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Sound of the Sidewalk
• 12.30.13 09:00 pm

Parenthood can be stressful and difficult even in the best of times, but when you’re also struggling with addiction issues, it can almost be too much to take.

That’s why Sound of the Sidewalk is partnering with the Jacob Javits Memorial Bowery Soup Kitchen and nearly every homeless punk band on the Lower East Side to present “Save The Crack Dads,” a benefit concert with 100% of the proceeds going to enable a more comfortable and sane lifestyle for fathers who are struggling to overcome their addiction to crack cocaine.

Tickets are $3 and will entitle you to one free bowl of soup and a piece of dipping bread.

  1. I'll eat it!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Dipping bread? Fuck,Yeah, I am there!!!!

  2. dingbat says:

    “every homeless punk band on the Lower East Side”

    is it 1980?

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