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Street Carnage
• 02.21.17 12:08 pm

Do journalists not know what a fucking skinhead is? Don’t they know you can just look this shit up? Sure, there are some nazi skinheads but not all skinheads are nazis. Even if they all were, Manhattan would be the last place they’d want to hangout. It could be a fun place for them at first but their arms would eventually fall off from throwing punches at everyone’s head. Gavin explains in this video

  1. Ghetto Defendent says:

    The story those two guys were trying to sell didn’t pass the smell test the moment I heard them say that it was a gang with brass knuckles, and I think chains as well. As a New Yorker, the first thing I instantly thought was that there’s no fucking way in hell, in 2017, that any group of people are wandering the Lower East Side with brass knuckles, chains, and bats, without instantly getting police attention. Those guys need to crib a better story than the one they copped from watching The Warriors & Death Wish, right before they cooked up that bullshit. Like you said, brass knuckles are for heavy brawling, what used to be called “rumbling”. Gang rumbling hasn’t happened in NYC in 35 to 40 years. That shit was on its way out at the end of the 70’s and gone by the early to mid 80’s, after youth gangs all became graphitti and break crews, or parts of the punk and hardcore scene, and the remaining gang culture got absorbed by the drug cartel structure. If a group of more than five people, say 10, 15, or 20 people all have beef with each other, that means an entire block is getting shot up, because people are bringing guns to that fight, not brass knuckles or chains. In NYC, that beef isn’t about your views on the political spectrum, it’s about a deal gone bad, or your drug trade territory being invaded by another group.

  2. dffgfhjyj says:

    I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy Milo’s book. After an hour of looking all over, I finally found him in young adults.

    I also saw Milo arguing with the manager of Gap Kids because he heard little boys pants were half off.

  3. ButtSrsly says:

    Don’t worry about Milo, I heard Subway needs a new spokesperson.

  4. Rocco says:

    Italy in the early 90’s? You mean CasaPound a few years ago? Fascism isn’t taboo here like it is in America. 🐢

  5. If Jared lived above a McDonald's he would still be fat as shit says:

    What’s the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton?

    Nothing, except Mr. Cosby did not have Hillary the terrible to cover up his pattern of rape.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, the official Progressive narrative now is that Milo is a “pedophile” and Hillary-the-rape-enabler was the female empowerment candidate. Ain’t that a bitch.

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