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• 05.27.16 01:55 pm

The BM that is BLM crashes his talk and it only makes him stronger. 

Now he’s being carried to the stage in a golden throne with students chanting USA! USA! USA!

Shit gets real ridiculous around 57:20

  1. Samantha says:

    That was insanely frustrating. I wonder what would have happened if Milo had asked the main guy to join him in sincere prayer to guidance, truth and peace.

  2. Hatcher says:

    Sometimes I wonder if post-Trump he’s gotten too safe with his “gay miscegenator” routine but this gave me hope

  3. Samantha says:

    Watch his ucsb speech from yesterday–it was an awesome entrance on a throne with the song from Team America. (He should’be used their other song too–“what makes a man is it the woman in his arms?”etc) good choice Milo

  4. Good response to this next time:

    Shouting to audience, “I say ‘affirmative’! You say ‘action’!”

  5. ItsFunWatchingFireworks says:

    We’re heading for very lonely times. Women of the Millennial generation have been told that they can have everything and deserve Mr. Perfect while men have been told their pieces of shit. You’re seeing the results of this upbringing in education and employment stats. Young women are outperforming young men. This means that many young men won’t be able to enter into and sustain LTRs with young women because being a deadbeat doesn’t attract women. Young women are focusing on and sacrificing their most attractive years to their careers. Men aren’t very inclined to woo and swoon women over the hill, which is when many young women discover that they’ve sacrificed their best boy catching years to writing press releases. The result: men alone, women alone, no families. Lonely mostly meaningless lives whispering agony into the ether.

  6. frank says:

    > Young women are outperforming young men.

    I doubt this is true in any meaningful sense. You have a lot of women in sectors like healthcare and education where the government has dumped massive amounts of funny-money. But it’s a bubble. Men are apparently doing worse because the “real” job market sucks and there’s a lot of competition from illegals and foreigners. But this is all very artificial. Those female physician assistants and third tier college administrators will be also be laid off in the years ahead when the government cheese dries up.

  7. frank says:

    That throne thing is the funniest thing I have seen so far this year. I’m grinning from ear to ear. The white boys in trump hats carrying gay-greek-brit-jew chanting USA on a throne. The self-aware absurdity of who and what he is in the context of that image will not be topped in the next six months.

  8. Samantha says:

    Hey be nice. God loves you all.

  9. OogaBooga says:

    Blasphemy! G-d does not love the goyim. He created them to serve Fred and Sarah as beasts of burden.

  10. Fred says:

    g-d doesn’t like flame wars and erases indiscriminately all transgressors including innocent bystanders who merely observed the mayhem and noted the truth, Mr. Sad Instigator.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    After an extensive invstigation, Sarah the hag of hasbara was found to be the instigator. You should talk to her, boychik.

  12. Duh says:

    Sad sad little lonely life you lead little man.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    My life is rich with laughter, approbation, and sexual bliss, not to mention fun hobbies, such as educating Street Carnage readers!

  14. Alec Leamas says:

    “This means that many young men won’t be able to enter into and sustain LTRs with young women because being a deadbeat doesn’t attract women.”

    We may get to the point that if young white men want to get laid they’ll have to mimic black men and become straight thugs – join outlaw motorcycle gangs, La Cosa Nostra, drug running, maybe even outlaw whaling and privateering can be things again. We’ll have a similar matrilineal society where women are the sole regular caretakers and means of support (well, and Uncle Sugar for as long as that lasts) for children and the most dangerous criminal element among men get to pass their genes on before incapacitation by either long term incarceration or unnatural deaths.

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