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• 06.30.08 12:13 pm

Tomorrow is Canada’s Birthday! Shiiiitttt. While America peeled away from Britain’s house on its momocycle, doling out bountiful amounts of the finger, Canada instead cleared its throat and stated” In a fortnight I shall be taking my leave mummy and doddy” Canada then went to its room , packed its beaver pelts and promised to put mummy on the currency. Canada, from that day on called home each and everyday to regale in the delightful events of its new life.
So, if you are anything like us here at you want to wish that chubby, rosey-cheeked, wussy, FOP known as our home and native land, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Welcome to CANADA WEEK honorary international HOSERS.
Fuckin’-A-rights let’s party, fuck! Right onnnnn!

CLIP: This is Jane Eastwood forced to do a talk show so out of desperation and he fact that NOBODY is around to do a Canadian summer afternoon talkshow, she resorts to interviewing her hairdresser about face lifts. Jane is a famous Canadian hoser-actress that you have never heard of. She is awesome. However Canadian TV is BRUTAL!

  1. Loomis says:

    CBC= Canadian Boomers Coping

    They always look so desperate for content. Like everyone at a network died and somebody forced your parents to take it over.

  2. Applejacks says:

    Happy Birthday and God Save the Queen!

  3. Sharky Favorite says:

    Seeing Jane Eastwood on your site got the ole wheels turning, which lead me to this:

    Imagine seeing that teddy bear of a man on a 42-inch flatscreen. Yes, please.

  4. the theme song sounds like farting.

  5. Canadia says:

    I think her hairdresser is gay.I THINK, I’m waiting for the pie charts and lab results…

  6. Glorious and Free says:

    Hooray for Lower and Upper Canada not totally hating each other anymore. And maybe including the maritimes in on this. (West coast can suck it, still.)

  7. Daddy Made a Smelly says:

    The guy being interviewed looks like a skinny Mr. Rogers

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glorious. The truth of the matter is that I respect Gavin and Pinky 23% more than neccessary because they are Canadian.

  9. MD says:

    That’s Mr. Rogers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    OMG – KING OF KENSINGTON! I love that show.

  11. Butchie says:

    They should give her hairdresser his own show.

  12. flathead says:

    That hairdresser is like an angry Marine.

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