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• 03.11.09 09:19 am

I’m not talking about politics or the economy; Give the nigga a break – his job isn’t as easy as trying to prevent the next Great Depression – it’s more like trying to prevent the next fall of the Soviet Union.

I’m not talking about politics or the economy; Give the nigga a break – his job isn’t as easy as trying to prevent the next Great Depression – it’s more like trying to prevent the next fall of the Soviet Union.

Fuck it, I’m not talking about Barack Obama at all; I’m talking about us – the people of the these here United States.

Now first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page regarding how it went down:

In October of 2008, 99% of white Obama voters had the same thought:

If he wins, black people can never say SHIT about racism again for the rest of their lives; I gotta see it.

You gotta hand it to ’em – that was some tempting shit. It was like killing the hooker in Grand Theft Auto – just like DAMN, I dunno that this gets us any closer to endgame, but I GOTTA SEE IT!

And pulling the levers on November 4th, white people in this country voted to permanently banish any pretense of guilt; to prove to black people once and for all that they wanted nothing more than to see the look on their faces when they realized that the myth of insurmountable racism had been disproved once and forever.

Well, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

We were all supposed to live happily ever after – so what the hell happened?

We had a whole lot of excitement and racial unity for a little less than a month, but it doesn’t seem like we’ve experienced any truly lasting change. Yep – the hypocritical structure of political correctness still exists, even in Obama’s New America:

Exhibit A: KFC still won’t put black people into their ads.

Black people love fried chicken. Just like white people- but we REALLY love it. So why shouldn’t I get to see black people in KFC ads? You cannot find me a KFC ad with a black person in it; The politically correct media machine keeps us out, just like it keeps us from getting any decent black villains, and just like it makes homeless people in subway ads all WHITE. Wanna bitch about the MAN? THAT’S the MAN in 2009. The Politically Correct MAN, keeping me out of KFC ads. Snack Pack represent like ’87, faggots. pre-popcorn chicken, what.

Exhibit B: White people still giving me seats on the subway.

Ok, the Obama victory lap is over – just treat me like shit like you do everyone else, that’s all I want. Stop patronizing me and offering me seats and smiling and shit.

Exhibit C: White people still feel awkward telling a black waitress they want White Bread.

Saw this shit the other day with a work colleague at lunch. We were at a diner, talking about her inability to manage my project properly, and she orders a turkey sandwhich. The big black waitress asks what kind of bread she wants it on. My colleague does three things: a) the uh… stammer b) blinks c) says “white bread please?” and then swallows and can’t make eye contact with either of us.

Like we’re gonna be all

WHITE bread for ya cracka ass? Ya WHITE bread cracka ass cracka?! Eat up the White Bread Mammy, stuff it in ya big white ass!!!

Like I could give a fuck what your big fat ass eats. What I NEED you to do is manage resources on this project properly – White bread?? Shit, if klan hoods and nigger soap are going to help you get this project in on budget, bring me the muthafuckin expense reports.

This is the heart of what political correctness is all about: Worrying about some stupid token shit, while the real shit flies under the radar.

Exhibit D: Black people can still find the time to protest cartoons.

Who are we, Iranians? Rev Al, in this economy you’re gonna make niggas take the day off work to protest a cartoon. Shame.

Exhibit E: Exhibit E is for you to scroll all the way back up and look at the picture of that bitch’s face.

My man beat the living SHIT out of Rihanna – the NIGHT before they were supposed to perform at the grammys in front of a few people?

Bitch dem Red Carpet fools ask bout yo face you BEST tellem it got caught in yo zipper

Now save your breath emailing me that domestic abuse is not exclusively a black problem. I know it ain’t, Katie. But you know what’s exclusively a black problem?

Prominent celebrities coming out to defend the guy who whooped her ass! Terrence Howard and Suge Knight coming out and defending Chris Brown as if his name was OJ Simpson? Yeah, ok – substitute white people into the equation – you physically can’t even imagine it. Just try:

Brad Pitt beats the FUCK out of Angelina until her cheekbones look like my saggy cut-up nuts; the photos of her fucked-up face leak onto TMZ, and the next day, Dustin Hoffman and Bob Dylan are on youtube saying Brad Pitt’s semen still tastes like Pineapples.

Can’t do it – Your brain won’t let you because white people wouldn’t ever do this. It’s literally unthinkable.

God damn I wish that the election of Barack Obama magically made everyone not retarded. No such luck: Some black people are still acting like ignorant lazy jerkoffs, and MOST liberal white people still act like apologetic starstruck patronizing douches as soon as they come into contact with a Real Live Black.

Stop fearing the blacks! Stop fearing the Sharpton protestors and the PC witchhunt! Stop acting like apologetic scared cunts – it’s PATRONIZING. The time is now; Obama has fertilized the soil with his holy excretions – it’s time for us to plant the fecund healing seed.

Let me ask you, white people of the internet: (Blacks can answer too, starting with the three of you reading this on Streetcarnage) – Walking around on a daily basis – the DMV, the subways, the times square jackoff booths – do you notice differences in racial behavior since the election? What kind of behavior do you wish would cease?

  1. Oh Shit! says:

    Thanks a lot Barack. Now we have Michael Steele to laugh at. If a black Republican wasn’t funny enough, his ass is going to get fired from the job. And, that’s the best thing about Barack’s New America!




  3. mg says:

    race is bbbbbboring.

  4. Skinny Ass White Chick says:

    I think Barack is one sexy dude, and I’m glad he got elected president and all. BUT, having a tan dude in the White House doesn’t make me any less wary of the big black dudes on the subway with their hoodies and their “don’t fuck with me” attitudes on the subway.

    If those fuckers didn’t seem to need to act so tough maybe I could let my skinny ass white chick guard down.

  5. Loomis says:

    I didn’t trust this guy from the start. He reminds me of “Sticks” from Happy Days. Cool as shit and loved by all but a motherfucking little kid. I think Barack has confirmed he has no idea what he’s doing by using a teleprompter for every single speech so far. Now he wants it to show stats and facts AKA answer his questions for him. If a Republican president did that we’d be hearing all about Karl Rove being Bush’s brain and blah blah blah.

    On 60 Minutes, before he was president, he was asked about the billions of dollars we are giving to banks to reward them for failing. They asked him why it wasn’t working and he said, “It could have been a lot worse.” I heard, “I’m going to throw even more money at the problem” which simply doesn’t work. (Don’t believe me? Look at education. Funding public schools does nothing to grades no matter how many music programs and new books you stick in there).

    You elected a guy because you thought he was cool. Now you’re learning the hard way that the only good government is the least government and neither Bush nor McCain nor Obama want to hear anything about small government. Now you’re fucked. Told ya.

  6. The Colonel says:

    It is not fear, it’s condescension. There are basically two options for white people:

    1. Hold black people accountable for their actions under the assumption that all races are equal and therefore personally responsible for their actions.
    2. Do not hold them accountable under the assumption that blacks can’t do any better because they are genetically inferior to whites.

    White people who act in the ways described above aren’t afraid of blacks, they are mortified by their deep-seated belief that blacks truly are inferior to whites. That is why they keep giving them a pass. I wish more people understood their motivations. Liberals should own up to it but they never will because that is the belief that dare not speak its name in public. Instead, everybody pussyfoots around it and claims white guilt is based on whites feeling bad about being born into more favorable circumstances, or their ancestors’ ownership of black slaves. Most blacks grow up feeling angry for the wrong reasons and do not take advantage of this loophole in the white psyche. The world is their oyster, but most will not understand this until they understand what drives white liberal guilt.

  7. I wish black kids on the subway would quit playing their TI ring tone over and over.

    As for KFC, they don’t put black people in the ads because KFC is a business. White people don’t want to eat in black people fried chicken spots. KFC goes in white neighborhoods, all the bootleg kansas and kennedy spots go in browntown.

  8. edward special says:

    if your an ass your an ass. you are what you eat.

  9. Sarah O Sarah says:

    College students are the most racist people around because they are obsessed with having colored friends no matter what the personality. They fucking just took over their cafeteria DEMANDING Palestinian friends. Sometimes I think Rush Limbaugh is the least racist person alive because he says “let everyone do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.” The NPR people of the world want to get in your grill and make sure everything you do fits their big picture idea of what morality is. Mind your own beeswax.

  10. EXHIBIT A: DISPROVED!!! to the right of that picture is a girl of color…

    In Sunnyside Queens, a black man tried to rape me. He didn’t beat me up as badly as Chris Brown fucked Rihanna’s face up.
    i was very friendly & had a nice conversation with him pre-attack not because he was a homeless black dude but because i knew he was going to try something ((“hey how you getting inside? you got keys” as he was blocking the door to my apartment)) … & i wanted him to see me as a human being & not a piece of pu$$y. i don’t think it worked.
    i got away though on some ninja status shit.

    “WHITE bread for ya cracka ass? Ya WHITE bread cracka ass cracka?! Eat up the White Bread Mammy, stuff it in ya big white ass!!!” i fell outta my seat laughing

  11. fail says:

    BN is sort of falling off these days. I guess you can’t do this shit forever.

  12. Nerd Implant says:

    In VA we have a chain called Feather’n’Fin. If they could afford advertising, I suspect no whites would be involved.

  13. heed says:

    it’s not fear, it’s condensation.

  14. Street Boning says:


    You sound like those street dudes pedeling their wack as Rap CD’s to tourists in midtown. Talking about; ‘Don’t be afraid of a black man with a CD!’.

    You’re a joke.

  15. Skinny Ass White Chick says:

    To Colonel @ 10:01-…”1. Hold black people accountable for their actions under the assumption that all races are equal and therefore personally responsible for their actions.”

    The black people who work at Atlantic Mall are absolutely NOT inferior to me. But for those who look down their noses at me and give me the “WTF– can’t you see I’m busy” look when I ask them for help (isn’t that their JOB) since they are happily yacking with their friends instead of working– What the fuck am I supposed to think?

    I don’t give them a ‘pass’. And frankly it’s not my place to hold them accountable (if you are insinuating I confront them about their behavior or talk to the manager)– I just don’t shop there anymore.

  16. sheed says:

    thats funny, i voted for obama because he was the obvious better candidate.

  17. just a cunt hair away says:

    have you guys ever seen that comedy sketch show The Wire?

  18. Ty says:

    So remember back when it was a big deal that there was a viable woman candidate then a viable black candidate for President and how we’d all be riding unicorns over rainbows?

    Because of the depression thing I heard about things look crappier than ever. At least with Bush we had so much permission to talk shit. Now it all, “can’t we get along” and “give peace a chance.”

    What?? Sorry gotta go, my dolphin just finished his massage and wants to go swim in the ocean with the Obama kids.

  19. Whitey McTurlington says:

    what i want to end are all the american suburban white people refusing to be labeled as white. If Zaxxon from the Red Hook says you’re white, you’re white.

    also, white people, stop trying to create the rainbow of friends. too many of you yuppie fucks go after this, which is the bizarro equivalent to prejudice.

    The problem is that you can’t NOT stop thinking about race. Just figure out who you really are, be open minded and it’ll all work itself out. You’ll have many REAL friends from all races, creeds, countries, etc. because you’ll like each other for just being yourselves. And since they’ll know you for you, when you have the horribly racist thoughts that WE ALL DO,
    be open about it, get it all out, and live guilt free. If they really know you, it won’t matter. If they know you’re not racist but are uptight, then that’s their problem. Unless of course you are seriously a bigot, like most of this country. If that’s the case, just learn to embrace that. Why fake anything that’s not paying you?
    oh. that’s right. because everything about you is fake, empty, worthless, why you have to invent stories, backgrounds to seem interesting…i forgot.

    no chance at a solution here, where the ‘intellectuals’ are on the same playing field as the idiots, both running around in circles – the ‘intellectuals’ perhaps in more complex circles.

  20. neezy says:

    winner: calling The Wire a sketch comedy

  21. french guy says:

    ahah, blognigger, you are good.

    who told you anything like that would be over after this election? have you ever believed any of that bullshit? i do not remember you saying so. you just looked puzzled and curious, if not already sure nothing would CHANGE.

    come on buddy, do not play the fool, even if it makes a good story. you are pitying your own kind, and you should not. you can not make brain contact with PC fags, live with it.

    Also, i don’t know in the US, but in France, no one would give one’s sit to a black guy because of his skin darkness. Anyway, black people always rush to empty sits. (well they DO have the shittiest exhausting jobs, so, y’know…)

    PS: a black guy wearing white clothes instantly becomes a white guy in Paris. (no PC shit 😉

  22. sally shoebox says:

    Yeah, I voted for Obama because he was the better candidate..

    Also, its been less than a year.. isnt it a little early to be having this conversation? These things don’t happen overnight.

  23. I have lots of african american friends.

  24. lol@u says:

    Considering the alternative was Mccain, I had no problem whatsoever voting for Obama. not so black people would shut up (that’s just a bonus), but because I can’t stand ignorant hick ass bible thumping science hating corporate pandering idiots. I mean if that Mccain fool won I would’ve gone berzerk. I wouldn’t be able to stand living in this country anymore. Every time Obama speaks, I’m like “ahhh, finally a leader who can talk like an intelligent human being.” Not “wow, he’s so well spoken for a black guy”, but really after 8 years of “git ‘er done. we gonna smoke em out, round em up, and hang em by there toes” I was going out of my freakin skull. Bush was goddamn embarrassing.

  25. middle class white girl says:

    well, blognigger, I’d REALLY like it if black dudes in my neighborhood would stop trying to sell me obama shit when I’m walking down the street. I really don’t need a cheap-assed, “made in china,” guaranteed-to-get-you-pregnant OBAMA CONDOM. WTF?

    It’s clear that blacks and whites need some guidance on race relations as we move forward in this new obama world. We’ll be looking to you blognigger. Don’t fail us!

  26. totalwad says:

    I’ve seen KFC ads with brothers in them. Kel (from Kenan & Kel fame) was in one talking about how much food you can get for under ten dollars. Haven’t you seen those Kool-Aid commercials with the brother and sister trying to outdo eachother with lemonade and koolaid stands? I guess those only play in Jersey.

  27. totalwad says:

    I remember when BET would show only one McDonalds commercial, this really old one that at the time (1999) had to be five/six years old, just because it had an all black cast. Then all of the sudden the wall came down and they started showing the same ones the other stations were showing.

  28. srsly says:

    i think what terrence howard probably meant to say is, It’s hard out here for a pimp

    that, and, the media is ALWAYS making it more than it really is; like, if it was just another young black couple and the girl is severely beaten, the cops would all be all like, “That’s just what those young bucks do to their women”; but because it’s chris brown and rhianna it’s a huge story when really, this shit happens all the fuckin’ time!

  29. Danielle says:

    I am one of three black people on this site. I have a “don’t fuck with me” attitude. That is why people move out of my way. I’m a woman. That is why people give me their seats (I live in the south where chivalry still exists).

  30. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    The ULTIMATE diss.

  31. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    Chris Brown Really swolled up her Lip and nose.

  32. buffalowinger says:

    who gives a fuck

  33. Danielle's Inner Wisdom says:

    “I am one of three black people on this site. I have a “don’t fuck with me” attitude. That is why people move out of my way. I’m a woman. That is why people give me their seats (I live in the south where chivalry still exists).”

    you keep telling yourself that, dear…

  34. mexicant says:

    i voted for obama. nothing happened. i still cant use derogatory language unless im with only white people. that sucks because racism is pretty funny.

    yeah mexicans can vote, fucked up huh

  35. soup says:

    I don’t notice a difference in racial behavior from before the election. Most people I encounter in my day are average schmoes trying to live their lives and provide for their families. There is a collective agreement to step out of each other’s way and keep the volume down on subway and cell phone conversations. It’s the occassional few that ruin it for the rest of us.

    I live in a predominately hispanic neighborhood so it seems like it’s predominately hispanic people who cause trouble. My family lives in a predominately white neighborhood so for them it seems like it’s predominately white people causing all the problems. I’m sure it’s the same in Bed Stuy or Chinatown with the respective populations.

    Some people just don’t seem to want to get along. Some people seem to need reasons to fight and bitch. I’m not minimizing legitimate racial tensions and conflicts but it seems sometimes, race becomes another excuse to bitch in day-to-day activities, no matter what your skin color is. In the abscence of race I think some people just find other things to bitch about.

    Some people are just obnoxious, no matter who the president is. I wish white people didn’t take so damn much for granted. I wish groups of black and hispanic middle and high schoolers on the subway didn’t feel the need to yell everything they say. I wish drivers in my neighborhood would turn down the reggeaton.

  36. Nathan Bedford Forrest says:

    Fuck you BN. Now I’m craving KFC

  37. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    Liberals are permanently adhered to a self manufactured podium. Even the most trivial bullshit is an opportunity for them to thrust their “progressive” cocks down an unwilling throat. This isn’t an Obama era peculiarity. “The Chief” is merely a freshly chromed hood ornament on a giant fuckin’ Prius; he isn’t the one parking in your stall.

    The white fright of fried chicken is remarkable. I’ve stumbled into chicken houses with fools petrified enough to sock their cash. They seem convinced that the restaurant is hosting a San Quentin sponsored parolee festival and Midnight at table 3 is furiously filing down the joint side of a drumstick to a point. It is terrible to sit next to someone who resembles a quadriplegic Enzyte guy.

  38. climaxian says:

    i am guilty of at least some of blognigger’s claims.

  39. rad racer says:

    ha – just noticed backwards B carved into her face up top. pretty sneaky bn…

  40. huh? says:

    You sound like a whiny little bitch. No one ever said electing a Black president was going to fix racism. You are just exposing what a retarded herd you and everyone who actually thought it was going to make any difference really are. What a fuckin joke.

    Everyone was in such a political feeding frenzy a couple months ago.. I couldn’t get acquaintances to shut up about it.. everyone was a political expert.. now you’re hard pressed to find anyone who is still following what’s happening. Ya’ll got sold. Was like the x-games for the 13 year old pac-sun kiddies.

    I’ll give you the advice I give all the douschebags standing roadside holding political signs right before an election. “GET A LIFE”

    I honestly feel bad for people who have nothing better to do than worry about that shit..
    I’ll see you folks outside, I think you could all use some solid alone time in the wilderness.

  41. apricot says:

    immediately after the election, it kind of seemed like black people were all in great moods.
    there is a black owned beauty shop that opened up in my neighborhood right after the election called “at last”.

    i am a white girl (with a big, round, juicy ass) and i notice that when i walk down the street in an area where there are some black men million around, they often try and say something suggestive to me. sometimes they’re just being friendly, saying “how you doing” and whatnot, and that’s fine. but sometimes they get really vulgar and it bothers me. i’ve noticed that since the election, it tends to be more of the former. but what really gets me is that if there are black ladies with them, those same men will act like i don’t even exsist.

  42. bob "the game is to be told" barker says:

    hey, number two black reader of sctb.

    um……HEY WHITE FOLKS! stop starting at the normal (educated, alt, or non-ghetto) black people like youve just seen a dog play the piano. we exist, not all blacks are crazed lunatics gunning for your purses, white women, jobs and culture.

    honestly, i voted for obama becuase we need someone that is going to try to understand the united states new position in the world, as in we are no longer number one and there are now three world powers (US, China, EU). If we had McCain in the spot he wouldve probably tried to stiff arm the hell out of everybody instead of trying to come to an understanding with the bigger countries. Furthermore, people are forgetting about the second world countries that will be coming to power very soon. These countries represent new economies and cultures which are important to work with if we are to maintain our status as a stable world power.

    Either way, what Blognigger did not point out is that black or white, people are total idiots (with a select few). Rich or poor the concerns of the modern human is completely goofy and lopsided. We are mortal ants in the bigger picture, yet everybody feels a need to think like a superior god.

  43. Dear Black Santa says:

    I just wish that black people would quit acting so fucking aggro. Turn the volume down a few billion mega-decibels, will ya? Christ. My ears are ringin’ over here. I also wish they’d have their shit together BEFORE they pull up to the drive-thru. When will you people go ahead and commit the menu to memory? There’s hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sameeches, 3 sizes of fries…And oh yeah, quit littering my yard wit’ Funyuns and ripple bottles. And the kids. Ah geez the kids.

  44. fizzy says:

    Nah…it sucked then and it still sucks now. Yay America!

  45. Danielle says:

    @ Danielle’s Inner Wisdom

    “you keep telling yourself that, dear…”

    Well, I am also rather pretty. That might help :)

  46. yanburts says:

    I, for one, live in Berkeley, California, where racism hasn’t existed since the sixties and Obama inspired drum circles permeate the air on a daily basis. I guess it’s the liberal equivalent of what Crawford, Texas circa 2000 would be like. In all honesty, there’s not much racism here (neither the overt or subconscious variety). Just the other night, for example, the very white manager of my local video store put on a classic Richard Pryor stand-up show to the delight of all the patrons of the store, black and white alike. I guess everyone here is such a huge nerd, that no one’s really racist just by value of it being illogical. As long as you’re dressed in the local uniform of beige cargo pants, a bright red north-face jacket, and a stupid looking cowboy hat, everyone more or less accepts you.

  47. SkoobiDew says:

    KFC? Black or white…People actually eat that stuff?

  48. Danielle's Inner Wisdom says:

    some of you sound like fuckin nazis. im not even comfortable leaving a meaningful comment here.

  49. Joey Odessa says:

    White people not defending men who beat women is just another extension of their weak ass political correctness. I was once married to a woman who punched me in the eye while I was driving in rush hour traffic on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway. As it often happens when someone gets punched in the eye, she also poked me in the eye, rendering me completely unable to see. When we got home, she told me that she was going to divorce me and take everything I had. She then kicked me flush in the nuts and started punching me in the face (non-stop) as I doubled over. As she wailed away on my face, I finally pulled my shit together and defended myself by slapping her straight into next week. I administered no cuts, scratches, or bruises. I simply did what I had to do to get her to stop cutting, scratching (she was wearing a wedding ring), and bruising ME.

    The facts of that incident still didn’t stop her from taking one last chunk of flesh by going into the world and telling everyone that we both knew the exact same story I just told you, minus the parts where she hits me.

    As far as I’m concerned, and until proven otherwise, Chris Brown IS a good person.

    White people, and especially white men, are cowards when it comes to acknowledging the possibility that domestic violence often starts with women. They’re so frightened that they can’t even say that it almost always takes two to make a nasty situation like that. The worst human being is the soft ass, self-loathing Portland, OR style white man with his smug reality that’s based in nothing more than the fact that he’s a dickless mama’s boy who shops at a co-op. Ooooooh, thank god you live in a world where you can get praised for that, you turn-coat zero.

  50. tum tee tum says:

    nothing is different because:

    #1 it is retarded to think one man can change attitudes like a light switch. Sure blacks might feel better about themselves and they should, and then they shold stop blaming society for everything and just give’r like barack and many others have done. Capitalism values the efficient and productive.

    #2 Though obama may be an inspiring figure, there is no way that this man means “change” on any fundamental basis. he closed guantanamo, ok, ill give him that. but what about all the bailouts? is that any different than bush? what about the massive deficits that fuck over all of us and our children? what about the war on drugs, the continued (and about to get way more intense with barack’s stance on pakistan) war on terror? continued regulation of the economy, following in bush’s footsteps (despite his contrary rhetoric).

    at a basic level, his policies are all headed in the same direction, its in the minor details where the differences lie (which are usually irrelevant).

    i jsut realize that none of that had anything to do with your article. but fuck it.

  51. Erik says:

    You want me to stop patronizing you?

    Then grow up, dick. Shit has happened to everyone, and all of us have some seriously fucked up suffering in our background.

    I mean what? “Oh…you’re black!” Wow.

    Like I have never heard a black comedian trotting out the same tired shit that you write. I hear it every day of my fucking life in my predominantly black neighborhood where I have lived for 30 years without giving a shit who needs a fucking seat on my bus.

    If I’m sitting down already after 8 hours of work? You can fucking stand up, even if you’re a pregnant blind bitch whose water has broken.

    You want to listen to ME whine about being a Jew for a whole night? “Ohhh nooo, black man…Auschwitz was just terrrrrrible. Skinheads make me sad. People stereotype me because of Bernie Madoff. *SOB* Feel my pain, gentile. I want anal sex from a German nazi stripper to make up for it.”

    No? You say you don’t want to hear my whiny bullshit? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

    So STFU “witty black dude.”

    You are BORING no matter what ethnic box you say you are. You want to be interesting, maybe start writing as “American guy.”


  52. Anonymous says:

    Joey Odessa is not wrong.


    whos that bitch in the picture? looks like she got drunk and stuck her head in a beehive!

  54. says:

    First I will answer your questions…

    Question: Walking around on a daily basis – the DMV, the subways, the times square jackoff booths – do you notice differences in racial behavior since the election?

    I notice no differences in racial behavior since the election. This is mostly because either I generally don’t notice racial behavior or I must be hanging out mostly where people are all like me. It could be either. I am a sample of one so don’t read too much into this.

    Question: What kind of behavior do you wish would cease?

    I don’t like loud people of any race.

    Next I will rant a bit…

    I don’t care what color Barack Obama or anyone else is. You’re either locked or a shitbag regardless of race, creed, or color.

    I am a white guy and I voted for Barack Obama and I would do it again because I am a single issue voter and he best represented my single issue — war.

    Iraq was not a threat to the U.S. We should not have gone in. We should not have abandoned the people of Afghanistan in the process. Strategic Fail.

    Beyond this over the last 2+ years I have changed as a person due to getting married. I was never scared in my entire life until I met my wife. Before I met her it was “send me first” and “fuck-it let’s go” and “whatever — kick the door in”. Now my life is different. More then anything on this planet I fear being killed during a deployment and my wife having to deal with that. Now I am “yeah I can’t deploy because we’re trying to have a kid” and “send the newby instead he hasn’t put in his time yet” and “stay safe guys I’ll be here pushing the paperwork”. I will go if needed — luckily at this time and for the immediate future I am not.

    Barack Obama can do whatever he wants IMHO as long as he gets us the hell out of Iraq.

    Additionally I see Barack Obama as more of a friend of the Military because he supported the new G.I. Bill Legislation whereas John McCain did not.

    At the end of the day I voted for Barack Obama because I believed that he would be the most likely candidate to end the war in Iraq which ensures that I can stay alive and be here for my wife and future family. The rest of it I don’t care about. He can do whatever.

  55. Meshuggah - Bleed says:

    Ha! French guy talking about how there’s no PC in Paris. “courir comme un nègre pour vivre comme un blanc”, eh? The only thing worse than American Politically Correctness is French “ideals”. Your Revolution was a gong-show you still haven’t recovered from and liberty, fraternity and equality only matter amongst the ENA during their circle jerks. Go eat a shit croissant, you dicksmack!

    Excellent point about Chris Brown and domestic abuse. Although I will say one thing – that boy’s got talent. (PFFT!)

  56. ew says:

    Then which ethnic group eats at the kfc/taco bell/pizza huts? also, i liked most of bn’s posts better the first time they were dave chappelle skits.

  57. KZK says:

    I can’t speak for, or apologize for, past behaviors. Of my race or any other. I can only be responsible for my own. I am not a racist, but my father, certainly, was one. He embarrassed me on a very regular basis, with his inappropriate comments. He was a highly educated man and, most of the time, I felt so proud to be his child. Then, he would chuckle out some horribly, racial joke and assume everyone would laugh along. I recall his jigglying belly, with that hearty laugh. I wanted to crawl in a hole. I would picture myself shrinking. I thought, “How dare he make a judgment about the race or circumstance of another human being” ? Even when I was very young, I can recall feeling uncomfortable, not really understanding why. My father was a bigot.

    HIS father was a Nazi.

    When I was old enough to realize what I was feeling, I confronted him. His response was to belittle me. That was his answer to anyone that dared to challenge him. As a child, my challenges were answered with his fist to my body. As an adult, he answered me with silence. He would banish me from his life. That was my punishment. Always making me feel so unworthy of his attention. He died and I had to forgive him for his small mindedness. He was only acting on what he had been taught. Not a good enough excuse. You have a choice to make, every day, to be better than your past.

    I may not be brilliant, by the book, but my world is made up of tolerance, compassion, empathy and kindness. Not of any particular race, but of people. All people.

    My children will know love and security. Not judgment or ridicule. They will know that others may behave badly, but you have a choice to walk away from all situations being proud of your OWN behavior.

    ‘Nuf said.

  58. badtooth says:

    ^^^your children will grow up and stab your heart out. trying to swing to the other side of the pendulum will be your undoing.

  59. Russell Dickens says:

    The best thing that Obama has done for me is that he taught me that there are a lot of suckers out there waiting for me to take their money. I said to myself, “if that dude can raise billions of dollars for his campaign by feeding people the most trite double-talk and sloganeering imaginable, I should be able to raise a measly hundred K every year. That’s an incredibly empowering gift in America. Thank you Obama! I’m actually not sure how I’m going to do it, but, you know, at least I know that I can, I think. I see a lot of hope in that. Hope is good. haha.

  60. Okie White Chick says:

    LOL My white momma (From Enid Oklahoma) just told me she went to KFC yesterday. So old White folks eat at KFC too! Are they gonna put her in a GD commercial? No fuckin way! Advertise to the white folks!

  61. wow says:

    erik is a scary white jew fucker damn!!

  62. MeSoHorny says:


    ‘Politically correct’ means putting token black people in ads. Idiot. Furthermore, your cynical ‘telling it like it is’ really is boring and you sound like the black hipster Dr. Phil.

  63. Dunno says:

    ^^^dunno MeSoHorny. PCs would be all scared that putting a colored in a fried chicken ad “might somehow” offend. Of course they wouldn’t ask or anything, just play it all safe and passive like.

    Shit, your boy Diddy already stars in his own viral chicken challenge.

  64. Ribs says:

    There are no black people in Canada.

    I once convinced some friends in New Jersey that that was actually true.

  65. whiners suck says:

    soup is right, mostly everyone sucks everywhere, I hate every fucking person and curse them to an early grave if they walk too slow or talk to loud or do anything slightly annoying, doesn’t matter the race. I believe in hate based on merit, I believe that everyone has to earn my hate based on their own uniquely annoying qualities, like those groups of young boys that spread out across the whole fucking sidewalk because if they walk within one foot of each other they will turn gay, or the fat slobs on the bus who take up one and a half seats. It is really easy hate without using race and really fun. Try it.

    I have lived in a town with an almost non existent minority population and there was the same loud ass fucking rude ignorant shit heads that will make you despise being a human, but they were white. Now I live in Brooklyn in a majority black neighborhood and its the same shit with a different accent/race. A lot of people on here seem to want to point out the embarrassments/stereotypes of other races while not acknowledging that a majority of people just fucking suck, including the majority of their own race.

  66. "those" people says:

    Put ’em in a KFC commercial– they’re offended
    DON’T put ’em in a KFC Commercial– they’re offended.

    It’s just like Crips—

    Show them in movies as normal people– they think you aren’t showing there difficulties
    Show them with difficulties– you aren’t portraying them as normal people

    Can’t win…. When it’s not a topic anymore we’ll know that we’ve gotten somewhere.

  67. whiners suck says:

    Oh and BN, to answer your question, I don’t see any difference since the election and didn’t expect to. As for behavior that I wish would cease: One thing that I have noticed black people doing and I have never seen a white person do is litter. I’m not saying whites don’t do it, they probably just make sure other people aren’t looking. Anyways I am always seeing black people in my hood just throw shit on the ground and not even giving a fuck when they are right by a damn trash can! And sometimes I see little kids do it right in front of their parents and I stare at the parents waiting for them to say “pick it up and throw it away” but they just look back at me like, “what the fuck are you looking at.” There is so much fucking litter on my block it looks disgusting, I wish that shit would stop.

  68. white girl says:

    I live in a city that’s 50 percent black and work in an industry that is dominated by black and hispanic men (kitchen)… haven’t noticed a difference since obama was elected. except lots of happiness. and jokes about doing whatever you want because obama’s in office. and I do hear black people bitching as much as before. I’ve been told straight to my face that there is no way I could be broke. you know, cause white skin just brings in an extra $500 a week.

    I’m shocked by the response to the chris brown/rihanna situation. I’ve been in physical situations with my boyfriend and I know I’ve been lucky our neighbors haven’t called the police on us- it would not look good. however, me attempting to smack the shit out of my boyfriend, and failing because he restrained me/slapped me back, whatever, neither of us EVER ended up looking like that pic of rihanna. I don’t believe that a man can NEVER hit a girl, but that photo shows serious serious abuse and the affadavit details the repeated punches chris brown launched against rihanna’s face. can we “not judge him,” as I hear lots of black people assert (I guess to live up to their “only god can judge me” tattoo), and look at that photo of rihanna? hell no. the fact that usher took back his comments about it is SO FUCKING SHOCKING to me. even if it was the first time, (which rihanna said it was not) chris brown needs to get some help for it and no one should trust him that he wouldn’t do it again, especially considering brown’s father was allegedly abusive. I’m all for forgiveness, but brown hasn’t shown any attempts at “getting better.”

    I lost my train of thought so that’s all.

  69. You gotta be kidding me says:

    ^^^^^”I don’t believe that a man can NEVER hit a girl”— WTF? It’s this kind of attitude that keeps women in fucked up situations

  70. bj says:

    “# sally shoebox Says:
    03.11.09 at 11:53 am

    Yeah, I voted for Obama because he was the better candidate..

    Also, its been less than a year.. isnt it a little early to be having this conversation? These things don’t happen overnight…”

    i thought this comment made a lot of sense.

    also, great article, as per. we’ll get there one way or the other.

  71. thermal breakdown says:

    Jeez, once again bn stirs up the anger. I just love to listen to how angry you white faggots get – don’t you understand that by being moved to such heavy emotion he’s got you beat?

    dumb fuckin hipster twats

  72. G says:

    I’m in the south suburbs of Chicago, and have noticed middle-aged black women acting nicer to me than they had in the past. Maybe they’re just into my beard. Behavior change? Maybe lose the crazy ornate fake nails? I don’t know. Black folks aren’t really some kind of exotic other around here.

  73. lol says:

    liberal hipster right wing fox news agenda loving faggots

  74. Vane$$a says:

    This is boring me. I’ll be over at the fucked and bound post with all the other fun lovin’ niggas (no white liberals allowed! :)). Peace and OUT.

  75. Daniel Carver says:

    I’ll have the white meat chicken sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise and a side order of Cream of Wheat.

  76. i love chiken says:

    go fuck yo self man you sceen tthat popeys add were the black man is pruod to serve up “corn bread and fried chiekn” fuck me if i dident laugh but you know what i stod up and saluted a fukin amirican flag for that blak mutha fucker lovin that fuckin ciken and corn bread

  77. Ayatollah Khomenei says:

    What can neegroes do to get white people to stop looking at them as “others”?

    1) Turn it the fuck DOWN
    2) Take the label off the brim of your fucking baseball cap
    3) Don’t use the word “nigger” 50 times on the subway in front of my 5 year old
    4) Don’t use the word “Mutherfucker” 75 times on the sidewalk in front of my Grandma
    5) Put your trash in the fucking trash can
    6) Stop looking at me with that same look that Kunta Kinte gave the guy who named him “Toby”

    What can Whitey do to get Toby to stop looking at him like an “other”?

    1) Tell him to stop using the word “Nigger” in front of your 5 year old because you’d prefer he didn’t pick that up as a regular part of his dialogue

    2) Get right up in his face if he offends your Grandma. NOBODY bothers Grandma

    3) Tell him to turn it the fuck DOWN

    4) Look past skin color and see the inner fag.

  78. McG says:

    It used to be that only black people would plant themselves right in the subway door, appointing themselves Guardian of the Subway Car and forcing everyone to squeeze past them to get in or out, but now I see white people doing it too, so I guess that’s progress.

    I’m tempted to give it a shot myself and see what I’m missing, but I can’t bring myself to wear sunglasses when it’s night and I’m underground.

  79. anon says:

    the main thing i wish white people would stop doing:

    stop setting interest rates and hand these over to the black guys.

  80. Felonious Monkfish says:

    I must admit, it’s been hilarious to watch the Republicans scramble to find any non-white Republican and declare them “the new face of the Republican party,” followed by any number of hilarious public meltdowns.

    On the one hand it’s kinda sad to watch the ruling party of angry white guys having it suddenly dawn on them that they’ve peaked, and no one’s going to remember them fondly. (Not that old white guys aren’t still running the show or anything, it’s just that the demographics having been changing for a while, and the politicians are always the last to know.)

    On the other hand, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, assholes. Obama’s election doesn’t fix anything, but his presidency sure as hell gives us a better chance of getting national health care in our lifetimes than back when Halliburton was in charge.

    Uh, so yeah, I know we were supposed to be talking about Rihanna’s face and all, but I’m more concerned about keeping NYC above water level for the next century. If our new black overlords want to raise my taxes to fund some studies to maybe look into that, lemme know where to sign.

  81. yo mama says:

    You know what? I’m a 60 year-old white woman, and since Obama was elected, black guys have been giving me a seat on the subway. No shit. I asked one why he did it one time and he said “My momma raised me right.”
    So maybe there’s been a little bit of change already. I know it’s not cool to say so, but maybe there is.

  82. Ben says:

    First, most people voted for Obama because he is intelligent not because he is black and that relates to them in one way or another. There is a certain percent of people that are stupid and they will always be stupid no matter what happens in politics. This has nothing to do with being black or white. Then I got bored with the article so I can’t comment on anything that happened after that.

  83. Ben says:

    The ink is black
    The page is white
    Together we learn to read and write
    The child is black
    The child is white
    The whole world looks upon the sight
    The beautiful sight

    And now a child can understand
    That this is the law of all the land
    All the land

    The world is black
    The world is white
    It turns by day and then by night
    The child is black
    The child is white
    Together they grow to see the light
    To see the light

    And now at last we plainly see
    We’ll have a dance of liberty
    The world is black
    The world is white
    It turns by day and then by night
    The child is black
    The child is white
    The whole world looks upon the sight
    The beautiful sight

    The world is black
    The world is white
    Tt turns by day and the by night
    The child id black
    The child is white
    Together they grow to see the light
    To see the light

  84. foofereal says:

    To The young black dudes: STOP opening your phones on the subway and playing LOUD music that
    everyone can hear.That’s what iPods are for – you only disturb yourselves.
    And to the black mamas: STOP hitting your kids. Really. If that’s what you do in public, God knows what you do in private. Want to know why the jails are full of angry black men? That’s why.
    It will be a great day when Obama talks about THAT.

  85. ew says:

    holy fucking shit a 60 year old reads this site? bitch, im not hypothetically( eyez unemployed bitches!) losing my money to pay for for ur social security so u can fuck around on the interwebz all day. Go bake me some cookies and knit me a new hat ( the pom-pom on my old one was gnawed off by kittens :(

    p.s. Also, playing a milli full blast and calling niggaz bitch-ass muthafuckas in front of the offspring of yuppies on the subway is not only the best part of being black its the best part of being ALIVE.

  86. Anon says:

    like most nyers, I wish we could rid the world of filthy Ricans.
    can I get an amen?

  87. ew says:

    ^ holy fuckin shit i just summoned an emoticon! and OMG i just thought up the best plot for a manga: its like pokemon but wit emoticons. so lamer, which = success in nippon!

  88. Paul Krugman is Gavin's daddy says:

    Black people love me now because I voted for obama.

  89. Yo! BN! You always get it right – write a book dude. This shit is too good ~ you need more exposure. Of course, wouldn’t it fine if everyone was polite. Can’t stand the dudes who hog subway seats, who ignore pregnant women, and pretend to be zoned out listening to their iPods. Oops, that’s white boys in suits as well as black.

  90. c'mon man says:

    I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me because I’m white and have to tip toe around certain racial issues, but c’mon man, you’re just rubbing it in.

    You ask whites to sack up and stop with the PC bullshit? I would love to see that too. But there are just as many dumbass blacks as dumbass whites. And if either one starts a situation with racial undertones, then the white guy looks like a big ol’ fashioned racist. So white people work extra hard not to let that situation happen. It’s part of the bullshit that comes with being white, which (if what I’ve heard is true) is pretty minimal compared to the bullshit that comes with being black. But it’s the bullshit that I deal with.

    Your post seems to be anti-being-an-idiot. But then you say that, to solve this problem, we should all stop treating each other like we’re talking to a retard. And that, frankly, is retarded. YOU won’t give a shit if I order white bread (which, btw, white bread is gross and you shoulda yelled at that bitch just for chewing on a slice of sugar-sponge) but if you were an idiot and you DID, then I’d look like a klanboy regardless of how racially motivated my choice of toast is. Now I can handle some self-righteous half-wit accusing me of racism, but most idiot whites can’t.

    So they over-compensate, and they offer you a seat on the subway. They’re not focused on you and your oh-so-delicate feelings. They’re focused on their own oh-so-delicate feelings. And to a certain extent I over-compensate too, just because I don’t want the hassle of being called racist by a retard (white or black) that thinks some unimportant shit is actually “part of the problem.”

    Your examples are pretty extreme, but there are some pretty extreme dumbasses out there. And as a result I have to deal with whiny liberals and blacks who are trigger-happy with calling Nazi, and that’s just how it is. Don’t care. Mostly just ignore’em. You don’t need to feel sorry for me, and I wouldn’t ask you to. But c’mon man, you don’t have to rub it in.

  91. Frank DeFalco says:

    Dustin Hoffman? LOL I bet eminen Korn an Vanilla Ice would back up chris brown. You picked sleazy dudes that defend him for blacks and respectable people for whites. If Bill Cosby and Obama both said Chris Brown is the victim here, then Ill buy your shit.

    I treat you loud chicken eatin coons the same I always do. Patronizingly.

  92. Calling Shenanigans says:

    Lots of black guys in this KFC commercial.


  93. Captive Audience says:

    OK, Blognigger.

    Got any more? Exhibits A-E were fine. What about F-Z?

    Hit us up, blackman.

  94. sacha says:

    race issue = insanely long thread. exciting.

  95. cable goy says:

    the 60 year olds are all bn readers, not streetcarnage readers, dumbshit

  96. b madoff says:

    I agree with everything the blacks are saying.

  97. Al Sharpton's Taint says:

    Well I’m outraged. Absolutely outraged. I cannot believe in this day and age that something like this could go on and I promise you that the black community…


    What were we talking about again?

  98. The back of Forrest Whittaker's Neck says:

    Is really fucking black.

  99. Nadia Soulaymon says:

    I love the New America. My retarded preemie babies will grow up with the finest in special needs care thanks to your hard earned tax dollars!

    Thank God for Socialism and thank God for our black President, a man willing to embrace its values!!

    Also my stomach is riddled with stretch marks. It’s really bad – like way beyond coacoa butter.

  100. Exhibit F says:

    Hi I’m Barry Bonds.

    I’m here to remind you that while Mark McGwire is still making money doing autograph signings and publicity appearances, I’m going to be heading to jail where I’ll be raped repeatedly by prison thugs who refer to cumming in my ass as “hitting a homer”.

    There is no justice for the black man.

  101. Terrence Howard says:

    Every man should beat his woman.

  102. Preck says:

    This is picture of ALL AMERICANS will look like when most glorious china finishes with you. not just you brown skins people like picture but all the white skins peoples too!! especially the blgongger and all of you.

    from Preck!

  103. Curious says:

    Hey Preck – how small is your dickey?

  104. Clara says:

    If you’re a white girl afraid of big black dudes on the subway, I recommend dating one of them. Soon you’ll be making eyes at every thug on the G train!

  105. Barney says:

    Yeah, BN, write a book. Please!

  106. Knickerbocker says:

    BN, this is such an old story.

    How old? It goes at least as far back as Plato’s “The Cave”.

    In case anyone hasn’t taken Philosophy 101, “The Cave” is considered Plato’s most important work It tells the story of 3 men who have been trapped in a cave their whole life, and have only watched a shadow puppet show projected against a rock wall. One man escapes, sees the real world, goes back to free his brothers, and they kill him because they don’t like the way he is challenging the only world they know.

    Even when the fundamental reality changes, groups can cling to their basic principals, whether right or wrong, in a really ugly and aggressive manner.

    Not trying to suggest that martyrdom is in your future, but just saying you should keep an eye out for flying rocks. Getting stoned (in the biblical way) is about as old school as it comes.

    But still, the other end of the rainbow (coalition) is the lack of a properly identified alternative. “Post Racial America” is a nice phrase, but what does that really mean? Only a few NYU students take action without an established agenda – and who wants to protest along side those creampuffs?

    I’ve always thought that elitism was the answer – meaning we are all the basically same, but people are going to break up into groups, and those groups are going to duke it out over resources. Controlling and harnessing that competition is the goal of organized society. If groups are no longer identified by race or ethnicity, then something has to take its place.

    All forms of life compete on a group level – that is how we got here in the first place. We are not going to get that out of our DNA for a very long time (if at all). Growing up in NYC taught me that you should not judge by race, but you can judge by a chosen identity. For example – if I can see your underwear, it is safe for me to assume that you and I will not be able to engage in any form of conversation. I don’t care if you are born in East New York or East Hampton – you have adopted your identity, so I can assume that you have also adopted the accompanying personality. Same is true for rednecks, hipsters, anyone in a burka, Mormons and the list goes on.

    So I guess it’s back to Plato – but this time its The Republic (without the slaves).

    You ready for a brave new world of gold, silver and bronze class warfare?

    Unless someone has a better suggestion…

  107. patrickteque says:

    Anytime I have black friends over, we usually watch ‘How High’ and eat some fried chicken. And its awesome. Alabama is awesome.

  108. vegan jules says:

    better suggestion=veganism=society not based on domination

  109. Knickerbocker says:

    I’ve never heard of veganism as a political system. How does that work?

  110. Hard-Core Moluccan says:

    The simplistic assumption is that global veganism will magically create a 100% aggro-free world where the death of carnivorism will eliminate genetic IQ differences and lessen testosterone in those who are born with pushy cum buckets of surplus bull spunk. Once this happens, “we” will have evolved beyond the concept of racial and gender based secret thoughts of superiority and inferiority, thus allowing us to chillax or something.

  111. Knickerbocker says:

    Interesting concept Hard-Core Moluccan. So meat makes me into an aggressive, intolerant and critical douche bag? Awesome! Now I have a disability since I am 100% addicted to good steak.

    Still, that is not a real answer, so I had to look into this some more:

    There are over 600,000 hits for “Angry Vegan” on Google.

    There are only 158,000 hits for “Angry Carnivore”

    There are over 1.2 million hits for “Angry Vegetarian” including an urban dictionary definition, as follows:

    “One who cannot accept other people’s views on anything unless those views are in perfect correlation with said one’s views.”

    Hmmmm….still sounds pretty hostile.

    Well, there are herbivores in the animal kingdom, but wait, there is enough aggression between them to support at least 3 separate 24/7 cable networks dedicated to animals shredding the sick and the weak of the passive herd. So that’s not the proof.

    Ok then, there are plankton and bacteria (which don’t make war), and heck, most of them don’t even eat vegetables, they suck up carbon and reproduce asexually.

    So that’s it then, right? The political goal of veganism is to bring on the apocalypse so we can revert back to single cell life in the primordial ooze, then we can prevent greenhouse gases and help the planet?

    So PETA and the Fundies have the same goal? The end of days?

    Am I missing something?

  112. European says:

    Post-racial America my SCROTUM. You obese, clueless motherfuckers are obsessed with race. Can any one of you tell me why multiculturalism is bad? Nope, your Candyflossed brains can’t comprehend the magnitude of it all.

    And Thermal Breakdown, you are everything that’s wrong with the youth of today.

  113. mordicai says:

    Forget KFC, I wanna see some of those “corn syrup is awesome delicious healthy!” ads with some black folks in them.

  114. Timbo says:

    “Can any one of you tell me why multiculturalism is bad?”

    Because human beings are animals, and as such, they tend to move in herds and identify with other animals that look like them. No amount of incessant brainwashing will eradicate this basic evolutionary fact. And because it’s a fact, mixed areas are prone to ethnic violence. That’s the historical record all across the globe, and no one who insists that America’s unprecedented social experiment will work can point to examples where it’s worked in the past.

    Harvard professor Robert Putnam did a 30-year study of “diversity” in America, and despite his wishes, his research concluded that the more “diverse” an area was, the less happy its inhabitants were. He didn’t like the initial results, so he kept approaching it from different angles for another 10 years. Same results.

    I can cite a lot more evidence, but that seems sufficient for now. The ball’s in your court. The burden of proof is on you to prove it’s good.

  115. Timbo says:

    An even more fundamental reason why multiculturalism is bad is because it’s hypocritical.

    I’ve yet to run across a proponent of multiculturalism who feels everyone should celebrate their ethnic identity. Instead, they encourage only nonwhites to bask in racial self-pride and act as if it should be a felony for whites to do so.

  116. celtic says:

    Knickerbocker, your comments are very long, and very boring.

  117. manicoreganic says:

    Instead of Terrence Howard it would be Charlie Sheen and instead of Bob Dylan it would be Mel Gibson, white people with priors. But more to the point, if Heidi Klum’s face looked like that imagine the coverage.

    @Timbo Then why since prehistoric times has the impetus for all of humanity’s most lasting improvements been contact with neighboring civilizations? These are improvements to technology and infrastructure, such as metallurgy and plumbing, as well as intellectual advances such as and individual rights and secularism. I’m an archaeology grad student, so if you want evidence I’ll send you a biliography.

    Now the idea of multiculturalism is distinct from the socioeconomic reality of urbanism where this diversity exists. My unhappiness in life right now is mostly directed at the MTA and the logistical nightmare that is living in New York City, but also to the annoying motherfuckers on my train. The ghetto people annoy me less than the white “vampyre goth punks” highschool boys talking loudly about getting fangs surgically implanted while stroking each other’s leather jacket chains and making out. Don’t EVEN get me started on the Q train Russian bitches.

    So ultimately, I have to agree with you. But not based on your logic. Also, asking people how happy they are in a clinical setting is going to bring out people’s demons. In real life everyone has a fucked up life because it’s filled with assholes who make you unhappy. Sit me down and ask me about it, oh bitch I’m going to vent. I don’t think happiness is something that can be quantified.

  118. Knickerbocker says:


    It’ not my fault you have the attention span of a spastic gnat.

    You get a bronze star.

  119. LilaTov says:

    This shit rules. You write the way I would think if I was smarter.

  120. Finks007 says:

    Ummmm…which white people are afraid to order white bread? Does that really happen?

  121. Harper11 says:

    I’m afraid to order white bread.

  122. Eliza/DC says:

    Omg just saw a white liberal looking lady on Metro ask a black not disabled, not old lady if she wanted her seat!

  123. tone bone says:

    How bout the fact that my white coworkers thinks its OK to tell black jokes simply cause they voted for Obama. Seriously I overheard 2 of em telling some lameass fried chicken and watermelon punchline and they’re all ….we can tell it cause we pulled the B.O. lever. Like somehow this means they landed on Community chest and shit and pulled the “its OK to tell Racist jokes at the Office” card. Fuckin joke wasnt even funny.

  124. nope says:

    Knickerbocker. stop.

  125. Tootie says:

    I can play “rhinestone cowboy” with my vagina using my power of queef. It seems like the appropriate time and place to share that tidbit.

  126. Timbo says:

    “Also, asking people how happy they are in a clinical setting is going to bring out people’s demons.”

    For some reason, over tens of thousands of interview subjects, those unhappy demons were far more likely to emerge from people in “diverse” areas. Again, these were not the results Putnam was looking for when he started his study. But they were consistent results, despite his repeated efforts to produce more multicultural-friendly findings.

    “Then why since prehistoric times has the impetus for all of humanity’s most lasting improvements been contact with neighboring civilizations?”

    A lot…let’s say “most”…of that “contact” involved murder, rape, thievery, and pillaging. Never forget the pillaging.

    And it’s not difficult to argue that the “impetus” for “lasting improvements” was also due in large part to competition rather than cooperation.

    But I’ll toss this doggie bone out there again: Anyone care to explain why you can never find a multiculturalist who seems to think it’s OK for whites to have ethnocentric, pro-white organizations like they openly and loudly encourage every other fucking hue in the rainbow to have? How long will that double standard last? Will the moratorium on white ethnic consciousness remain firmly in place, maybe even buttressed by “hate-speech” laws, when whites become a minority over the next generation? Has even one of these multicultural tools pondered that this is a potentially very dangerous double standard?

    Either encourage ethnic pride and self-awareness in everyone, or forbid it across the board. It’s the double standards that perpetuate resentment.

  127. manicoreganic says:


    If Putnam’s repeatedly endeavored to produce ‘multicultural-friendly findings’, then his study can’t be trusted from the beginning. Scientific method, anyone?

    Competition doesn’t imply violence. They traded exotic wares since exotica was a source of power within local communities, demonstrating your ability to access trade networks. Please cite evidence for raping and pillaging. I will counterpoint each instance with cooperative efforts. Violent competition only arises to secure limited resources. Point is that competition and cooperation are not mutually exclusive.

    It’s not okay for whites to have ethnocentric, pro-white organizations because of their historical association with genocide. This does not mean that there is a ‘moratorium on white ethnic consciousness’, which is alive and well and thriving (i.e. hipsters, food co-op members, Hollywood, country music, Nascar, spring break). It is an understandable double standard in light of the dangerous application of white ethnocentric ideals in institutions.

    But what exactly do you envision? What sort of white heritage events do you propose? Black, Asian, Hispanic, South Asian cultural organizations aren’t talking about RACE, they are talking about cultural heritage. What is “white” cultural heritage in America? Do we mean the British colonists, Irish, German, Polish, Scottish immigrants, or do we mean frontiersmen and cowbows and good old boys with shotguns? What sort of organization do you envision, who would be allowed to be a member, and what sort of activities do you propose? Do you really think that white kids need a scholarship fund?

  128. vegan jules says:

    herding animals=domination. Domination of animals=domination of people=inequality=treachery.

  129. manicoreganic says:

    How does domination of animals equal domination of people? Putting a bunch of equal signs between phenomena does not a sound theoretical make. Also, I don’t think you mean to use the word treachery.

    There are no ‘basic evolutionary facts’ beyond changing morphologies. Man is more than a monkey because we have reified the concept of humanity and struggle to hold ourselves to that standard. We are social and therefore stick to normative herds, but the sort of aggressive competition you are describing generally takes place on a local, regional level where neighboring tribes compete for resources. Amiable relations with further afield herds became necessary to secure trade of exotic resources, so this notion of the primordial warring between tribes doesn’t even apply to what Timbo’s talking about which is modern multiculturalism.

    The study Timbo cites tries to tease out a correlation between living in a multicultural environment and happiness, but fails to account for the logistical reality of urbanism that may certainly contribute to reported ‘unhappiness.’ It has not been demonstrated that it is the mixing with other cultures that makes individuals unhappy, as they report. There is no primordial instinct to hate the unfamiliar. This is a social strategy to consolidate power and remain autonomous in the ever present reality of multiculturalism. I still fail to see why that’s bad.

  130. vegan jules says:

    “The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle

  131. DDKK says:

    A month of unity? Did I miss this? I saw about four hours on TV although there were some pissed off white people in a tunnel probably thought that was Obama’s fault too. Working in DC I have never seen less unity or more cover my ass this ship is sinking mentality.

    As for being a “white girl” I would take not being treated like a stereotypical blond (no I’m not even blond) by black people for starters and then if the white men wanted to jump on the bandwagon they could top.

    As for the train, I want to ride with Blognigger because during rush hour, you could have leprosy and someone would rather have you rub up against them then offer you a seat.

    Welcome to Monday in our Nation’s capital!

  132. Last word says:


  133. Cattiva says:

    I live in Obama’s neighborhood (the low-rent end of it) and voted for him without perceiving him to be the Messiah, and while being way to the left of him politically, as a lesser of two evils kind of thing. He seems like a profoundly decent and smart guy, but I don’t trust the Democrats any more than I do the Republicans. Race wasn’t a factor in my decision or anyone else’s that I know, and people on my bus generally give up their seats in a race -blind manner to anyone who looks like he or she needs to sit down. That said, I did enjoy the vibe immediately after the election, especially in Hyde Park. We were all acting collectively pleased with ourselves. I’m white, spent some time in a racist white part of Miami as a little kid and grew up around a lot of violent white racism, some of it directed against me because I didn’t go along with it, and eventually I was really relieved when we moved to a mixed, majority black area (South Shore) in Chicago, because people were friendly except for one white jackass boy . . . Anyway, my childhood experience has left me uncomfortable in all-white crowds, which I can usually avoid in this city. I wish people would quit using the N word, because regardless of their origins it brings back bad memories of the South for me.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Like chris rock says, “….jackie robinson didn’t make baseball equal. statistically, baseball wasn’t equal until maybe the 1970s, because that’s when you started to see bad black baseball players….true equality is the equality to suck like the white man. that’s King’s dream right there: guys sucking.” it’s about equal treatment, not patronizing bullshit.

  135. Brayan Lyons says:

    i loveeee thiss songg soo muchh :]

  136. The virtuous pagan / middle class mulatta says:

    What I have noticed is a difference in my own reactions to ambiguous behavior by white people which I used to interpret as racist. For most of my adult life, when a white person who I didn’t know would treat me badly or rudely, or even just stare at me with a blank but unfriendly expression, I would tend to assume that they were probably racist, though I always recognized that they might not be – they might have treated a white person the same way in the same circumstance. Now, when such interactions happen, it still immediately crosses my mind that the person could be racist, but then I think, well, they also could have voted for Obama, and maybe they do have some negative attitudes towards black people but maybe they also have some positive ones too. I feel considerably more willing to let my guard down, and give white people the benefit of the doubt, in situations where attitudes and prejudices are unclear.

  137. Your worst fucking Nightmare (pure dixie redneck trash) says:

    you’re pretty fucking condescending (holy shit! I can spell! waaaaaal rub a possum in baby oil and call me a fucking hombre!) for a nigger.

    Which is all you are. Which is what the half-nigger Cocksucker in Chief (who bowed down before Abdullah—uh, the Saudi King, got down on his knees, practically kissed His Oily Turbanned Sand Nigger Highness right on the little daggly dingy do) is. Which is what the First Gorilla, with that big fat fucking mountain gorilla ass, who looks like a goddamned LINEBACKER in a cheap floral print dress, the ugly Marxist piece of shit—uh, where was I? Which is what they are. Niggers.

    This country was MADE by WHITE EUROPEAN MEN. It was not made by nigger and spick filth. It is now being unmade by this sack of shit, who is trying to throw out everything that made us great.

    But I fucking digress: point here is—-not all white men are chickenshit pissant liberal cowards so stewed in their shitty PC educations and cowardice that they feel the need to kiss your hideous ape ass. Most of us hate you, Nigger, and would happily tell that to your face. Frankly, I’d just as soon kill a nigger as look at it.

    So be happy for your little liberal white cocksucker buddies while they still take air.

  138. Your worst fucking Nightmare (pure dixie redneck trash) says:

    Listen, y’all, didn’t mean to harsh your vibe. Just wanted to put you in your place, *boy*. Hussein Osama Cocksucka My-Nigga didn’t win the presidency because he was BLACK—he really isn’t. He didn’t even get that right. He’s a half-breed mulatto—sort of like Injun Joe in Tom Sawyer. Was Injun Joe an Indian, or a fucking mestizo, or a mulatto? I can’t fucking remember, but it’s not that important. Hear me out:

    Obama is the Nigger Jesus, here to redeem the shitty, parasitic, ass-kissing white filth liberals from their black guilt. But had he been a real Nigger (sharpton, jackson, even DL Hughley) he would have ZERO chance. Was it Public Enemy or NWA that rapped “too black, too strong”? Amerikkka will never elect a real nigger to the Ovum Office, and after this ass-kissing dildo front-row student (if you’ve been there, you know EXACTLY what a fucking front row student is, and Obama is one in spades…ha! fucking spades! ) get done fucking up the country (which is what his Nigger brain forces him to do), it will NEVER elect a half-breed fake nigger again.

    Shit, I’m harshing the vibe again. OK: here are two jokes and then I’ll leave you to your little PC party game:

    1) Why does Stevie Wonder smile all the time? A: Because he can’t see he’s a nigger.

    2) why did Michelle “Doctor Zira from Planet of the Apes” Obama not wear panties to the Rose Garden luncheon? A: Because she wanted to keep the flies off the fried chicken.

    nice yakking with you niggers. gotta go rape my younger brother now and watch a tractor pull.

  139. weekend getaway says:

    liked this… dunno but does Samuel L Jackson’s character in Unbreakable count as a “cool” black villain?

  140. FatChick Crazy says:

    @ Danielle:

    You want to make as much money as men?
    You want the same rights as men?
    You want to vote like men do?
    You want to do something other than cook, clean and raise kids?

    You got it. Now open your own goddamn doors and don’t expect me to pay for your dinner when we go on dates.

    Female equality killed chivalry. You can’t have it both ways.

  141. Danok Mistisk says:

    Everything the darkies touch turns to the worst . Look at any US city with a darkie gov. Detroit,New Orleans,D.C. , ect . Somlia/Haita/Africa mostly.They are inferior
    at everything but cooking/cleaning/tap dancing/music/sports.

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