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• 05.29.09 11:20 am

eem, they are a savvy lot these women, especially the ones traveling on the el solomente. that is why preparation is indeed not a trivial digression into mental what ifs.- “maybe i will get layed tonight” but indeed, a necessary requirement.

eem, they are a savvy lot these women, especially the ones traveling on the el solomente. that is why preparation is indeed not a trivial digression into mental what ifs.- “maybe i will get layed tonight” but indeed, a necessary requirement.

its just about, getting the game on the tights.

i am getting ramped up to go traveling again and found this in one of my journals,

no recollection of flippscrpit, yes, all you beautiful ladies out there, guys keep journals too. game on-again.

from an idioschmate functioning alcoholic that does not pay for sex, or touchy feelie naughties,


PS: i am rukking for about 2 months. i will do a piece on katoey’s. but only thai or kymer, the others are way too manly. kymers and thais are sensual and have women like sensitivities. its weird, but very cool…

me-am a heterosexual male, however, when you hangout at a katoey bar it is mindfucking beautiful fun, the girls are a gas to talk to, its unspokenly really heartfelt, you end up hugging in shit after a night hanging out at these weird underground bars, when you are a patron that chooses not to fuck. i tip well just the whole ickkie disease deal pesuades your penis not to muck about. its a real physiological double take.

the girls are beautiful and have very complicated lives.


  1. Vane$$a says:

    I guess you’re back to posting “anything.”

  2. homeless. says:

    are you a fucking christmas tree?

  3. Loomis says:

    This is so weird, it’s art.

  4. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something says:

    I agree with Loomis. Borderline masterpiece.

  5. homeless. says:

    ps. everytime my german friend got blind drunk i would have to catch him from wandering off into the shadows with a ladyboy; after about two weeks of baby sitting i let him go. He didnt say much the next day, and i didnt have to baby sit anymore. Lesson learned.

    Thai girls lick asshole, they love it, some girl there licked my asshole after knowing me for about two hours of drinks, she was a cool girl too, had a reg job as a chef, a real nice apartment and was pretty smart and witty.

    I hopped on the back of her scooter and she drove me back to her place, she took a shower, we fucked, she licked my asshole and i busted a nut all over a tattoo of buddha on her lower back, the next day i walked back to my place, My friend Evan was there, he had gone off on the back of her friends scooter that same night.

    I walked through the door and we laughed, hell yeah, we both got laid by some pretty hot girls, but wait “Yo, Evan, I got tell you some funny shit, this girl she licked my asshole”

    “Hahahaha, me too, my girl licked my asshole too”

    we high-fived!

  6. Handsome B. Wonderful says:

    I’ve never experienced anyone as aggressive as a working kathoey. Within thirty seconds of sitting down at Cascade in Nana Plaza (Bangkok) I had a drink, a ladyboy’s hand on my dick, and one of my hands on their giant fake-ass titty (placed there by them). Shit was mindblowing.

  7. Street Boning Open Mic's says:

    also n. Malarkey

  8. ellaphit says:

    h aha ah ah ahaha ha ah aha aa h a a a a ha a ah aaaaaaah

  9. DickZits says:

    I don’t like to complain when something isn’t exactly to my liking, because for the most part this site keeps me pretty well entertained. This one though, is a waste of internets.

    And this retarded dickbag schlepping around Asia is a waste of dickbags and Asians.

  10. bob "naan nigga" barker says:

    goofy farang!

  11. Ernest Queefingway says:

    Did the same guy who writes those Nigerian scam emails write this?

  12. loosejuice says:

    Did you write this while shrooming? Christ.

  13. wack-boy says:

    This guy should be a regular.

  14. El Mysterio says:

    Hire this one, and force him to be SC’s version of Andy Rooney. He probably has the same interests.

  15. haha says:


    agreed. please replace val w/ jami.

  16. rapekit says:

    this is the worst shit ever posted on any site EVER.

    ive tried reading it several times and i dont understand why it was posted or how retarded some people really are.

    i know its all personal preference, but i dont think i prefer human excrement.

  17. fun stuff says:

    what’s with the hate kiddo? hold on..i will translate 1Q84 for you if you become nicer. no showing off, just trying to be nice, love- jami

  18. fun stuff says:


  19. fmblue says:

    when i went to bangkok i slept with a ladyboy on purpose and without shame. She had a nice tight asshole. I slept with various other street slime and didn’t use a condom the entire time i was there. When i came back my penis was white hot and I had to have it attended to. That was actually a good thing because the young doctress that sorted me out cupped my balls gently and asked if there was any pain. I said that there was and she told me not to worry. She then jabbed my pee hole and send me on my way with some pills.

    Good times all around.

  20. Ali Abdul says:

    Did you come in the Ass of the LadyBoy?

    Ali55xx AT Yahoo

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