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Evan Hatcher
• 01.22.15 11:03 am
It bites not having any proof that you exist. The phrase, “Sir, can I see some id?” becomes a sort of cue to brace yourself for the crash. Cops and bouncers are your worst enemies. Maybe they’re real people’s enemies, too. I wouldn’t know, though, because I don’t exist.


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• 01.21.15 04:00 pm


The first time I did the Race Wars podcast some bitch threw a phone at me for pointing out she would be probably be more fulfilled as a housewife.  MORE»

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Daniel Noonan
• 01.21.15 11:56 am


Normally I don’t care about what celebrities think about this and that. I’m not the kind of guy who will boycott a movie because I don’t like something an actor said or did and that isn’t going to change. I also believe that celebrities are entitled to share their opinions regardless of whether I agree with them or not. For some reason I’ve let Seth Rogen, yes you read that right, SETH ROGEN get under my skin. It isn’t something I’m proud of either. MORE»

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• 01.20.15 10:15 am


George Clooney? George fucking Clooney? Have you no mercy? First it’s the hashtags and the selfies and now Hollywood celebrities are saying they don’t want to live under Sharia Law? What’s next, people holding pencils in the air – Wait, that’s already happened!? MORE»

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• 01.20.15 08:53 am

He’s at the physical peak of his life and is clearly mentally unbalanced. That’s not a good combo. That’s the kind of situation you get knocked out with one punch and he keeps wailing on your head like you’re a stuffed animal.  MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 01.19.15 10:44 am


I am a third year university student from Toronto and I hate everyone my age. Allow me to explain. Recently, during a 15-minute break in a 3-hour lecture I was scrolling through images of the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher grocery store terrorist attacks on Facebook when I overheard something utterly nauseating from three shrieking girls behind me. MORE»