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Tim Barber
• 01.18.11 11:00 am

This woman named Brooke Smith sent these to me. Turns out after being in the NY Hardcore scene, Brooke Smith became an actress and is best known for her role as the woman down in the well in Silence of the Lambs and as the lesbian Dr. Erica Hahn on Grey’s Anatomy.

Hardcore photographer-turned-actress Brooke Smith in Silence of the Lambs

This woman named Brooke Smith sent these to me. Turns out after being in the NY Hardcore scene, Brooke Smith became an actress and is best known for her role as the woman down in the well in Silence of the Lambs and as the lesbian Dr. Erica Hahn on Grey’s Anatomy.


  1. neat says:

    these are awesome!

  2. anon says:

    oh wow the real nyc hxc scene, not some marketing campaign (cerebral ballzy).

  3. everything epicly latered wants to be but never will be.

  4. Hard says:

    The music bores me rigid, but these are fucking great photos. People really built a life around this didn’t they? Seems as narrow as making your whole life about chill-wave; but what the fuck do I know?

  5. These are really rad!!

  6. cyclops says:


  7. TOMMY LASAGNA says:

    These are fucking awesome.

  8. boioioioioiong says:


  9. Nick C says:

    Wow. These are fucking great. All the old faces.

  10. DG says:

    I wonder how many of those infants read this blog now.

  11. Dave Steve says:

    It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets kicked out of the Bad Brains show again.

  12. WACKAYgarch says:

    I miss the stitches and mile-wide bruises.

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  14. Steve says:

    I wonder what happened to the skinhead with the face tattoos.

  15. Unite and Win! says:

    @Hard –
    Not much!

  16. reo speedwagon in converse says:

    Wow, that’s the real old school right there.

  17. carl butts says:

    “I wonder what happened to the skinhead with the face tattoos.”

    He passed away. RIP Frenchy.

  18. Hownice says:

    @Steve (2:27)- Frenchie died some years ago. Good dude. R.I.P.

  19. javonavo says:

    Fuckin Bad Brains.

  20. mike dolan says:

    Oh man , Frenchie the skinhead, Rest in Peace.

  21. Bri says:

    These are really great photos! Up close and artistic. Fatastic!

  22. female says:

    All those babies are proof that hardcore kids actually got laid.

  23. D. G. James says:

    Dude ten down from the top (not counting ‘it rubs the lotion’ lady). Long hair, head band. who’s that? Help me out here.

  24. gabelord says:

    That one of roger with who I assume is his baby daughter is great!

  25. Brooke Smith says:

    Ten down from the top is a photo of The Cretins.

  26. sarah says:

    why are there so many babies

  27. Yer Maw says:

    Great photos. Ta!

  28. Johnny Cat says:

    The American Made tattoo is Brian Howard. He’s in the previous frame, too. Geez, we were kids back then. I’m 42 in 2 weeks.

  29. colin abv says:

    Just amazing….
    I was in goth, not punk bands in nyc during the tail-end of this period…
    But if you hung out downtown – or went to shows – this is it.
    These picture almost make you want to dry heave from the unmistakable unwashed juvi stench that was a midsummer cb’s show…
    SO COOL – Good Times…Thanks Brooke!!!!

  30. sam says:

    Frenchie Da Skin, R.I.P.

  31. peter luger says:


  32. SYSICK DADDOO says:

    Ya its’ the exact same thing as lifing ur life in term’s of chill-wave as forming a life-style aruond hardcore — EXEPT modern music “movements”, aka textural or music equipment based aesthetic trends, have ZERO SUBSTANCE. If “chill wave” wtf is that — ever had any semblance of a grander meaningful message as its subtext it’d undoubtedly inspire people to align their own lives with it as opposed to simply vaguely appreciating it from afar. Nobody will get a chillwave tattoo because chillwave has nothing tattoo worthy to say! Whereas hardcore, punk, crust, all that shit at least has a powerful and relatively radical hardline economic/political message, a tough commodity to come by these days.

  33. meohmy says:

    great photos! #30 is awww

  34. Manic says:

    @Brooke Smith
    These are really incredible. Are they for one year or these are from diferent time? I wonder if you ever seen or heard about Piotr Zalewski’s work. He did a great album about punks in NY. I really recommend.
    Thank you for sharing these, and I hope there’s more :)

  35. Brendan says:

    Jody, Alexa, Charlie, Amy, Carl, Petey, Terri, Lazar, Jenny… wow. So many faces I haven’t seen in so long.
    Thanks Brooke.

  36. liz chapman says:

    I see vinnie and i c well hell a ton of folks but forgot some names along the way….anyone know where vinie is?

  37. liz chapman says:

    if ya know vinnie tell him to fb me or just email me, anyone know Ira? I found Bobby Steele hummm who else do i remember names, i was inflicted with a huge bump on my noggin and lost my mind, still finding parts of it around the internet funny enough….anyone remembers me drop me one of those messages….I lived on Ludlow st, lots of us did, there was a hole group of us that lived there….Ira was with Robin and I heard somewhere she married a dentist or something. I dated Bobby for awhile after…hummm…lazar? I think her name was…..

  38. Aales says:

    Rad,rad, Raaad Super rad/love it

  39. iwontslowdown says:

    never knew how many oldies read this shit

    that said, nothing like a bunch of heads who “didn’t give a shit” clearly giving a shit

  40. Paul says:

    Cool shit for sure!

  41. Jdubz mp says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! RIP to my Bother REY BEE’S ( WAR ZONE ) We have lost so many friend’s over the years, but they still live in all of us that are living and going to shows!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP MY FRIENDS!!!!!

    Jim Williams

  42. Jdubz mp says:

    I really miss those days!!!!! Some of my old band mates in the photos!!!!!!!!! RIP Frenchy. I miss u man

    jim Williams

    Ps. You can see Big Charlie’s feet in some of the photos. RIP BIG CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!
    love u!!!!!!

  43. felicia says:

    I respected her when she graduated 2nd in her class from John Hopkins University, but this makes her fucking cooler.

  44. Jimmy G says:

    Amazing pics
    I really miss those days

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  46. Raoul Hevesi says:

    shit I may just be some new jack but this is some sick shit. it so cool to see pic of ppl that im friends with now when they where my age and younger. MAD RESPECT TO EVERYONE WHO STARTED THE SHIT WAS AROUND BACK IN THE DAY, and even more respect to the ones who still are!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    so everyone was ugly? and everyone who commented on this is old?

  48. Jdubz mp says:

    @ Anonymous, It’s ppl like you that’s killing my city!!!!!!!!! Go stick your head up Justin Bieber ass!!!!! Get the fuck out of my city, and GO HOME. You fucking ass hole!!!!!!!!! You wish you could be apart of something so great! Get some balls you anonymous cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is Jim Williams, i sing for Maximum Penalty, and i’am not anonymous. Come to my next show so this old man can put his old foot up your pussy ass!!!!! Bitch!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    this needs to get into the Live… Suburbia book

  50. Robdnyc says:

    Amazing pics. Raybeez, Vinnie, Roger. Some great old faces.

  51. lou lou says:

    Ha ha go jim williams!

  52. Christi Bradox says:

    Wow. Great pics. Weird how most of them look like they could have been taken yesterday. And wasn’t this photographer in Weeds for a couple of episodes?

  53. OSTPL says:

    I’ve never seen Jimmy G. with hair before…strange. Great pix!

  54. Anonymous says:

    yo can someone do a post telling us who is in these photos? maybe brendan?

  55. Tim Young says:

    Part of the Rock n Roll bible!

  56. Anonymous says:

    jim williams sux…and is old…and is ugly…

  57. Name says:

    Hey Anonymous, go back to watching iCarly and get out of here asshole.

  58. Name says:

    Oh, and this post was the best shit I’ve seen in a while.
    Everything was better back then.

  59. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing. fantastic. when hardcore actually was hardcore.

  60. Rintoul says:

    I never lived around NYC but grew up in Illinois listening to AF and Cro-mags and the like. Love these pictures. I’m a sentimental numbskull… :)

  61. Leo says:


  62. Brenda Kato says:

    These photos are AWESOME!!! We should put them in this years NYHC4LIFE Art Show in June!!! Join us at or on Facebook Cheers!

  63. Lori says:

    hey Anonymous….go blow yourself! I’m with Jim (MP) on this one!!!

  64. Stox says:

    The guy with the leopard skin lapels on his leather is Aaron Graham, originalluy from Cincinnati,Ohio. He died in the early/mid ’90’s. He had a barcode tattooed on his wrist and when the grocery installed scanners he would would swipe it when they weren’t lookin! Jolly Green Giant Green Beans? WTF? Ha! He has a bunch of paintings out there somewhere that he sold to get Europe too. Wish I had one! Miss you Bro!-R.I.P.

  65. Tommy J says:

    was wonderin when somebody would give a shout out for raybeez. seein those oxbloods makes me smile and think about lookin up to him growing up. Rest In Peace Raybeez, you showed us what it was to be a true skin. thanks for the pictures

  66. lmao says:

    SBTVC: by old people for old people

  67. ilmo says:

    More photos please

  68. Jo from Uptown says:

    Gr8t fotos Brooke…Howrya?

    Man….I miss,miss MISS those days………
    Lazar I believe is deceased Olivia told me.She was doing gr8t clean,sober we were pregnant together…saw the same OB-GYN,she was seeing this okay guy.She just moved out of her old place to Queens,she had a wonderful baby boy.
    liv said she heard the baby was deceased as well(AIDS)I’ve been thinking of trying to find her brother,Bobby,remember see whats what.Brooke,Im pretty much in the same apt-only w/a ball’n’ chain and 2 ruggers.
    Jenny Lush dead in S.F.
    Ira I was in touch with.we’d been very good friends,(but he broke up w/Jessica-Robin married the dentist when there was still a scene)got in touch again,but his(not-so-new)wife was/is apparently very jealous…..gotta go,tothers Ive talked to via facebook…etc.


  69. Jo from Uptown says:

    yeah,NYHC kids got laid-Some of us not as often as we wanted to—but…

    Oh in comments is that Johnny Cat who hung on st.Marks(as well as aveA,Thompkins and washington sq.Park?If so glad you r alive and -hopefully- well)w/Matt zombie,Mike Ha-cha-cha;Lee-Marie(whom Ive heard is deceased as well R.I.P)

    also,anonymous you probably would’ve had your ass beat if you came around.yeah,so we’re not THAT OLD…my ass hasnt hit the ground yet,at least WE knew how to have fun …Your loss,great people,great music,great scene..

  70. Tim B says:

    Hey Brooke – Tim from the Gibson Girls here. Love these photos. If you happen to read this I’d love to be in touch. Click through on my name to get to my blog or go to

  71. Shawn says:

    These photos are really great. I was just a baby when these were taken, I grew up in the Syracuse, NY hardcore scene in the early 90s, when all were accepted and everyone picked each other up and took care of one another, and that meant the world to a kid trying to find a voice. I’ve still got all my old NYHC records, just as timeless as these photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  72. Sons says:

    Jo from Uptown? Is that the tall, brunette Jo who worked at that health food restaurant and had the messed-up mother?

  73. Sons says:

    Shawn, the Syracuse HC scene sounds nice. The NYHC scene of the 80s wasn’t like that. Not everyone was accepted and everyone was trying to rip everyone off. Still, it was fun.

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  75. cycosteve says:

    WOW… i can smell the east village as it used to be… remember buying beer from Vic’s(??) deli across the street and drinking on the curb… Try that now…..

  76. the G says:

    Great pix!!! Like a dream fulla ghosts… I really miss the 20th Century…
    Many familiar faces… does anyone know the blonde girl in the 22nd photo? Is that my old buddy Charlotte Webb? Last I heard of her, she had been picked up (hooking on Houston) by serial killer Joel Rifkin, but lived to tell about it. And that’s where the trail ends, as far as I can tell.
    The fucking Kretins, maaaaan! Alright!

  77. Marc says:

    I cant believe Aaron is dead too. Jenny, unfortunately, I can believe. Shit. I stayed with Aaron in his mom’s house in Kentucky or I guess Cinci, when I toured with the False Prophets in 1986. (Brian in the pic with Brad and Petey, almost went on that tour instead of me – and I haven’t seen him since the summer of 86. Nice guy.)

    I had met my crunchy brother Aaron in NYC and he said to call if I was ever in the hood. He kept his word and hooked us up with a place to sleep and some food. It was probably the most comfortable we’d been. I remember calling him from the pay phone at the Jockey Club, before sound check, to see if the deal was still on. I remember his tattoo of planet earth, with a peace symbol on it. I remember taking pictures of him at the GG Allin Cat Club show, too, when he moved to NY. So sorry he’s not still around. He was a good one.

  78. Jo from Uptown says:

    Sons-I’m the girl in the pic after the Kretins,w/the striped leggings and hat.I’m not that tall,my natural hair color is brunette-I worked at a few health food places.I was a natural foods chef,and vegetarian for many yrs.As for tall,Im avg. height….wish I was taller tho’ and who didn’t have messed up parents,if they had parents at all?

    Marc: I knew Stefan from False Prophets….I knew Aaron too,slightly…..I know pretty much everyone in those pics…

    Oh,I don’t think that girl is Charlotte Webb.I knew Charlotte too,not well….I’m not sure whom you’re referring to-the 1 who looks like a demented swiss miss girl was Natalie-the other blond on stage and sitting.I cant remember her name tho’


  79. Marc says:

    Jodie, I was trying to remember your name. I remember you from FP shows and so many others. I’m in the back of the Straight Ahead photo (3rd to last), holding a mic. Too bad the Kretins pic doesn’t have a good shot of Leon.

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  81. Marsja says:

    Nice sweety girl Kaylee Rain 19 years old showing off her fresh young body everywhere. In her bedroom with long socks. In the forest. On the beach, flashing in red bikini. Amateur girl at her best ages.

  82. Frank G says:

    “…When girls were girls and men were men… those were the days..”

    The kids today are weak. They have no idea how much of an outcast being HC, Punk or Metal was back then. They don’t appreciate shit and have no history of their own.

  83. Cranky Old Frank says:

    “Kids today, fuck them punks. Doin’ drugs. Havin’ sex. Havin fun. Instead of me. Grrrrr.”

  84. IrA says:

    All it takes is a picture or the right CD to take you back to the carnage that was everyday life. Then you sigh and remember to stop and pick up milk before you go home.

  85. DmDmDm says:

    Frank G said it right — “when girls were girls and men were men.” Men definitely considered themselves superior on this scene. Oh, girls could act tough, but you were still female and therefore inferior in this scene. I was glad when the whole Riot Grrrl thing came along, glad to see female rappers from Queen Latifah to M.I.A. own it. Kids today aren’t weak. They’re lucky they are further passed that misogynistic crap we put up with. Brooke knows. Not everyone, but enough of the male members of the scene were just awful when it came to women.

  86. Sons says:

    I knew Charlotte Webb. Didn’t she claim to “date” that serial killer who murdered all those prostitutes? She went out with Joey Nails, I think, and was friends with Dandee. There’s a picture of Dandee here. It’s in black-and-white, she’s on the left, and it’s below the pic of Fran and Vinnie wearing each other’s band’s t-shirts. You’re cute as a button, Jodie, I’ll tell you that — but I don’t think you are the Jo I was thinking of. I think. I do remember something about a health food restaurant…who knows, because you look familiar. You said you were at Ludlow? Hmmmm. Jo’s mom was really…awful. How did Jenny Lush die? She was so pretty.

  87. Sons says:

    Jo, if there was one thing it was really, REALLY easy for a decent-looking girl to do on the hardcore scene, it was get laid. God, that was easy. You must know that, cute as you were and still are, I am sure. So, I guess you were talking about the guys when you said, “yeah, NYHC kids got laid-Some of us not as often as we wanted to—but…” you were talking about the guys, right?

  88. Jo from Uptown says:

    Sons-I cannot believe this-4 the 3rd time,my post got erased-Im using a jerry-rigged laptop here-I’m steaming!!I wrote this whole thing!!1Btw,thank you for the complements!!I spent most of my young life hearing how ugly I was,so—thanx:-)Are you on FB,as gross as it is,its allowed me to find a lot of people I’d lost!I’m Jo Wayne,friend me,we’ll talk..about the old days-now that we’re creaky old folks 😉

    Marc-you look soooooo familiar!I’m sure I knew you…you know Tommy And Alexas daughter is in college now…I’ve gotta go,Im on FB if anyone wants to get in touch,


  89. […] was looking at this amazing collection of photographs taken at New York City hardcore shows in the mid 1980s and I got really nostalgic, which is funny, […]

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  91. Darryl LaVare says:

    Brook, these pictures are incredible! I was around at that time and know a lot of those guys including Frenchie and Joe Bruno who I also went out with. I also love the pics of The Bad Brains, Vinnie Stima, Roger, Amy, and their baby, and Jenny Lush and Dandy. I wish I had taken pictures but it wasn’t what was on my mind at the time. Your pictures are beautiful and made me sad, happy, nostalgic, and inspired. Thanks! —Darryl LaVare.

  92. Darryl LaVare says:

    Brook, were you friends with Richard Kern and did you get my info from him and photograph m in my apt on Ludlow St. in my s and m clothes in about 1991 92? That picture you took of Joe Bruno looks like one on a contact sheet I got when I got photos from the girl who took pics of me at my place. Can I make paintings from your photos? I paint and draw now and it’s hard to find images from that time. I would try to change the composition and just use the people. Yours, Darryl LaVare.

  93. Dave the Native says:

    I mostly heard hardcore on WFMU during the afternoons and evenings. Between HC and early hip-hop, they pretty much carried me through those G-d awful metal and new wave crap. IMO, nothing original came out between 1986 & 1988/9 when Nirvana, NWA and Jane’s Addiction became popular. Even then, the alternative and “grunge” (I hate that fucking word) were both very short and sweet, Now, I listen to damn soundtracks.

  94. These are amazing…I’m trying to do similar work right now and these just inspire me more. And Frank G….don’t go saying the kids today are “weak” cause I’m one of those kids!!! And although the city isn’t the place it used to be there are still plenty of hardcore punks and crust punks keeping our own scene alive with a huge respect for the past. I wish I could’ve been alive and in the city at this time but honestly that’s just not the way it worked out so I’m doing my best to promote hardcore and keep it true to it’s roots. You can’t put down kids because you think you went harder than us just because times were different…we have our own history that you look down upon and will continue to make new history as time continues and the scene continues to stay alive. I love these photographs. Props Brooke and I’d love it if I could maybe use some of these and interview you for this zine my friend is putting togethor. Thanks..and RIP to all these OG heads who ive heard kept it so real.

  95. illtown says:

    Who’s the sitting girl with the marine hat on picture 11?

  96. Frank from Jersey says:

    Hey,I’m wearing the Jeff cap in photo 29 ,and am a Frank G also,don’t wanna be confused here with the other Frank G that’s posting.Now for my 2 cents,Thanks for putting these out there Brooke,so many great shots,I can almost smell the brown bag and the warm beer…I really feel fortunate to not only have been there in the era of time,but also to have survived it all… RIP to all who didn’t survive,and RIP to the NYC of the 80’s which is truly missed..Oh and Brooke,thanks for telling John I wanted to put slabs of meat under his sheets lol

  97. Destiny says:

    Damn I am depressed as hell now, Frenchie, Lazar and Jenny are all dead? It was great to see so many faces from back in the day though. Thanks for posting these Brooke.

  98. Jason Us says:

    Anonymous… ya think your bad come mess with me, I’ll beatcha down and your whole posse! yeah!

  99. Laura Z says:

    Great photos! Does anyone have any from 80-84???

  100. Ashton Grant says:

    These are so legit.
    I wish I would have been able to meet these people and experience these times.

  101. Jo from Uptown says:

    That would be me…
    uptown jodie

  102. Jo from Uptown says:


    write me via fb……I talk/talked to a # of people b/f they went…I’d luv to catch up…I’ll be back in NYC in April,in my old place,still have it,last cheap place in Manhattan,but we’ve gotta move stuff out,and DIY reno…then sublet…then back to the 7th circle of hell ’til June at least(school yr)my advice-avoid the midwest like the plague…..but I’ll be back &forth…..get in touch Jo

  103. JIM PLOTKIN says:


  104. JIM PLOTKIN says:



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  106. DJ says:

    Love the Straight Ahead pic. The picture with Raybeez is so cool. And the one of Roger and his baby.

    Cerebral Ballzy is the worst band ever.

  107. […] STREET BONERS and TV CARNAGE ?» OLD NEW YORK HARDCORE PHOTOS Jan 18, 2011 … out these photos of the old New York hardcore scene. ?© Brooke Smith 19.01.2011 | Juho | No Comments … […]

  108. Jeremiade du Bois says:

    Warzone, motherfuckers!

    Christ, the people in these photos would weep if they saw what happened to their stomping grounds. A fucking disgrace. The days captured here were among the city’s last gasp of honest creativity — say what you will about the drugs and violence and racism, but NYC died a long time ago.

    Long live Bad Brains.

  109. Frenchie's Sister says:

    I miss my brother Frenchie and the rest of the lower east side crew- RIP to all. If U weren’t there, then shut the fuck up AND what the fuck do U know about the life????? It was the closest thing to a real family for a lot of poeple- something a lot of us didn’t have until then. I left in ’94. My son is now 16 and can’t stand the so-called music of his generation. He thinks it’s stooopid and he’s right. He says it has no heart OR soul. Right again. THANK U SOOOO MUCH for the pix and the stomp down memory lane. My one wish is for a reunion of us who lived to tell the tale, survivors of the Wah Wah Hut, Spiral, and Psycho Mongo’s. OI,OI,OI!!!!

  110. Nush says:

    Live on St Marks 2 years, worked at the St Marks Bar n Grill, hung with many in the photos……but it all seemed a dream….too powerful to be true….too true to be real. Those were intense days. Pyramid lounge and all. Sad to see so many gone. I remember smiles Raybeez and Big Charlie. Hello to Brad and Joe B if you’re out there. What a great memory, in fact I haven’t wanted to return to NYC since then cause I want to remember it as it was.

  111. Scurvy John says:

    WOW……Tomkins square park….the riots….the squats….drinkin at the river….The aztec bar…..the horseshoe on 9th and B…my brother Frenchie Da Skin RIP.. I still think about ya…love ya man…Frenchie saved my life in Pittsburgh at Hell House from a drive by

  112. Neil Martinson says:

    These photos are really amazing! I wasn’t so into the music, but I got around a lot back then and saw a lot of shows, so I knew some of these people. My sister Judy went out with Frenchie for a while. My dad couldn’t get over the tattoo on his forehead. He still talks about it! Sorry to hear he’s passed on. I’ll tell my sister.
    The blonde girl in 2 photos with leopard print (22 & 36 down) was named Charlotte Harris, and I believe she did go by Charlotte Webb. Her final days as an Essex street hooker and addict are documented in a very sad photo book by Sylvia Plachy and James Ridgeway called Red Light – Inside the Sex Industry. I knew her in the 70s when we were both 12 year old hippie potheads. She was a nice kid, and we ended up working at SOhozat together for a while in the 80s. RIP.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Omg all the wonderful memories, these were the best days of my life!! Seeing the Bad Brains at the jane St hotel a show I remember well!! My girl Jody, my old buds,Harley,Mick,Jon…. Unless you lived it you just don’t understand!!!

  114. the G says:

    Charlotte Harris = Charlotte Webb

    HA! I knew that was her! Neil M., thank you for verifying that. She looked a little different when I knew her (approx ’84). The “12 year old hippie potheads” thing was funny too–I didn’t know that about her. We were in night school at Washington Irving together, same class… we had both failed American History. I guess we were “16 year old punk potheads”! Forgot about Sohozat too (great store)–I guess that’s how I knew her. I was friends with a guy who worked at some luncheonette west of Canal (Tommy’s?), and he took me in there a few times.
    Thx for the tip on that Sylvia Plachy book… will check it out.
    Anyway, yeah… she was a nice kid. RIP, Charlotte.

  115. Frenchie's Sister says:

    @Neil Martinson
    My name is Deanna and you can reach me via email-
    Frenchie used to tell everyone that I was his real sister, but we were only related by the streets of the Lower East Side, Wah Wah Hut, Psycho Mongo’s and Spiral.
    He used to stay with me from time to time, but we were just close friends. Took me for my first and only tattoo.
    Let’s talk,k? I’m also looking for Johnny D Luxe, if anyone knows what happened to him.

  116. Frenchie's Sister says:

    @Neil Martinson
    BTW- I think I knew your sister Judy too. Was she his girlfriend around ’93-94? Tell her to contact me if it is the same Judy,k?

  117. Alex J says:

    I never thought we’d be nostalgic for those days, but here we are. It’s great to see these. I remember many of these faces even when I never knew their names. It’s awesome to remember.

  118. Connie Hall says:

    Brooke- I remember you always taking pictures and always wondered what happened to you.(I booked the matinees and was the bartender during this time period.) Now I’m thinking how could I not recognize her on TV. My daughter Camille was 3 when moved there so she grew up in the scene. I have pictures of her and Harley when he babysat her, she and Frenchie and Sasha and Ira.

    I wish I’d taken more photos but thanks to you we have some great photo memories of those days and of course all of those we lost.

    I moved to SF and married an old sweetheart from the “old” days.

    I still have crazy dreams where I’m in the club (CBGB) and Hilly’s there and sometimes he’s yelling at me (and sometimes not) and the bands are there and well everyone looks the same as in your pictures.


  119. Daryl says:

    Hey Connie!! I was the kid you got into that horror movie remember?? I am in the fourth picture from the top. I am glad to hear you are doing well. I have nothing but good memories of these people and those days. Back when people looked out for each other and the scene was real. Thank you for the great photos Brooke. – DK

    As One!

  120. Frenchie's Sister says:

    Hey Daryl- that’s Frenchie in the fourth pic down. And yeah, it was a time where you could really count on your friends. And oh yeah, the scene was so real. My memories are filled with lots of love and caring among my friends. I’m not sure if I knew you cuz lots of stuff from then is a little hazy… you know. My email is above if you want to reach me.

  121. nyualum says:

    i was amy keim’s roommate at nyu freshman year- not sure where she is now – but she worked really, really hard and so did all the agnostic front members and extended band people to develop the scene and promote it. aside from the music and the style, there was very serious dedication and hard work – no one ever mentions that.

  122. Jan Impala says:

    Wow, great to see these. Its hard to beleive this was 30 years ago already. Crazy. Those of us still in NYC, we live in a very different place now.

  123. left0 says:

    nyc aint the same, the country aint the same.
    nowadays if you have a shaved head and docs you get put on a terrorist watchlist.

  124. Daryl says:

    @Frenchie’s sister. I meant the third photo from the top. I met Frenchie hanging out at Tompkins when I was 15. Always a cool guy. We looked up to him and Ray. R.I.P

  125. […] A more complete list of the photo’s can be found at: […]

  126. JSIN says:

    If anyone has contact info for Brooke can you put her in contact with me? Trying to get some hi res photos of Ray/Warzone for a project I’m doing… Anyone else that has hi res photos or flyers and wanna hook me up get at me. They need to be at least 1024×768 resolution. laters.

  127. GDT says:

    Thank you so much for posting these great old pics. I worked as a Grip on a film shoot with Brooke Smith around 1994 but I had no idea she was in the NYHC scene. Great photos.

  128. Paul from staten island says:

    Great photos I remember Brooke and I got the chance to work with her as well awesome person I miss the show the people and that NYC .

  129. Beth Tully says:

    Woah, is that Skinhead Alex? Poor thing.

  130. Scott Squat says:

    Awesome photos!! Wicked sad about Aaron, Jenny, and Frenchie

  131. Scott Squat says:

    Any photos of Ralphie Boy, Jackie Breyer (another sad loss for mankind), John Guzman or Brother D? Batman or Dave from Minneapolis? If so, please post. Scotty Bindle, Nausea & Misery Crew

  132. Jason says:

    Mom , will you send me more money from Scarsdale, please?

  133. John Favorite says:

    First…my buddy Frenchie…R.I.P. my brother. Anyone know Mikey from “Stisism”. I’m trying to find him and Jason from “Krieg Kopf”. L.E.S. NYHC L.A.M.F.!!!!!

  134. jeff says:

    hey, any ideas where frenchie was from? Quebec? Montreal? France?

  135. Wahwahgirl says:

    Mmmmm…. I think Montreal, for sure NOT France- the head is kinda fuzzy from those dayz. Shit, just to still be alive from those dayz is pretty awesome! Anyone know whatever happened to Johnny D Luxe?

  136. coryosity- ILENE says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I was good friends with Jenny and Aaron and so sad to hear they are both gone. :(
    They would be shocked at what E. 8th btw B and C has become– where is the squat was. I remember when I moved back looking and looking for those buildings like they would still be there. Gone gone gone. Condos on top of what used to be. Saw Dandy about 10
    Years ago too. She’s still around. That time is long gone… Glad I was there. Played in the ScumFest at CB’s with Jenny and I on vocals. Somehow thought she made it out alive.

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  138. Valchy says:

    Awesome photos! Great collection! Really brings back memories of a magical time and place that is no longer there, but which will live in my heart for ever. NYHC for EVER!!!

  139. billybill231 says:

    I remember the scene well! Lot of familiar faces. I think Roger and Agnostic Front are touring right . No idea what the Cromags are doing. Harley’s probably still fighting with Johnny.

  140. Danny says:

    Is that Aaron with Jenny Lush?

  141. Danny says:

    @ coryosity- ILENE: White Man’s Grave Ilene? If you are who you think you are check out your photo with Jenny @ and join the group. Don’t know if you remember me. THere’s a picture of me there.

  142. Danny says:

    Aaron was a sweet guy. He used to climb over the fence of the supermarket and grab giant bags of cans that had already been turned in for recycling and either recycle them again or give them to people that needed them. I called him the Green Haired Robin Hood.

  143. Joe X says:

    Wow. Two of my old roomates. Jenny Lush ( in SF ) and Dandy. I lived with Lee Marie and Dandy ( is she still with us? )in some hotel on 34th st, then moved to the Hardcore House squat with Lee ( she was my off and on girl and always best friend until the end ), Cro Mags and Warzone lived there too. Should be a shot of Lee and her band Scab here! R.I.P. Lee, miss you terribly. That NYC is gone gone gone. I’m still playing music though. Oh, Sheer Terror should be here too. Paul’s new band Joe Coffee is great.

  144. Asti says:

    I last saw Ralphie Boy at Frenchie’s wake at CB’s. Last time I saw Frenchie alive was in Thompkins the year before he went. He was passed out on the bench, I was chatting with Bill. Some drunk-punk OD’d and it was like a bad joke – how many junkies does it take to call 911?

    Anyway, what about Gavin? And is it both Big & Little Charlie gone now?

    I never dreamed, at the time, that I would outlive all these guys. I miss the old scene but it can be sad to swing by the park and see some of the same faces still sitting on the same benches… Best thing I ever did was to leave the states or I’m sure I’d be gone as well.

  145. Anonymous says:

    wow awesome flix from the good ol days. 4th photo from bottom is that carl ‘mosher’ in back room at cbgbs? and who is that smokin next to him? looks so familiar . RIP Carl!! see you on the other side ol friend!

  146. jay says:

    Oh man… So many old faces.. Brings back great memories of my youth running the streets of the LES in the mid 80’s..Cb’s,Pyramid.ABC No Rio.The original Rock Hotel,Lizmar lounge.The Palladium.After hours at the Wah Wah Hunt,The Alcatraz… Those were the best days of my life!!Is that carl the mosher in pic 26 and 4th from bottom? RIP CARL!!!See you on the other side!!!

  147. aunt sandy says:

    I miss Frenchy and Psycho Mongos

  148. […] could extract conceptual interests rather than just aesthetic differences from their images. Brooke Smith’s gritty portraits of artists, musicians and street urchins were a melancholy yet beautiful look at […]

  149. Miguel Morales says:

    Great fucking pictures

  150. Elizabeth says:

    Ah, miss those days…was hanging on L.ES./thompkins sq mid to late 80s. Anyone here remember Starchild or Joey Nails (lived at st marks hotel)

  151. Lilah says:

    I’m only 16 and these photos are really fucking amazing, thank you for sharing. I feel like I was born in the wrong time and place.

  152. Mike says:

    WOW, these photos bring back memories. Glad I was there for the early 80’s punk scene. I was at every Saturday matinee show at CBGBs 81-83 (yes they started as Saturday shows). It was not just about the music but the people. A lot of interesting characters. Bands were raw and real. You could hang with them and get to know them as people. Not like today, “want a photo? That’ll be $20.” LES in the early 80’s was so raw, dirty and dangerous but also attracted really creative and cool people. A7, pyramid, peppermint lounge, rat cage, Great Gildersleeves, Ukranian National Hall (yes there were shows there), basements of stores, free shows at Thompkins Sq park,… repressed memories coming back now. :)

  153. Jim Noone says:

    Breaks my heart to see Frenchie lifting his shirt. It seems like he was always removing clothing to show all his ink to some girl. Last time I ever saw him (in the 1990s), he was shirtless and dropping his pants showing off his work to a girl at what was then “No Tell Motel” Bar on Avenue A.

  154. will meyer says:

    rip my brother Frenchie spent four of the best years of my life hanging with you bro night after Alcatraz park in and blanches any one remember Charlie bananas

  155. Alexa says:

    I’m in a lot of these pictures, my favorite one is Tommy Carroll ABM day I sitting in the dressing room at CB’s. Charlie Bananas is alive and well and living in Kentucky. I visited him a few years ago.

  156. Cupcake says:

    Nice to see that people had some individuality back then…

  157. Larry k says:

    Lazar is in the little black dress in picture well around 36 ? She’s the girl on the left ?

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