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• 02.26.12 03:15 pm

First, we accidentally burn some Korans and then we deny General Aladeen access to the Oscars. It was a series of blunders that would surely lead to “unimaginable consequences” as the dictator put it but Obama nipped it in the bud by apologizing his ass off and ensuring those responsible would be “held accountable.” He also said Aladeen would have no trouble getting into the Oscars tonight. Thank God.


  1. Red says:

    Sacha Baron Cohen likes making fun of arabs because he hates their anti-Semitism. I hate their anti-everythingism but I’m happy to piggy back his anger and enjoy the ride.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is the first time he’s actually made fun of arabs

  3. tod says:

    how did hitler come to power? appeassssssssssssement

  4. itchypeach says:

    He made fun of Kazakhstanis

  5. eric says:

    obama does a thing. national review, gop, et all gets mad.

    god forbid our president be a grown up and take responsibility for our military fuckups

  6. Right says:

    This a great viral marketing campaign. The Oscars never had any intention of stopping him from walking the red carpet in character, it’s just to build awareness. How much is Four by Two paying you to promote this Gavin?

  7. Jason says:

    HILARIOUS! (hope you got paid)

  8. Tard Patrol says:

    Arabs ≠ Muslims. Duh!

  9. Dude with Super Straight Penis says:

    < didn't watch the Oscars.

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