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• 05.19.16 10:04 pm

Had a fun chat with Paul Joseph Watson today AKA @PrisonPlanet for Alex Jones’ Info Wars.  


  1. The Seahorse says:

    Good interview – I enjoyed it.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Awesome! However, I think if a comedian said “kikes” it would take more than a pee pee joke to shake off the damage.

  3. Samantha says:

    Defining deviancy up –it’s in the Robert Bork book “slouching towards gomorrah”. Think it was coined by Krauthammer.

  4. Unrepentant Realist says:

    Defining “down” to an ever lower lowest common denominator of deviancy so that less and less of formerly morally reprehensible behavior is seen as such. Incremental changes (Frog in pot) that that are seen in stark relief only with hindsight.
    All you need is the imprimatur of the Secular high priests in the AMA, APA, and the black robes and you miraculously define away deviancy.
    Before you know it chicks with dicks are sitting in a stall next to your daughter.

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