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• 03.03.09 08:55 pm

A lot of old school rappers like to talk about “if you’re red, black, white, yellow, blue” etc and I’d just like to say that I am all of those things so I know what everyone’s going through.

A lot of old school rappers like to talk about “if you’re red, black, white, yellow, blue” etc and I’d just like to say that I am all of those things so I know what everyone’s going through. Being orange is probably the hardest. Purple sucks. But being black and yellow and even red are a cinch (no offense Mumia, the dude from Tiananmen Square, and Leonard Peltier). Missbehave mag knows exciting content like this when they see it so they came over to photograph my body.

  1. Books & Backpacks says:

    When you go to heaven you’re gonna haven to do a 5 page essay on what all that shit means … and I think you’ll have to take the long staircase down.

    Your shoulders are round.

  2. SHITCOCK says:


  3. Canada says:

    Really? You have Asian symbols in the middle of your back? you better know what they mean and it better be good.

  4. Krystal says:


  5. Books & Backpacks says:

    Destroy asian symbols !!!

    Weight of the world on those delts! Weight of the fucking world.

    Skull with pig nose

  6. WORLD WAR DREW says:

    Gavin is suffering from a case of the ‘ol “sissie shoulders”



  8. Gavin…sorry but I think my Tattoos kinda kick your Tattoos ass. You better at everything else but let me live! Hey Guys…partial nudity here!!!!

  9. crass gesus says:

    i have a crack vile tattoo on my arm…i win

  10. homeless says:

    It’s VIAL not VILE.
    I mean, crack is vile, but I’m sure that’s not what you meant.

  11. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    ^Misspelling vial makes him having a vile [sic] on his arm cool

  12. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    btw, do some fucking pull-ups bunny hill shoulder guy.

  13. FuckYour Face says:

    You have T-Rex Shoulders and the gayest tattoos I’ve ever seen. You have officially lost all credibility when it comes to making fun of others. Fag.

  14. Sarah O Sarah says:

    My brother’s been boxing his whole life and he looks exactly the same. I heard Gavin boxes too. When you do a sport like that regularly, you basically work one muscle, your back. My brother gets back aches when he takes time off (usually because of concussions) because he says his back is shrinking. All boxers look like turtles from the back.

  15. My Walkman is My Best Friend says:

    I can’t wait to never get tattoos.

  16. betty says:

    yeah, classic boxer’s body. HAR!

  17. Me (to my boyfriend): “Oh cool want to see a picture of Gavin in 1988!?”
    BF: “No. Not really.”
    Me: (shows picture of back tattoos) “LOOK WHOA”
    BF: “Yea he has a fuckton of tattoos.”
    Me; “Ok, are we gonna have sex now?”
    BF: “I don’t know, you’re over there looking at naked pictures of Gavin.”
    Me: “Well, yeah you know i’m trying to get ready before we … y’know – DO IT.”
    BF: “HA! The answer to your question is NO.”

  18. idk says:

    tattoos that show time are indication you’ve been committed to fun forever

  19. Michael says:


    he has fucking castro tattooed on himself.

    and, he calls himself an anarchist, despite the fact that he does nothing but talk down to everyone who reads this page and has no hope in humanity.

    and for the uninformed, of all political ideologies, anarchism is the most optimistic about human nature.

  20. Timbo says:

    “…anarchism is the most optimistic about human nature.”

    You mean “the most completely divorced from reality,” n’est-ce pas? Same dif. Anyone who’s optimistic about human nature has been living a severely sheltered existence. So much for being “informed.”

  21. gay post says:

    Who gives a fuck about your tattoos. Everybody has one now, it doesn’t make you cool at all. You totally have homosexual pear-shaped-man shoulders. Narcissistic faggot.

  22. street wear says:

    unless you have your knee caps tattooed you’re a fucking pussy

  23. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know why but i assumed you were the typical pib. unless you got those tattoes recently, i’d bet anything you grew up loving the gun club. or maybe you’re too young for all that.

  24. My 20 year old cousin has at least 20 tatts, including 2 giant ribbons on the back of her thighs (those’ll age well), anyway I told her that one day everyone will say “Nice sailor tatts, you got those around 2005?”. I told her that in high school tribal and japanese tatts were hot fire and that by 25 she’ll be a walking time capsule. She still doesn’t believe me, she just got that ironic moustache inside on the inside of her finger. Too bad for her piercings aren’t cool anymore, mine healed up nicely.

  25. homeless. says:

    hahahaha. t-rex shoulders. holy shit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    this one means that “i have a tattoo and want everyone to know that and see it”

  27. dd says:

    this one means “i have a tattoo and want everyone to know that and see it”

  28. yahsayer says:

    Its not exactly an original point, but I still find it funny that people get tattoos to be ‘different’ and just end up looking like every other fashion victim fucknut. You know whats really ‘punk’ (in the true sense of the word)? Not having any tattoos…

  29. Bob Dylan's Left Nut says:


    Being punk means thinking for yourself, not jumping on any anti-whatever bandwagon that comes along, tattoos or not.

  30. yahsayer says:

    To Bob Dylan’s hairy left brain:
    That was kind of my point. I’m not being anti-tattoo – ie I’m not out picketing tattooists – I’m just pointing out that its falling prey to the same fashion impulse that drives those sneaker morons or Ed Hardy twats – the need to belong to a tribe and attempt to define yourself in others eyes. Whereas not getting tattoos is not… Although we’re all guilty of that one way or another I guess, its just getting a tattoo shows (in my mind) a real lack of imagination and subtlety…

  31. @ Bob Dylan

    Being punk means fragging ur own dudes in COD!!!!!!!!!1

  32. Maybe Mama Does the Astro says:

    @ ur doing it wrong

    RE: Your cousin

    You have bad blood in you.

  33. Turthy Mcyuckers says:

    Jesus, Gavin looks like a fucking clown ass clown. Awful corny tats

  34. destruction says:

    ha ha ha ha “destruction”.

  35. Luisa says:

    Gavin, seriously, I’m embarrassed for you. Real talk, shit’s disgusting. “My tattoos all reflect my politics and what I stand.” What an f’ing clown. And they aren’t even good politics. Feminism? Vegetarianism? And look at you now. I mean, obviously, you’re much better as your present incarnation, but jesus, you might christopher hitchens look like a minor flip flopper.

  36. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    Still not as cool as Metallica and the Marx bros. next to each other.

  37. Luisa says:

    Also, I don’t preshate the fact that you put up my photo yesahday! You had no rights! My hispanic loveliness condemns you and your tattoos.

  38. Columbo says:

    I don’t think Gavin could possibly ever keep a backpack on.
    It must have been frustrating in high school.

  39. ew says:

    u shoulda got clay aiken blowing elton john while their pomeranians watched as a tattoo. it would have been way less gay than what u have now.

  40. ew says:

    p.s. holy shit u aged badly. back around the time that i was a zygote u were like n 8 but now ur like a bratwurst with a mustache. time is muthafucka. n so is cocaine.

  41. Columbo says:

    ^bratwurst with a mustache^


    Nutrition Facts: Bratwurst is usually 30% fat which makes your observation quite accurate.

  42. miss appalachian says:

    i am so proud to report that i have no tattoos.
    i think you could have started and stopped with blobs.

  43. Arv says:

    “I think if veggies were totally honest with themselves they’d admit a lot of their belief system is based on, “I’m special.” It’s not gayness. It’s snobbery. And there’s plenty of ethical ways to eat your animal friends if you can calm down enough to look into it.” – from the Missbehave article

    I agree that some vegetarians give up meet to be “special,” but some also do it for legitimate ethical reasons. And although there are ethical alternatives to industrial meat, not everyone can afford free-range meat. In such a situation, I think vegetarianism is a good alternative, at least until they start bringing in the money like you.

  44. mamabunny says:

    Have you ever seen Scott Campbell’s legs? Now there’s a man who should be taking his clothes off (please!!!!) and doin’ some ‘splainin’!

    Ouin, pi?

  45. jon says:

    The heat of one of his arms is balanced by the coolness the other.

  46. jean-luc picard says:

    wow im glad i dont have a human/pig skull ocean battle on my back

  47. down in africa says:

    ‘aesthetically unpleasing’ is a phrase that springs to mind

  48. Twinkie says:

    You know when a corpse ends up floating in a river for a few days and it bloats until it looks like it might pop? You look like that, in the nicest possible way.

  49. Columbo says:

    Gavin got such a ball-busting for this post.
    I cun’t believe it.

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