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• 11.21.14 10:45 am


This is Chadd Harbold (yes there are two Ds). He’s a director I’ve known since 2008 when he was still in film school and we did the movie Asshole together. I thought I knew him well but last week, I discovered he really likes lemonade. MORE»

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• 11.20.14 11:41 am


Did you ever cum twice at the same time? Like, you have an orgasm and you think it’s over and then you get this other huge surge? It’s like having 1.5 orgasms.  MORE»

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Anthony Rogers
• 11.20.14 11:23 am


If your kids or you know a kid that is being bullied… show him this list and save his/her life. If you’re a kid and you’re on this site, your parents probably don’t love you enough to regulate what you see on the internet.  MORE»

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John Pittsley
• 11.20.14 11:15 am

Enough is enough. I think it’s about time we take a page out of our crazy Quaker brothers’ book and start forcibly shaving some of these ninnie’s beards. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t have a problem with the recent rise in popularity of beards and facial hair in general. But I can’t fucking stand a certain group of men who grow beards: quirky betas. MORE»

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HJ Fountain
• 11.18.14 07:44 pm


So, I watched Bill Maher interview Rand Paul on his HBO show. It was a little strange—while Paul dodged a few Left-wing go-to questions, he actually got applause for his answers on things like restoring voting rights to felons and tamping down the “War on Drugs.” MORE»

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• 11.14.14 09:16 am


Democrats love the idea of blacks but actual blacks bum them out. They hate that real negroes believe in God, are pro-life, think homosexuality is a sin, hate science fiction, and don’t blog.  MORE»