot afford my $2300 monthly payments, and I’m tired of sucking dick just trying to make ends meet.

According to the media, there are tons of government aid programs out there to help idiots like me. Over the last three years, I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL.


The simple truth is, the banks DON’T WANT TO HELP PEOPLE! They make more money in government bailouts by foreclosing than by actually working with home”owners,” so they have zero incentive.

Like a total fucking patsy, I followed the carrot they dangled in front of me for the last three years: “If you just fax us this, that and the other, we’ll give you a loan modification!” I faxed, scanned, emailed and called for YEARS, and spent countless hours (and thousands of dollars I could ill afford), bawling in frustration and banging my head against the wall. I never gave up, though, because I though it was a war of attrition that could ultimately be won by the strongest man (me, dammit).

In Nevada, the state mandates that lenders meet with troubled homeowners for a “mediation hearing.” I went to such a hearing with a representative from my lender—which, to my surprise, isn’t Chase after all. It’s something/somebody called Seterus, Inc.

I got my fucking mortgage from Washington Mutual. Chase bought them out, but then sold all their bum loans to LBPS (Lender Business Process Servers)…who in turn sold the loans to Seterus, Inc. So my loan has changed hands so many times, I bet they don’t even have the original documents.

I (stupidly) didn’t challenge them on that at my mediation hearing, because I’m tired of dragging this out. I’m finished with stalling tactics—I WANT RESOLUTION! IF ONE MORE PERSON SENDS ME AN EMAIL TELLING ME ABOUT HOW THEIR “FRIENDS LIVED FOR FREE WITHOUT PAYING A DIME FOR YEARS,” I’m gonna SCREAM!!!!!


I missed about 12 payments back in 2009/10 (just to get their attention; they wouldn’t answer my calls for the 12 preceding months, when I was still scrounging around sucking dick to make the payments. I got tired of sucking dick, the money dried up, and NOW those fuckers answered me. They gave me a trial loan modification, which if I made four payments on time, they would make it permanent.

Yes! Awesome!

SIKE! I made my four payments ON TIME, but they dragged ass for TWELVE MONTHS with no answer. In the meantime, I kept paying to show “good faith…” but apparently, it was a stupid fucking move to make, because all those “trial” payments weren’t enough for Chase/Seterus/WhoeverTheFuck…and EACH and EVERY SINGLE $1200 payment I made counted for NOTHING. Because they were modified to $1200 (instead of my original $2300), EACH PAYMENT COUNTED AS A DEFAULTED PAYMENT!

Because of this, by the time I got my mediation hearing, I was already pretty far along in the foreclosure process (much to my surprise—I’d been paying TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH TO THESE BLOODSUCKING ASSHOLES! Didn’t feel like I was defaulting to me!). At my mediation, I offered to just give them the house back in exchange for being released from my debt (what’s called a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure). My lender’s representative said, “Sorry, we don’t take Deeds in Lieu.”

OK, so will you at least write down my principal to the fair market value? I bought the house for $380,000 and have only paid down $111 in principal—out of $125,000 in payments!!!!!!!!! And now it’s only worth $100,000.

No. “I’m sorry, we don’t write down principals.”

FUCK! So what do you WANT me to do?!?!

My choices were to a) let ‘em foreclose, or b) short sell the house (get whatever money I can for it, and hope my lender accepts that instead of the full amount I owe them).

I was crying so hard I couldn’t decide what to do, so the fucking bitch representative from my lender marked it down as “client will foreclose.” BUT I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO FORECLOSE! I DIDN’T DECIDE YET!!!!!!

I ended up discussing with my attorney and deciding to short sell. I had to hire ANOTHER attorney (more fucking money I don’t have), and this asshole warned me that because I was already so far along into the foreclosure process, he might not be able to push my short sale thru in time. He told me up front that it was a gamble—but I’d have to pay his retainer either way.

What the fuck would you do? I paid his fucking blood money, listed the property, and BUSTED MY ASS to sell it as fast as fucking possible. It was listed on a Wednesday, and by Monday I had EIGHT OFFERS. I submitted the best one — a CASH OFFER, WELL ABOVE the bank’s appraisal of $105,000 — during the last week of November.

I still haven’t heard back. I assumed my offer was sitting in a stack of papers on some asshole’s desk over at Seterus, waiting for him to get to it.


Right after I posted my last blog, I went outside to run some errands and found an auction notice posted on my door!


I know they get more bailout money from the fucking Feds if I foreclose, so it’s better off for them NOT to approve my short sale.

But it’s going to FUCK ME OVER.

If my house goes to auction, they can sell it out from under me (fine, whatever)…but then they can came after me and SUE ME BLIND for the $380,000 I owe them! My only recourse is to completely fuck my finances and credit by filing bankruptcy…which I don’t want to do, obviously.


What’s frustrating is, I can’t do a GODDAMN THING ABOUT IT. I tried going to the Chase Homeownership Crisis Center, but this really smarmy young prick told me “We don’t own your loan anymore, nothing we can do.” He was a real asshole about it, too. FUCK YOU! I bawled my eyes out all the way down the hall to my car, not caring who the fuck saw me.

There has to be SOMEONE I can tell about this who can help me! My attorney says they are doing “everything they can” on their end, but to be honest I don’t want to rely on that. He already got his retainer; what the fuck does he care? The first fucking thing he said to me was, “I told you this might happen!” just to cover his ass. Fuck you! Thanks for your support, asshole.

I figured there had to be SOMETHING I could do on my end, to make sure the auction is stopped before they have a chance to approve the short sale. I tried calling all those fake-ass “HOPE for Homeowner” hotlines the dumbass pussywhipped government set up…but they were WORSE than useless. One lady had no answers for me, the other said she couldn’t legally advise me because I already have counsel retained. NO ONE WANTS TO HELP.

Basically, my lawyer says I just have to sit around and wait until the auction date—which is right around the corner; Feb. 15th. *HOPEFULLY* they’ll halt the auction once they realize they have a better offer sitting on their desk, or even better just go ahead and approve the fucking short sale RIGHT NOW. But if they don’t….




I’ve done everything I was supposed to for the last three years. I played by the rules, filed countless papers and faxed, scanned, emailed and called every time they said they needed updated stuff. And they’re still giving me a giant middle finger.


I have zero power, and it’s extremely demoralizing.

All I really did this past week was sob. I am TERRIFIED. What the fuck am I supposed to do? I’VE DONE ALL I CAN! And it wasn’t enough.

Since logic and reason have failed thus far, I turned to the occult. I went to Bell, Book & Candle (Ye Olde Magick Shoppe, on East Charleston in Vegas) and bought a Jinx-breaker candle to break my string of bad luck. Never mind the fact that I don’t believe in magic; I’m desperate! The big fat barefoot bearded wizard in there shuffled over to his shelf of herbs, sprinkled a bunch of happy oils and glitter on a jar candle, and charged me $8. I hope it works! He threw in a couple of magic beans for good luck…which if I’m REALLY lucky, will grow into a beanstalk leading up to Seterus’s offices, so I can climb up and finally find the RIGHT dick to suck.



  1. A says:

    You should add so music to that video.
    Also I didn’t read it all, but a quarter through I was a bit more thankful for my parents and the fact I wont have these problems.

  2. evan says:

    I know everyone on here is just gonna try and be funny, but that really sucks (dick). Hope you can sort it out, you seem nice. Love you, byeeeeeeee

  3. Faggoty Anne says:

    Well to be curt I think you should get a more professional email address. I mean which fucking bank employee wants to email wonderhussy@gmail? Probably get in trouble for that shit anyhow.

    Well I would hustle your ass and get enough for a plane ticket and get the hell out, I mean you are never going to pay that off and your credit is ruined so… yeah. Bail. Foreclose on your life in the US.

    Come to Australia. WA in particular. You can get work as a ‘Mine Angel’. Someone as hot as you can make thousands a NIGHT. These guys earn $5000 a week driving a fucking truck for fuck sake. Seriously, considered migrating.

  4. i am the guy says:

    What a loser. Ha ha. Congrats to me! I knew the “housing boom” was a government/bankster fraud, just like the dotcom hysteria before it. They were handing out half million dollar mortgages to fucking Vegas whores? I knew I was right, but Jesus fucking Christ. I spent the whole housing boom living in slummy Craigslist rooms and riding my bike to temp jobs. I never wanted anything to do with a nice house or fucking bankers or a “lifestyle” with a million dollar debt. This dumb whore is getting hosed both ways, because she’s a dumb conformist shit. Look at her youtube channel, she goes to Burning Man, she bought a house during the boom. Conformist shit for brains deserves it. The banksters and the lawyers love you baby. That whore $$ you coughed up was pure profit for the financial terrorists. And now they’re gonna hose you again, and take the house they tricked you into in the 1st place. I saw right through the whole scam. In 2004/5 I was telling everyone who would listen that these house prices are a fake government scam, don’t fall for it. Now people I worked with then are falling out of the middle class and unfriending me on facebook, like it’s my fault. I fuckin’ told them. But nobody listens. I wish I could have shown my middle class nice friends this chick back them. DON’T SIGN THOSE PAPERS, THEY’RE HANDING OUT THE EXACT SAME $$$ DEATH SENTENCE TO VEGAS SLUTS.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “I’ve done everything I was supposed to for the last three years”

    Except pay your mortgage.

  6. Faggoty Anne says:

    You may be lucky ‘i am the guy’, but you’re still an asshole and at the end of the day (end of your life geddit) the asshole is the first to go.

  7. kure kure takora says:

    Ok, I’m going to break this down gently for you, because I’m feeling very kind because you’re probably completely in pieces and so on and so forth, or this is an elaborate hoax-troll and I’m wasting my time here.

    First off: You are fucked. Ever hear the phrase: You fuck the man, but the man will fuck you back harder. This is exactly what happened when you decided to skip a year’s worth of payments (to get their attention? You do not want to rise a bunch of banks on your ass). Your credit history is basically marked for life as delinquent and I’d be surprised if you could get a motel room at this point. You got their attention alright, you raised a vengeful and angry beast who basically can stick you down further than you could ever imagine. This is why your pithy little sacrifice at auction did nothing for them. They gave you multiple chances and you still fucked it up. To be fair, they should’ve never ever in a zillion years given you that loan.

    Secondly: On a scale of 1 to Charlie Sheen how high on blow were you when you signed a mortgage for 2300 dollars a month for a 383k house in Nevada of all fucking places. I’m not one to judge but your career path thus far exposed hasn’t been what I would call “settle down and buy a house.” Sure maybe once in a while if you got some really good hustle on a good month, you could make a payment, but not for nothin’, they spell this kind of stuff out for you. Shit, I have a pretty decent job here in Boston and I have two fucking roommates because I know I shouldn’t buy a house because it’s a BAD FINANCIAL DECISION at this point, and would be totally a HORRIBLE DECISION if my main career path was “being naked on camera”, which kind of burns out of pocket once you hit your late 20s.

    In closing: I second the recommendation of fleeing the country. I suggest looking at Tokyo or Hong Kong, maybe Shanghai or Beijing if you think you could learn mandarin in a few months and start working your “exotic white girl” as an escort. Seriously.

  8. i am the guy says:

    @faggot I’m not lucky, I’m just not a sucker. I was reading about the federal reserve and how the bankster cartel screws us over before anyone else I know even heard of it. You’re using asshole like it’s an insult?

  9. kure kure takora says:

    Also lol that the adchoice ads show “home buyer grants for no money down”.

  10. Jay says:

    ‘I spent the whole housing boom living in slummy Craigslist rooms and riding my bike to temp jobs’

    i am the guy, why are you acting like Patrick Bateman? It’s not like you profited or gained off the slump in anyway. Rather than foresight, it seems you didn’t lose anything from just being generally inactive.

    ‘people I worked with then are falling out of the middle class and unfriending me on facebook’

    I’m sure this is all because of your financial advice, dude.

  11. pogi says:

    You didn’t agree to the foreclosure and the auction. So cant you sue Seterus for doing that? During the Mediation, your lawyer witnessed that you didn’t agree on the foreclosure so you have that as proof.

  12. Landed Gentry says:

    Declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws exist to protect people who are in over there heads. Meet with a bankruptcy trustee for consultation. They will walk you through the process. The bank will foreclose on your house and you might lose your car if you have one and you might not be able to have a credit card for a couple of years. After that your in the clear. If you aren’t making ends meet there are ways to get out of debt without spinning your tires forever.

  13. raymes says:

    streetbonersandrealitycheckcarnage. i thought being robbed sucked!

  14. Justin long says:

    This is a no-brainer. You got to get your rag tag group of loser friends together and compete in a competition for a top cash prize (the comp will probably be a sport like dodgeball or skiing, but may be something as strange as a beer Olympics). Winning the money you need to save your house won’t be easy, the bank is going to assemble a tough nails group of rough nuts to try to stop you. But keep your head up, no matter what shenanigans may unfold, you and the loveable losers will come from behind in the end and save your house.

  15. nip says:

    ” I spent the whole housing boom living in slummy Craigslist rooms and riding my bike to temp jobs. I never wanted anything to do with a nice house or fucking bankers or a “lifestyle” with a million dollar debt.”

    How is this guy such an asshole because he was actually smart and managed his (little) money well? I was in the exact same spot. Sure I could have tried to own a house and get a car and rack up six or seven credit cards… But I didn’t. Because that’s fucking stupid. You can blame everybody else for your problems but at the end of the day you didn’t fulfill your obligations and now there’s consequences. Boo-hoo. Our entire generation is afraid of consequences.

  16. yoursisterspanties says:

    Just go BK, it’s not as big a deal as you think, and it will be cleared in 7yrs. Your credit is fucked anyways, and will take that long to repair. Better to have a clean slate then 380k debt over your head. Why do whores need credit anyway?

  17. phil m says:

    all I can picture is that thing she pulled out of her pussy.

  18. chow says:

    lot of nasty comments on this post. Story is that two parties (Bank and Wonderhussy) each are doing their best to be greedy in their own way; just like every other fucker in this excuse for a country. End result is smaller party loses. Guess what, you will be next. Wonderhussy has a few options; 1) leave US forever 2) go underground 3) knock off some of the fuckers who benefit from this shit and go to prison.

  19. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Did you ever consider renting your property out to someone who can afford it? Wouldn’t you probably cover a large chunk if not all of the mortgage form the rent? Then you could have gone and rented a room and saved your credit rating and got back on your feet. In the least it seems it could have bought you some time.

    Ultimately, why is this anyone’s fault but your own? I assume you are able to do basic math and they told you what your payment would be before you signed the papers.

    I feel bad for you because that sucks (dicks. literally), but I don’t agree with all of your blame shifting.

  20. kure kure takora says:

    I really wish she had a video of her little pile of pudding brain sitting at the mortgage signing at Washington Mutual, while the employee tries to go through the steps about how much it all costs and she just has that perfect vapid expression.

  21. Citation please says:

    If your mortgage is underwritten by Fannie or Freddie, many people believe they have “secret” internal policies of denying ALL loan modifications for people over 12 months behind.

    Principal reductions in practice cap off at about 20-25% (and thats very difficult to get).

    Since bankruptcy is federal & foreclosure laws are state, filing bankruptcy will stay (temporarily stop) the state foreclosure auction/sale date. You don’t have to go through with the bankruptcy if you don’t want to; you can just file for it.

    However, for most people in your situation, your credit is f-d up anyway, so a Chapter 7 isn’t really that big of a deal; your credit will take the 7-10 years to scrub clean either way.

    So one option (your lawyer should probably have said so already): File Chapter 7, stay in the house a little longer, discharge your debt, find a new living arrangement. Then, once the bankruptcy is settled, the foreclosure sale goes through, negotiate with the new owner’s (usually bank’s) real estate agent for $1000-$3000 cash for keys. The lenders get the incentive of not having to evict you or clean the home & advantage of having your commitment to a move-out date.

    Don’t listen to the people who are blaming you for being underwater– clearly these Nostradamus kids predicted the entire stock & housing market tanking, predatory lending, the overseas mortgage securities market boom way back in 2007 (that’s why they are listing their academic credentials in their posts).

    Also, they clearly can’t comprehend that a bank would stall someone on a loan modification agreement while they sold the debt to another (so that you would have to start your 3-year application process already). In court, that’s “bad faith,” but nearly impossible to prove. Need proof? Look at the stats for HAMP loan modifications– a modification is statistically VERY hard to get. (But probably isn’t a good deal for you anyway)

  22. kure kure takora says:

    @Citation please: You seriously think someone who does amateur nude modeling as their primary means of monetary support (not to mention has a track record of skipping payments, leaving 1100 dollars in cash in a notebook) should’ve been taking out a 2300 dollar a month mortgage? I don’t think that takes much of a brain to figure out that it’s probably a bad life decision.

  23. Wild Carp says:

    Maybe sucking the RIGHT dick or any dicks is not the answer. The answer to many things and in particular, problems, should not result in sucking dick.

  24. amazing! says:

    it’s hard to feel sorry for an idiot like you. looks to me like you spent way too much of your money on cardboard boxes instead of rent. also. tits or gtfo.

  25. ugh says:

    NO ONE can afford $2300 monthly mortgage payments, even dick suckers. Get the fuck over yourself. There are BILLIONS of people around the world who have it a lot worse than whinging wonderhussies who bite off more than they can chew. Gag on it.

  26. Lionel Hutz, Esq. says:

    Citation please: Yeah, single amateur nude models with a volatile monthly income should not be owning a house. Actually, unless you have a ton of money or a massive ego, mortgaging a house as a single (or even non-married) person makes no financial or logical sense. Not everyone should own a home, contrary to whatever bullshit the government tells people.

    It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to recognize that going into a mortgage with someone who is simply a boyfriend can (and usually does) go bad. You’re banking on being with that person for the length of the mortgage (and going by payments and simple math is a little 15 years in this case) so unless you’re on the cusp of marriage or are otherwise convinced you have a fucking keeper for that span of time, it makes no financial or logical sense. Because if and when you break up, why would you want to live in the same house as your ex?

    I’m amazed you got this loan in the first place. This sucks for you, but this is all on you and your genius plan that included not paying a FUCKING BANK for a year’s worth of mortgage payments. Honestly, going off your last blog posts, there’s definitely more to this than what you’re telling us and if there isn’t, you really come off like an idiot.

  27. inquiring mindz says:

    as a wise man once said: “The only people who get the money are the ones who know about the programs!”

  28. Sniffy says:

    With the little money you have left buy a gun and start shooting bankers. It’ll start getting the point across quickly that these bloodsucker better start working with people and you’ll be a national hero.

  29. Dil-doh! says:

    UGH… so sick of this dumb ho & her whining about shit she brought on herself… what an idiot! No sympathy from me, that’s fo sho.

  30. JimmyFuckingCarter says:

    The bankers are crooks, but its idiots like you that allowed the banks and the lending companies to fuck us into this crisis. You’re a fucking mark. Declare bankruptcy and suck dick for rent, you dumb dizzy coos.

  31. blaahus poopus says:

    Declare bankruptcy and move to Fort Mac in Alberta. Make thirty bucks an hour driving dudes around the tar sands.

  32. blaahus poopus says:

    Regardless, that really fucking sucks a bag of dicks. Best of luck getting back on your feet (seriously).

  33. Yeesh says:

    Everything about this is just sad.

  34. Stirrups says:

    that house sure was expensive.

  35. leebabysim says:

    stop sucking dick and start eating pussy. it pays more.

  36. DWK says:

    Who buys a house in Nevada?

  37. blah says:

    Abandon the house and file bankruptcy. It’s as simple as that. Your credit easily bounces back, you have a clean start, and it doesn’t have the stigma it used to. I’m not sure why the lawyers you are dealing with have not advised you to do this yet. If they don’t do bankruptcies, they may just be trying to get fees from you for other work. This is a no brainer.

  38. blah says:

    — READ THIS — I used to do bankruptcy law.

    I’m reading the comments above, and am surprised that more folks don’t understand how easy this is. For people like you who (I’m assuming) don’t have a lot of assets, bankruptcy is like a gift from god. Tomorrow, go to a local bankruptcy attorney and explain your situation. If you get one that tries to help you stay in that house, move on to another one. If you get one that suggests a chapter 13, move on to another one. You want a chapter 7.

    Here is one from Google. Bankruptcy attorneys generally talk to you initially for free. Good luck.

    ** I’m not licensed in Nevada, so this is not legal advice. See a Nevada Attorney.

  39. ??? says:

    Greed and entitlement are not a good match. Just file for bankruptcy. I mean, you suck dick for money, so your pride shouldn’t be an issue. Mazal tov.

  40. Thanks no says:

    Ms., take it from someone who knows, stop crying, you’re going to be okay. Go to a good bankruptcy attorney right now. *Right* now. A person who looks and acts professional and experienced. Call your local or state bar association for some names. Your credit rating is already shot, but the importance of that is oversold and, speaking from personal observation, I think you’re going to find with your story that even before the seven years is up that there are very possibly going to be lenders who will still lend to you anyway. And even before that in your bankruptcy first ask your lawyer to investigate whether indeed Seterus has the right paperwork (together with actual human signatures on the right papers, from the right, duly authorized signers) to establish that they even have the right to come after you, AND then whether or not you may have a claim for some restitution under a theory of either intentional or negligent misrepresentation or etc. of that money you paid after having been led to believe your payments had been reduced, or a claim of fraud vitiating your contract or etc. You’re going to be okay; you’ve just tried taking care of a complex problem yourself as an amateur and while you’ve made a magnificent effort, you were still an amateur and it cost you. Stop costing yourself further and get a pro. And don’t instinctively approach them as if they too are trying to rip you off. Ask hard questions about specific results you can hold them to, and then do so. Get a grip, you’re going to be okay, you’re obviously a smart kid who just tried to … bite off more than you could chew, so to speak, but your brain is still good enough to see you through this. I won’t even wish you good luck as you don’t need it so long as you get that grip. (And … nothing herein constitutes the giving of legal advice.)

  41. Onan says:

    Make sure they have a proper chain of title. Your Deed of Trust will be assigned to Chase and MERS and your note will most likely be endorsed/transferred to blank. Since this nice little stamp that shows a transfer of ownership is blank they will need an assignment of mortgage. A correct assignment of mortgage will show the transfer from Chase to Seterus. Problem is banks never have this and they can have the prosecuting attorney draft one for them to sign out of thin air.

    LPS is currently being sued by the district attorney of Nevada for shit like having temps sign chain of title documents that shouldn’t exist. I’d make sure the chain of title is documented, and if it is, but uses MERS, you are fucked because they are also being sued for improperly transferring chain of title.

    I am a shitty wage slave that is most likely doing quality control on your case documents for the prosecuting attorney. Greetings from McCarthy and Holthus.

  42. blah says:

    RE: @??? and Bankruptcy stigma

    Bankruptcy provides a great check to creditor excesses. It says “if you fuck up so bad as to loan a large amount of $$$ to someone who can never pay it back, we are not going to ruin this person’s life just to get it for you. You are sophisticated, and should know better.” Perhaps if student loan lenders were subject to bankruptcy discharge, you would see less $100K loans to sociology majors.

    The reason bankruptcy has some stigma left is from the “credit counseling agencies” funded by the credit card companies. Like “crisis pregnancy centers” funded by the church, these false advisors steer folks into endless payment plans and promote stigma associated with their legal rights.

  43. blah says:

    @Thanks No

    Well said, Counselor. I used to have clients who would get offered credit cards (small limits, $1,500), right after their bankruptcy went through. They can’t file again for 8 years, and they charge you a $50 fee and 22% interest. It’s a great way to start again. You are right to highlight that her credit is shot already anyway, it can’t get any worse. It starts to get better immediately after filing. After bankruptcy, I had a client go from a 425 beacon score to a 700 in seven years.

  44. Occupy Wall Street says:

    Washington Mutual was basically a criminal organization, just like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and big daddy JP Morgan.

    When your home is under attack, what do you do? Stand up, fight back.

  45. pony says:

    Man, why do you do your hair like that

  46. VegasUnderWater says:

    Now I am concerned, since I am in the middle of a trial mod with Seterus! Only one more payment to go (three total). They did mention if it goes to a fourth month I could make another trail mod payment amount. It better not go beyond four months!

  47. Onan says:

    Loan mods cap out at 3 months. The only reason they would suggest a 4th is if you’ve only been paying a partial amount, most likely leaving escrow out.

  48. ez says:

    Don’t listen to the haters. It sounds like chapter 7 is your best bet. It really sucks though. And, FWIW, I doubt the payments were $2300 when she got the loan, that’s just what they went up to later.

    I think they were hoping for a salacious post and were confused in their reptile brain about genuine suffering. Sorry.

    (And if you are going to give me shit about “children in the third world” or some other such nonsense, you’re straw man insults are pathetic. Salt and eat your own dick.)

  49. man says:

    are you actually johnny makeup in drag?

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