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• 07.27.17 06:17 am

It’s crazy how hard it is for people to accept that everything is still racist. I guess they don’t realize racism has nothing to do with fact or fiction. The only thing that really determines whether something is racist or not is how a person feels about it. Luckily, Miles has come up with a possible solution to all this and explains in this video.

  1. Where is It Now??? says:

    Speaking of media, whatever happened to Milo? Curled up in an AIDS quilt eating fudge in some old queen’s apartment?

  2. Fuck off. says:

    Gavin, you inbred part tattare (a verson of gypsies).

    Hitler was also part gypsy, hense the reverse east indian flag and the nazis trying to prove tht germans were from india. Stangl, gypsy tatter (1/2, atleast).

    Look at you, bribed by h&m, who are part gypsy thieves and serious criminals.

  3. Fuck off. says:

    Fuck hipsters also. Fuckin rasist loosers with their retro shit. All they have is like a rock band popular ten yers ago (boring worse version of the stones) and Gavin / Vice.

    Also you disrespect African American culture. ANd they actually did something.

  4. Also... says:

    People who are part gypsy tend to stick together and there is an overrepresentation of thievery and lying. This can come from gypsy culture.

    Some people think they are to a larger degree neanderthal than other people. Some humans mixed with neanderthals. There was also an inbetween species between neanderthals and humans, that there was in America and Australia for example. The mauris / aboriginals are like 17 % this inbetween species. There is also probably more inbreeding due to incest and pedophilia in this group.

    The part gypsies tend to have mixed quite often with the whites who are to larger degree inbred and or part neanderthal probably. And also with part arabs. So many of them are more pro immigration because of that. But then many of them are against immigration also.

    Some of them are part greek due to some greek king and his heir moving to India. The most successful ones tend to be part greek, though this is just a small part of “them”.

    Some of them have brown genitals because of their east Indian background, some doesn’t.

    They are often very successfull in business and probably aboot 90 % of the capital in the world is controlled by part gypsies. This includes the media, banks, record companies, you name it.

    Most journalists and politcians are part gypsies.

    And part gypsies tend to try to marry by sucecss and thus a large part of people owning businesses that are not part gypsy has married part gypsies.

    Part gypsies tend to be quite often anti non part gypsies, because they have felt supressed.

    So white people who are not part gypsy need to make some money regardless of how, they need to make their own financial institutions and media and it could be an idea to stop watchinh the part-gypsies in movies and the telly a large part of the spare time.

    Some people who are part gypsy do great things. Maybe beacuse they are part east indian. East Indians tend t be very ambitios and also hard working. Whites who are not part gypsy have very little money, so they need to buld an alternative economy, fast, like the African Americans has done to some degree.

    To speed this up, it could be an idea to collaborate with any people from other cultural groups who ae not part gypsy.

  5. Whooaa says:

    Hey fuck off.

    Hitler was probably part warewolf, part alien (and most aliens are cool), part iranian/turk, part hunn asian (or mongolian or whatever) and so on.

    And Mozart was probably part asian also so that’s not a problem as such.

    I guess it must be the inbreeding or something.

    But shure, the east indian symbol seems to hint that he may have had a strong gypsy identity.

    Also the nazis didn’ murder gypsies, only a few and that was by mistake. so…

    Maybe the part gypsies in germany were really scared of the diotic “race science”, from sweden I think. Which at the time focused partially on differences within a country” and it may have been close to find out aboot the part gypsy and gypsy tattare ting.

    So then they may have hijacked the racist thing because they were afraid of it. ANd the whole one people one race may have been about mixing in with non part gypsy germans i.e. the wast majority.

    Maybe thats why the nzis sent 250 000 soldiers to Norway, to mix with the Norwegians Maybe they sent the most gypsy people there, to have them be less gypsy. And Norwegians are smart but don’t eat lunch (like the Dutch and are hence stressed out). Maybe that’s why the Norwegians hated them so much apart from the idiotic ideology murders and terrible occupation of course. The Norwegian resistance movement grew lagely during the occupation.

  6. run 3 says:

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