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• 01.28.15 10:07 am

As it says in the write up, ideally you make two squeeze bottles: A thick batter one for outlines and a thin batter one for filler. I didn’t bother with that here and rarely do. More on my Instagram #TheGavin2000 and #PancakeMorning.

  1. Reggie says:

    Ha his expression is priceless. I always wondered how you made them. nice Zubaz btw

  2. raymi says:


  3. brendan donnelly says:

    this is the only reason why i want kids

  4. Mistersoftee says:

    Deers and Zubaz.

  5. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    I feel like hump day is a concept espoused by people like my mom’s colleague Pam (40s, heavyset, single, cat lover). Cute kids and cool idea though.

  6. smully says:

    Your kids and your hairy belly make this.

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