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Posted by
Seth Macy
• 04.27.16 02:32 pm


The blowback against Neil deGrasse Tyson has picked up its pace and that’s great news for anyone who appreciates the joy of being alive. MORE»

Posted by
John Pittsley
• 04.27.16 02:06 pm


We can all agree there’s nothing intrinsically racist about blackface, right? It’s just something people feel they need to be offended by and accuse others of being racist for doing. MORE»

Posted by
HJ Fountain
• 04.26.16 11:31 am


Now that American culture has become so degraded, our language so bastardized, and our basic common sense twisted ass-backward—I for one, am not at all surprised by the latest uproar over allowing Jim the Tranny into our women’s bathrooms. MORE»

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• 04.25.16 05:52 pm

This interview was done a few days ago so it’s slightly more forgivable I didn’t know Trump’s bathroom stance.  MORE»

Posted by
Street Carnage
• 04.25.16 03:00 pm


Is there anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance to beat Fred Armisen to death with a couple of their buds? MORE»

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• 04.22.16 12:27 pm

If you’re thinking of moving up there when Trump wins, you’re really only talking about two cities, Toronto and Vancouver.  MORE»