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TV Carnage
• 03.30.12 10:34 am

Through a combination of blood, sweat, tears, barf, human sacrifice, a smidgen of piss, and just the right amount of horsehair, TV CARNAGE has made what is possibly its most precious visual abomination to date.


TV CARNAGE created the video for the Dirty Ghosts’ new track “Ropes That Way” off their debut album Metal Moon (Last Gang Records).   So sit back, relax, click play, and let your brains drip out of your nostrils.”


  1. raymes says:

    you had me at visual abomination

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a reasonable video.

  3. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Fact point, video concluded.

  4. the man says:

    detroit looks great

  5. Solid 8 Kitties

  6. chester says:

    this is indeed a video, and there is in fact music playing.

  7. Beautiful! Nose & brain drained, left sniffing up remains. Need to snort the pieces back into my skull cavity.
    Dr. Dr. Gimme the newZ!!!! I gotta bad taste for loving you! I need mental dentures and more thirst quenchers,
    This video has sent me on a an adventure!


  8. a-may says:

    sup Avril

  9. Anonymous says:

    Last Gang Swag

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