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Evan Hatcher
• 11.27.15 03:43 pm

I was reading the New York Post, because I live in the Midwest and we don’t have a newspaper, when I came across a story about how in addition to President Obama’s brilliant proclamatory October discovery that Christopher Columbus was mean, he has also found that we, too, are really refugees ourselves.

This can only mean Obama is either the laziest head of state alive, or his advisors have been reading Facebook memes. Your president is reading memes.

The demeanor of the crap that comes out of the white house’s internet is in the same style as the Facebook musings that you might see coming from a college girl who didn’t catch leftism when she should have and is now painfully eking it out in her sophomore year, but occasionally with better spelling.

“Ha! What a clever idea there!” you exclaim after seeing the meme. Bet you hadn’t thought of it that way!

Of course you have, no one hasn’t. If you haven’t you either have something wrong with you or you got to skip out on elementary school history, which for my public school generation was a liberal arts post-colonialism class with fingerpaint.

Of course this is a rhetorical level on par with any first-tier contrarian knee-jerk you had when you were seven.

In this ‘pilgrims=refugees’ meme Europeans are just immigrants who came to the singular, utopic Native State to fuck it up. Not settlers who built a country while fighting many different separate, warring Indian nations, and creating their own country in the process.

But if you take this leftist analogy at face value, then the lesson is that non-Arabs will be slowly rubbed-out into obscurity through years of combat and treachery until they exist politically only in state-subsidized enclaves with maybe the self-determination to slaughter and eat a pig when the rest of the country can’t or won’t. Why is this an argument for mass immigration?

The funniest thing is that this meme was actually created by a conservative, white-interest site called White Rabbit Radio, then plagiarized by the left. Still, no one has offered an explanation as to why this is an effective piece of pro-migration propaganda, other than short, snarky grunts you might hear directed at grandpa during Thanksgiving. But on the left, that’s an entire school.


  1. BastardTurdChildOfObama says:

    Ah Obama the first adolescent president of the U.S.A. Makes you long for those skirt chasing, boys will be boys presidents, JFK and Bubba. Not so long ago Obama would have been tossing bones and feathers to read the future course of his policy’s. Americas decline has entered the senility in pampers stage where the collective mind of the country is one smart phone gazing nation of narcissists. At least the Romans had the alleged excuse of lead poisoning what’s ours. Wait I take that back as that’s what we’re full of is excuses. The whole damn country is suffering from infantilism. College cry babies, skinned alive super sensitive minorities, poo poo flinging political discourse, totally ungrateful illegal invaders rubbing our noses in xenophobic shit, bat shit crazy transgenders flying out of the closet dive bombing our bathrooms and showers, and other assorted alphabet soup malcontents. Meanwhile the world burns. Happy Mad Cow Day !!!

  2. MM says:

    This is about the most ironic and funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a year

    you’re immediately bookmarked

  3. raymi says:

    Is he not just phoning the rest of his term in?

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