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Donna Deliva
• 02.23.09 12:40 pm

As you may have already learned from the lactose intolerant Brooklyn Veg, the greatest movie of all time is finally coming to New York. The Room is old news to everyone in LA but relatively undiscovered on this side of the continent.

As you may have already learned from the lactose intolerant Brooklyn Veg, the greatest movie of all time is finally coming to New York. The Room is old news to everyone in LA but relatively undiscovered on this side of the continent.

It’s made by a mental Austrian with the acting skills of an angry turtle. Like today’s Corey Haim, he’s one of these people where every molecule of their appearance on screen is pure, fucking, gold. He says he spent $6 million on the film and won’t say where it came from but, after seeing his fucking face, it quickly becomes apparent he has suffered from severe head trauma and got paid a massive settlement when they noticed he had become retarded. After the film became the best laughing stock since Showgirls and catapulted into Rocky Horror status, Wiseau changed it to a “black comedy” but he still calls it something “with the passion of a Tennesee Williams play” so I guess it’s a passionate black comedy.

The only thing better than Tommy Wiseau (that’s his name bee tee dubs) and his unbelievably bad movie are his fans. People dress up as characters in the film and every single article about him on the internet is written by a hilarious awesome person.

For example, before a flawless comparison to early Rollins this guy says…

The Room is the sort of awful movie that doesn’t get made, anymore, a self-unaware vanity project from someone who lacks both talent and filter. Every cent of its six million dollar budget missed the screen. The plot – a great guy’s life is ruined by an affair between his beautiful, selfish girlfriend and his best friend – reeks of revenge and self-pity. There are long, genuinely uncomfortable softcore sex scenes; equally long, uncomfortable cutaways to scenery. The framing in some scenes is so off it’s almost ineptly artful. (The film – the whole film, not just a test – was simultaneously shot with film and high-def video cameras mounted side-by-side because Wiseau couldn’t make up his mind which he wanted to use. He now aspires to write a book comparing the two formats.)

Check out how hard this girl is trying not to laugh. You can tell by her questions that she’s a huge fucking fan that’s seen it at least 20 times…This is a great interview with the LAist from 2 years ago wherein you can see how important it is to Wiseau to stress the incredible amount of research he did.

and it goes on and on and on

  1. brainiwak says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing the room about 6 years ago, whist the cult was in its infancy. The screening took place in a private theater inside some office building in Westwood. Tommy was there, as were several of the “talent”. It was really uncomfortable as the movie came on, because everybody was trying really hard not to laugh with Tommy in the same room. The cat wasn’t out of the bag yet, with people openly mocking it, but it was clear that’s what everybody had come to do. After five minutes, a steady stream of tears was flowing down my cheeks from holding in laughs. Thankfully, some brave bastard let out a chuckle, which ushered in the waterfall of laughter that followed the rest of the film.

    Afterward, we hung with Tommy and his crew and Tommy’s manservant Raya. Raya looked exactly like Tommy with blond hair and spoke enthusiastically with a seasoned surfer accent. I detected a tremendous amount of homoerotic tension between the men. Initially, Tommy seemed defeated by our response, but the more he mugged in photographs the more he cheered up. He spoke of other projects, one a sitcom called “Neighbors” that sounded exactly like “Friends, and a vampire movie. Some of my friends exchanged numbers with Wiseau, hoping to be cast in these future creations that never materialized.

    I’ve said too much. I could probably write several pages, maybe a memoir, The Room and Me. Go see it.

  2. BTW says:

    BEE TEE DUBS? Wow, I want to totally hate on that but I know I’m going to use it later in the day, so…fucking brilliant.

  3. neezy says:

    god. this seems like a ‘thing’ that I am gonna have to be like oh yeah I’ve heard of that for at least a good part of this coming year, and I don’t even want to watch this movie once. So when I acknowledge I’ve heard of it I’m also gonna be like, and you’re retarded for bringing that up. Can we just start the backlash on this thing immediately so it doesn’t get all that cool?

  4. Ryan says:

    In LA where I live there’s this Billboard for the room. Must have been there 4 years straight. Everytime I saw it, it made me so fucking angry. “this guy must have leased this fucking billboard for 5 years to sell his shitty low budget movie” (this was before I ever considered watching it, or knew anything about it)

    one fatefull drunk night in San Fran, a friend had it. and I said. “oh god, you have this terrible looking C movie?” “why?”

    they slowly sat me down and said…………………….. DUDE…….

    I hear since the movie has hit Ironic Cult status, director tommy wiseau changed his motive to “It’s a Black Comedy”

    the debate about this movie still swims in my head “Actually Mentally Retarded” or “Full on Genius, Master of all Parody”

    I don’t think I will ever decide.

  5. bj says:

    brainwak: u didnt say too much buddy, that was an awesome story.

  6. Vlad the Inhaler says:

    “…so I guess it’s a passionate black comedy….”

    I thought only Tyler Perry was allowed to make those…

  7. ecs says:

    WRONG. The Room has been alive and well in New York for years!

  8. Great Job! says:

    Tim and Eric just did an entire episode dedicated to and featuring none other than beloved The Room director Tommy Wiseau!

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