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Aileen Awesome
• 08.25.09 10:00 am

Awhile ago I overheard some girl talking about men’s obsessions with used panties and how she was paying her rent by selling her old underwear online.

Awhile ago I overheard some girl talking about men’s obsessions with used panties and how she was paying her rent by selling her old underwear online. Now this girl lives in gentrified Williamsburg so she must have been making bank. Shit, if I that’s all it takes to have raunchy loud sex without my mom barging in, I’m down.

Let me explain: I’m still living at home with my mom. At first I thought it was worth it to be living rent-free, but after a few too many drunk mornings of waking up to her screaming “THIS IS NOT A MOTEL” while pointing at a barely covered, flaccid penis I’ve decided it may be time to get a place of my own. The only problem is that I’m $18,000 in debt (Why would you give an 18 year old a credit card and then send them to art school!?) and until that’s clear, I’m not going anywhere.

I was mulling over the plan when the light bulb in my room burnt out and another one flipped on in my head. What’s the point of selling your own panties? If you do that then you have to spend money buying new panties. Fuck that. My Hello Kitty panties are cute and besides, why not cut the overhead costs? That’s just business smarts. My solution: my mom has a ton of panties that she isn’t going to miss; why not grab a few pairs, wear ’em around for awhile, and then hawk those?

Click on pics for the eBay pages!

Need cash, not your pity.
-Aileen Awesome

  1. she has a nice body.

  2. Merd says:

    what a hussy

  3. John Doie says:

    frenchy you little fag I’d like to kick your teeth in.

  4. sho nuff says:

    your mom has a flaccid penis?

  5. greg says:

    Im sure this won’t upset her mom either

  6. William S. Burroughs says:


  7. Reality says:

    Good luck with that Latoya… Sistah needs a little bit more ass in the ass department.

    OH AND… Is that your Art School Thesis I see back there?

  8. crampon says:

    seriously 18k in debt? you might want to skip the panties, and sell the pussy.

  9. ew says:

    PERIOD STAINS!!!!!!!! ID BE MORTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!

  10. John Doie says:

    Holy shit, Arv–I think some of these shitheads need to be moderated.

  11. Bare Grillz says:

    Really flying off the shelves, aren’t they?

  12. imyar says:

    ebay will pull down these auctions, you need the adult sleazebag ebay.

  13. Mystery Banana says:

    might just be the perfect strainer for my tea

  14. Dirty Dylan says:

    Wanna cut overhead costs?? What I do is I go to this shitty parties, where people are dressed like fucking idiots and I steal their shit. Cell phones, lab tops, cameras, purses, money clips, and lighters. This kids live off their parents money, so its ok, plus they never think it was stolen they just think they got tooo drunk and lost it.

    Then you can sell that to your friends, or go down to Junction and sell that shit no problem.

    Ps. There should be a follow up blog if this undies selling thing worked or not.

  15. Vane$$a says:

    I thought this was supposed to be a comedy site. Where are the pics of her art?

  16. Your mom is a twat says:

    listen to what crampon says.

  17. Clapback. says:

    Credibility? Someone should have told her that you have to be hot to pull this off, or at least have good lighting. It’s a crowded market, and you aren’t that awesome.

  18. I would never buy panties if I couldn’t pre-sniff.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i think she’s rather bright.

  20. Anonymous says:

    don’t waste time though. you don’t have to wear them around for a while. just put a little tuna juice in the crotch area and rub your dog’s shit into the ass portion of it. voila! used panties.

  21. wyatt says:

    zero bids. you’re killing it, guuurrrlll…. boy I sure hope you get more out of your art school degree than you seem to be out of this cockamamie money making scheme. although, I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt it.

  22. Atheist says:


  23. SARS says:

    awww wheres my comment??? I’m sure someone would agree with what I wont repeat for fear of being deleted yet AGAIN. :[ and this gets kept?!!?!?

    “don’t waste time though. you don’t have to wear them around for a while. just put a little tuna juice in the crotch area and rub your dog’s shit into the ass portion of it. voila! used panties.”

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… dont know what kind of mysogynistic thought process furnished this comment but tuna juice? dog shit? wtf kind of used panties has that dude gotten into?!?! FUCK!

  24. a4awesome says:

    Sorry to disappoint I never went to art school for painting/drawing. I can’t draw for shit, but I can make a kick-ass futon out of wood.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Now THAT sounds lucrative.

  26. Dork says:

    I like the ones with crotch rot – the laced up ones. That is nasty! Guys should go crazy for them. I’m being absolutely serious.

  27. Mark says:

    Who gives a shit about your panties – this post is strikingly mundane.

  28. Dork says:

    Also, if you have some really crusty, stinky shoes some fetishist will buy them too.

  29. John Doie says:

    This is hilarious! My LOL is at level-literal right now.

  30. mortimer says:

    You saw it here in the leave us a message box: “Ms. Awesome live with me in Italia and you live like rich queen.”

  31. chloeisababy says:

    I bet she would get some bids if she were selling that kitty calendar instead of stained panties.

  32. David McStarofDavid says:

    FantastiqUE! THANK YOU soooooooo much for sharing!!!!!!! Mother and daughter vag cheese all in one convenient set of drawers. It’s brilliant!!!!!!

  33. bloodyknows says:

    why would you go to art school if that painting behind you demonstrates your level of skill during (i assume) high school? that looks like paint-by-numbers garbage. this is the problem with kids these days: they are so entitled that they think, “hey, art school could be cool even though i have no artistic talent,” and then blow hundreds of thousands of dollars of their parents’ money on a useless bfa. give me a goddamn break you spoiled poseur.

  34. a4awesome says:

    Once again people I never went to art school for painting/drawing or took credit for that painting – I do furniture. Let’s think outside the box for once.

  35. Claude Monet says:

    that’s sort of fouwl. i judge.

  36. raquel says:

    since aileen is getting dogged in these comments im going to be nice. if i were a creepy guy i’d buy your panties bb

  37. PST says:

    Get a job groder

  38. this gives me a headache says:

    This is fucking played. You know who did it first.

  39. lol@u says:

    not convincing at all. try harder.

  40. jbosh says:

    ugh. You people. And this post. I can’t decide who is worse.

    Crass would not approve

  41. FIZZLE says:


  42. french guy says:

    sorry, “fuck haute couture”, but vane$$a made me laugh for the first time.

  43. Anonymous says:

    @ Vane$$a “Where are the pics of her art?”

    THIS is her art… (art with a capital F)

  44. POOKLES says:

    Hold on… are you wearing panties beneath the laced panties?

  45. Old Man says:

    $18K? If you have anything resembling a brain or hustle, you can pay that off in a year. Come talk to me when you have six-figure debt, not one shitty year of working worth of debt.

  46. Youngteam says:

    stuff ’em up your vagina. That’s the way to get that “used” smell fast.

  47. fik says:

    she likes obama , lame paintings , carefully organized shit on the walls , kitties and girls with hot buddies . hmmm . and why are you standing on your bed ? it makes your awkward room even more uncomfortable ! i am leaving , this room says i live with momy . and i dont bang girls when they live with their mommies .

  48. asdfghjkl; says:

    you’re a retard, what the fuck does Obama have to do with selling your drawls on Ebay?

  49. papajoe says:

    She was wearing undies under her undies. That defeats the purpose all together.

  50. fik says:

    haha . its a fucking cliche to have posters on your walls when you live with mommy retard .thats it . oh and like obama is any different than palin at all . he is a bit more educated thats it . paa- leee- zeee dont tell me you believe in a political revolution . than i have to put you with you rest of tards.

  51. frenchy says:

    surprised the one with the period stain didnt sell atleast…

  52. POOKLES says:

    Geez. How awesome is it that nobody would buy your dignity?

  53. Im just a regular college student here, a REAL GIRL! Theres nothing gross about used panties. I have a panty fetish myself, I know some of you do too. Check out my site and leave me some comments about what you think.

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  57. yourstupid says:

    wow .. thats gross you got shit and pussy stains on them UNATTRACTIVE!!

  58. Jazmine says:

    ewwww they have stain and junk on them gross.

  59. Deanna says:

    WTF is up with the last 2 pairs?? That’s so f’ing disgusting!!

  60. Layla says:

    Umm that discharge color signifies an STD babe.

  61. bachgirl05 says:

    Would love to know how to go about selling Used underwear.

  62. Anonymous says:

    hey all of you wanting to sell your panties go to

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  64. Selling used panties online is a great way to make a living, but there are few good ways to vend used panties.

  65. Tina Louise says:

    Dear you are just So Luscious, I could just eat you up! I LOVE your pics, and would love to become your friend. I like what you are doing, and would treasure a sweet juicy pair of your panties, to put on my pillow, so I have a sweet place to lay my head at night. Hugs Tina

  66. Tina Louise says:

    Hun, the ebay link is not good now. Please email me direct, and lets deal that way. I can not believe all the negative assholes that posted on here.

    I guess that they provably drink out of a toilet and eat off the ground in a pig pen!


  67. lilylily says:

    ciao ragazzi,
    i am a 28 years old italien girl who sells her dirty underwear…i understand why people buys this kind of staff…i always smell my flatmate string before putting them in the washing mashing…i just love this…who wants to smell me then ? :*
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