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• 05.25.17 03:08 pm

Training your girlfriend’s pug to be a Nazi has got to be one of the least offensive things ever. Not just because it’s a cute dog that doesn’t know what it’s doing but because it’s kind of trivializing the Nazi movement and making them look like morons. However, in Scotland, it’s not only offensive it’s something worth going to jail over. Gavin talks with someone who’s guilty of such a crime in this video.

  1. Peck R. Wood says:

    Can you divorce from the Jews and become a Nazi already?
    Natives are honorary and have a place in America so don’t worry about the family.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    I wasn’t sure what kind of little dog to get, but I sure do now. My big German Shepherd instinctively hates orthodox Jews and niggers but I think that’s because they both stink so bad. I also need a Jew hating cat and need some advice. Hell while I’m at it give me advice on Jew hating fish, parrots, pigs, I might get them one day too, especially a tender loving pig. I guess a pig by definition is anti-Semitic and I could teach a parrot to recite one of Hitler’s speeches. Fish could be tricky though. Does a Jew fish have a particular predator that likes to kill it. That’s the fish I want. Hey I just remembered that graphic artist Art Spiegelman who depicted the Jews as mice and Nazi’s as cats. Maus it was called. I can feed the cat live mice that I’d stamp yellow stars of David on. Cool! I could create a miniature Auschwitz enclosed camp for the mice to live in with a model railroad leading into it. At feeding time I’d open the door to the enclosure so the cat can stick its paw in to grab a maus for dinner. I wonder what the Scottish police would think of that. No more trips to Glasgow for me.

  3. Gavin Levant says:

    Heard about the rally in New York, Gavin. So, pretty much the alt-light in a nutshell. A bunch of dildo enthusiasts trying to monetize the practice of shilling for geriatric kikes and faggots…fucking based. Yo, proud boys is this who you are? The enforcers of the zog you have basically had western values defined for you…western values means defending Israel at all costs and thralling for a nigger sucking degenerate troll-queen. Awesome. If you don’t define what you are, someone else will define it for you. You went in for some ethereal western civ bullshit instead of the white race because you wanted to be inclusive and let kikes and nigs and beaners and fags participate and now look at you. Face it, western civ is white. Start fighting for your own interests rather than for these media personalities that are using you for their own purposes.

  4. P.J. says:

    I’m surprised PETA, ASPCA, and other busy bodies haven’t weighed in on this. These Leftist loonies are trying to get gorillas legal rights so why not man’s best friend? At the very least the Scots will probably sic some socialist family services unit to come in and remove the Pug from the this unfit-for-dogs toxic home enviroment. “Your honour, this comedian has made a joke of this poor pooch and has slandered the good name of all Pugs so that every Pug owning Jew is living in morbid fear of their own best friend. For this reason we have taken the brain washed Pug-turned-thug into custody and would recommend finding him a new home of Jew loving owners to reprogram his little Pavlov brain.” In today’s bizarro world I bet I’m not far out.

  5. P.J. says:

    @ Gavin Levant
    Gavin has some mean suck up skills. That’s what happens when you try sucking off as large an audience as possible with incompatible positions. I like him though. He’s a good hearted lad who just knows too many IKAGO’s for his own good. If only he understood that the Constitution is not about a proposition nation. It’s about securing and preserving for our “POSTERITY” these freedom’s and rights our White ancestors purchased with our blood, sweat, and tears.

  6. Bollocks says:

    The dirty arresting copper told count dankula his video is making Nazism appealing and therefore is a recruitment tool. The retarded pig should be incarcerated in an insane asylum if he thinks that. If anything it’s as Gavin says, it’s bloody offensive to real neo Nazi’s as it’s depicting them as ridiculous little pug dogs. pretty insulting.


  8. redwood says:

    ^ my god, you’re a moron.

  9. Yankee Doodle Dandy says:

    So on this memorial day where we commerate among our wars that last “good” war -WW2 – what exactly did we accomplish?
    It guaranteed that instead of a a German national socialist empire ruling eastern Europe for decades to come, a communist empire of Russians would.
    It guaranteed that an ungrateful Western Europe would start on the road towards a Soviet Union-lite version of a European Union.
    It guaranteed socialist Europe’s defense from that WW2 communist allie who we gave away as a spoil of WW2 the Nazi conquered nations of eastern Europe that became Nato’s counterpart – the Warsaw pact.
    It guaranteed that by the U.S. largely subsidizing the Nato military alliance to protect these socialist ingrates, it enabled these leeching anti-American Marxist European elites to spend their shekels on their parasite social welfare rats nests, instead of spending it on defending themselves from the hardcore version of their Marxist god.
    It guaranteed that we were no longer a nation but had become PAX AMERICANA, an empire entangled like a squid in the World’s affairs guaranting endless wars, proxy wars and dead American’s fighting for other countries borders while ours are being overrun by endless waves of ungrateful bastards of America hating nations.
    It guaranteed that America would become the prime agent of globalism at the expense of national sovereignty, guaranting that local representive democracy – its stated purpose in justifying its meddling in other nations affairs – would be increasingly undermined by extra-judicial, un-elected, bureaucratic regional & global agencies that subvert national constitutions and representative government by faceless, foreign, and unaccountable bureaucrats.
    It guaranteed that feminism’s ungrateful women, spared military combat conscription, who were pressed into temporary assembly line domestic jobs, while their huspands, fathers, brothers, sons, and neighbor’s, friend’s male relatives went off to bleed, and die, would like the Cunts they are, demand that they be treated as equals in the workplace and so much more for being spared the bloody battleground.
    It guaranteed that we are endlessly lied to about how grateful we should be that our soldiers are being maimed and killed to guarantee our freedom’s when in fact they are being used as cannon fodder to fight for global causes that rarely even benefit the poor foreign bastards and usually leaves nothing but misery and further chaos.

  10. the Street Carnage loyalist says:

    Comments such as Dandy’s are the reason why I keep checking this site on a daily basis. Bravo.

  11. Proud Girl says:

    Asshole ^
    My father died fighting in the gulf war so I could be guaranteed equality you chauvinist pig. Women have been kept out of combat so they couldn’t claim equality, not because they aren’t just as capable you – boy. I’m joining the Marines and will – I GUARANTEE – qualify for special forces when I apply. I can kick ASS, especially geek ASS. My mixed martial arts training will embarrass the average guy, and when I choke-hold a bootcamp boy in my pneumatic thighs, he’ll be my bitch. See ya @ Paris Island bitch.

  12. A Street Carnage faggot says:

    Comments such as OogaBooga’s are the reason why I keep checking this site on a daily basis. Toodles💩

  13. Dying for...Whatever! says:

    “Proud girl” got triggered by a random comment so I’m sure she’ll be fine in Raqqa, Wonsan and Donetsk.
    She may wanna set her bar a little bit higher, because she won’t be going after “geeks” out there.
    Still, with the right amount of steroids and Govt. intervention I’m sure she’ll get what she’s wishing for.
    One last thing: it’s Parris Island…two R’s.

  14. Askanazi says:

    Seig Heil to all the fallen Waffen SS on this day of rememberance for fighting the good fight against communism and the Jews who are behind that and every other evil global scheme. We will never forget your sacrifice and pray for the day when the White Race will wake up and destroy her enemies, especially the traitors among us.
    Then, and only then will your good name be restored. We ask for your forgiveness for betraying you when we should have joined you in the war against the godless Bolsheviks. The World would then have been divided 3 ways between the European Nazi Union and the British empire while we took care of the New World. A nice tidy affair with Whitey running the show. Equatorial Africa I would have recommended leaving alone in a Jurassic park like state for the Niggers. We know what happens when they think they are humans.

  15. Pittsley Fan Club says:

    Pittsley…. Oh Johnny boy…. Where art thou…. You faggot…. We miss you….. You mangy scruffy retard…… Come out come out to play….. What shitty little crap have you written today?…..

  16. raymi says:


  17. Ground Control To My Big Schlong says:

    Schlongs are longer than dongs.

  18. Pittsley Fan Club says:

    13 days faggot…. We’re waiting….. Come on now…. You can do it….. Squeeze them cheeks real hard and push…. That’s it turd boy…. You’ve got plenty more shit in you….

  19. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    ^Don’t be so hard on Pittsley. Times are hard in San Francisco. Just today a San Francisco school teacher making $70,000 a year was reported living in a homeless shelter, that’s how expensive the cost of living is in Sodom by the bay. Can you imagine poor Johnny trying to eke out a living. He’s probably dumpster diving as I type poor sod. There’s only so much he can charge for blow jobs with that hobo face. It’s a miracle he posts on Street Carnage and I’m sure he sneaks into the library to pound out his scribblings. He probably can’t even afford to rent a doghouse and the dog pound wouldn’t board a mangy mut like him. They’d put him down as no wealthy faggot in that city would adopt an ole’ junkyard dog. Gavin though owes it to him and should adopt him for his kids to play with after he delouses, deworms, and neuters him. That would be the humane thing to do.

  20. Cashdollar says:

    @SR — learn how to use the internet. That guy is a self admitted Bernie supporter and false-flagger trying to make the right look like Nazis. He was reported to the cops by Trump supporters in the past. You should blame the po-po, but I guess pigs are bad only when they don’t follow your narrative.

  21. An unmarried Ooga Booga says:

    @Proud Girl
    You have “pneumatic thighs”???????

    Ooooh, I’m in love!

  22. Good Bye says:

    VICE won. Accept that truth and move on. Street Carnage no longer serves any useful purpose other than an obstinate defiance to Vice’s billion dollar success. There is no comment traffic except for what seems to be a couple of cranks in various guises. The comments are pure shit. No posts other than links to pay sites (see above – no traffic) and the resident moron John. It’s an embarrassment. What would a prospective Proud Boy make of it? Is it possible that part of the reason FOX let you go was because they saw this blog? Has the wife seen it. If there ever is a divorce with child custody hearing, you can bet her lawyer will submit this blog as evidence of unfitness. Your future job prospects will find Street Carnage a dead end.
    Let’s face it. You blew it with VICE.

  23. Pittsley Fan Club says:

    Day 14 and counting…… oh Johnny boy……. Come out come out where ever you are….. here boy…. We have treats for you….. come on and be a good boy…. don’t be a bad doggy…. are you constipated Johnny?……. writer’s block…. no problem that sulphur headed matches in the Ass won’t cure…… here boy…………………………..

  24. Lady Nelson says:

    What a bunch of nasty commentators. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Instead of appreciating this wide open forum that allows unfettered expression like no other site on the internet, we have ungrateful Assholes who have nothing constructive to say so take a shit on the topic and other thoughtful commentators. No wonder there are no more guest writers other than poor John. If I recall they don’t get paid for their contributions. Why should they cast pearls before swines. The abuse Mr. Pittsley endures is Job-like. I certainly wouldn’t put up with these hyenas and I’d like to see them get a dose of their own medicine. Come out of the shadows John, respond to the mockers, and rip the faggots a new Asshole. I’m sorry to have to speak so unlady like but that’s the only way to describe these trolls. We appreciate all you do Mr. Pittsley and please tell Gavin to give you some compensation for the harassment you go through.

  25. Slobodan says:

    Wattie Buchan’s accent is way cooler.

  26. An unmarried Ooga Booga says:

    @Lady Nelson
    How about you, darling? “Pneumatic thighs” on you, too? get a little 3 way action going on !!!!
    I take it that you are a white woman….

  27. Deeana says:

    What did VICE win exactly? More money from retarded programs (wait, I thought they hated capitalism?) and more exposure thanks to monkey idiot SJW millennials? Oh my…what a win! Besides, it’s not so hard to make money when you sell your butt to the MSM and follow elitist multi-kulti-marxy catechism. They don’t even allow comments any longer for fuck’s sake! That alone sets it. I don’t care how many pounds of cocaine VICE execs can afford to consume on a yearly basis, if they’re supposed to be “winners” then they’re the faggiest, weakest winners I’ve ever seen. I take powered-down SC over those wealthy, yet intellectually lazy conformists any day of the week.
    VICE trolls come around and live up to their brand by being annoying, self-centered betas. But the fact that they bother coming here in the first place confirms that 1) SC is not as irrelevant as they hoped since “Nazi” McInnes’ old blog is still up and delivering… with some bumps, yes… and 2) Gavin is making appearances all over the web while VICE-less, ergo they’re not a necessity. He’s on the “streets” through his anti-antifa boys (I’m not a fan of the name, logo, tats, modus-operandi, rules, magazine but I respect it).
    Sure, this site could use less Gavin and more guest posts…but resident commentators continue to kill it, instaboner continues to be boney and every now and then John P. and some guest continue to knock it out of the park, making SC bookmark-worth.
    And if you really don’t like it here…again, why the fuck do you come sneaking around? Leave. Let us be “dead” on the fringes and go enjoy your caviar-rich, eyes-wide-shut pedo-parties you wackos.

  28. Siegfried the Pug says:


  29. Pittsley Fan Club says:

    15 days and counting faggot…. the fag hags Deeana & Lady Nelson miss you…. don’t be so dramatic bitch….. absence makes the heart grow fond….. but this is just attention seeking you whore….. back on the smack??

  30. ZZA says:

    Butt hurt, self centered vice trolls always claim something’s “dead” when it doesn’t suit them or please them any longer.
    Have you bothered checking this blog’s archives? It’s a collection of great articles with whining shitlibs commenting underneath, at least 70% of them at least. They couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that what they were reading didn’t follow their almighty rules.
    So, being scared little sheep, they fled.
    Now we got the presidency.

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