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• 09.24.14 12:07 pm



Back in 2008, when Steve-O was at his lowest point, he’d send out these ranting emails about life and humanity that went on forever and were fucking hilarious.  MORE»

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• 09.24.14 09:32 am
Wasting away in a dirty room on a diet of Seroquil and orange juice, a friend from my alma mater–Can you say that about high school?–informed me that a new student group has been formed at our high school, ”The Students of Color Club.” MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 09.23.14 09:06 am



SMILEY, 59, CHELSEA: What do I think about football? Well, it’s physical, brutal, challenging sport. You gotta be able to endure a lot of physical punishment on that field. MORE»

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HJ Fountain
• 09.22.14 09:30 am


“Hi, I’m a complainypants faggot and I wrote three complete sentences!” I imagine that’s the applicant’s sent e-mail headline for a job at Salon or AlterNet or Playgirl. Fear the whiny-queer or near-queer. They’re here, Ra, Ra, get used to it! When did every writer capable of structuring a paragraph become society’s psychoanalysts? MORE»

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Redmond Weissenberger
• 09.22.14 09:09 am


For those of you who aren’t in the know, the globe hasn’t been warming. Yup, contrary to the billions of dollars spent since 1988 on propaganda, global warming and now “climate change”(rebranded to due to  lack of warming) is bullshit. The socialist response to this revaluation? More socialism.  MORE»

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John Pittsley
• 09.22.14 08:46 am


There’s a lot of shitty hobbies one can have; writing letters to the editor of a magazine or newspaper, submitting articles to a website, or commenting on said articles religiously. But raising bees has to be near, if not at, the top of that list. MORE»