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• 07.30.10 11:17 am

I once did uncut coke a naive Costa Rican fisherman found floating in the ocean after a bust. My nose candy days are over but what a wild ride this particular batch was.

Perfect Coke… from Decon on Vimeo.

I once did uncut coke a naive Costa Rican fisherman found floating in the ocean after a bust. My nose candy days are over but what a wild ride this particular batch was.


  1. COOL! says:

    Wow, max cool for sure. Way to cool it up for us unfortunates of no cool. How insane was the coke, OH RIGHT, you just said…it was IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInsane! COOL!

  2. Gnarles in Charge says:

    Why do you ALWAYS make it a point to point out that you DON’T do drugs anymore whenever you relay any of your drug stories? You’re like one of those Bikers for Christ who used to be a Hell’s Angel.

  3. Joey Two-Times says:

    Probably because he has kids, genius.

  4. yikes says:

    well gnarles, people who used to do a lot of coke sometimes like to reminisce, your analogy is actually pretty good – but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. just like the christ-bikers, the former cokeheads can reminisce and tell stories of the coke days, because they’re better fodder for stories, just like being a hell’s angel made for better stories than being out there doing good.

    the coke-free life is obviously much better, but reminiscing is good too.

    and what gavin says in the video about all the shit they put in it is so true. that’s what’s making your dick limp and jaw dance.

  5. homeless says:

    until i get the real shit, no more cho-caine for me!


  7. half a kitten says:

    uncut coke is a lie, gavin. its cut before it leaves the factory

    unless you are in the mountains of colombia, peru or bolivia, i dont believe you, but thanks for playing, cunt.

  8. hagenshape says:

    That was a hilarious story that ruled. Short and funny, more please.

  9. Juicemane says:

    man i forgot how lame Orlando was

  10. guy says:

    isn’t it something like 80% of all coke comes from Columbia, and that coke fuels wars between extreme right and extreme left militants, who murder, torture and basically fuck up their country for all of the average people who are just trying to live. Good job aiding that cause. Oh that’s right, you’re cool, so I should shut up.

  11. HOMO says:

    why do people always flip out whenever this gavin fellow says he did/does/will do coke. even the mere mention of the drug makes you all nuts! I thought everyone did the occasional snoot snackery, no big whup.. stories on cocaine: usually too long and a bummer (cos it’s your stories turn) stories about cocaine: are usually funny if it’s story-worthy. I enjoyed this one. whatever, color me queer.

  12. Taeil says:

    There have been a few guys I knew who has done pure coke for sure. One was a guy in the AirForce who met (and yes, repeatedly fucked) a girl studying abroad in Germany. He went to Columbia with her to find out her family was the head of the FARC. All those political fringe groups are fronts for drug cartels if you didn’t know that already.

    It wasn’t exactly what Gavin described but pure (or “perfect”) coke is an intense high and you can easily go fall asleep on.

    As for the other guy, let’s say the man contributed to this site and has traveled the world quite a bit.

  13. Taeil says:

    Fuck me, my use of “has” instead of “have” is atrocious, and I meant to add “it” after “asleep on.”

    By the way, the other guys isn’t ME, I haven’t been to a Latin American country south of Mexico. That other guy had his own show…

  14. maurice del taco says:

    bullshit your coke days are over

  15. hey qq says:

    600 x 464 you pot head, what kind of service is this? Video all small in the window ass suck ass bullshit ass ninja. WHatare u rich?

  16. gavin smells so bad says:

    its like FOOT, except there two of it.

  17. gavin smells so bad says:


  18. todd says:

    i bought perfect coke on bedford and s 2nd last week that made me piss a sea of diarrhea out of my ass the next day. it stunk up my girl’s place. beat that.

  19. seth putnam says:

    So, it sounds like I don’t really like the coke, but the speed they put in it. Good to know. I’m off to Kansas to get fucking sweated out. Peace bitches.

  20. Mark says:

    Yes – it’s the stuff they add to cocaine that make it bad for you — same as tobacco. And it’s the additives in acid that make people that have bad trips. That’s why marijuana is good for you (it’s organic — just like dog poop)

  21. Frank Fittesaft says:

    What about Orlando the cat with the three mouses on its face at the end!?

  22. DeadSerious says:

    I actually like the cut in coke, theres nothing like that first shit you have to take 10 minutes in. Just thinking about coke makes my prostate spasm.

  23. Marlander Mackabie says:

    And he’s in the backseat of a prius while he’s telling this story haaaaaaaa

  24. super ghetto child says:

    yes, it is true, an anaconda line- then a good nights sleep- tops! feel bad for all the children who get shortchanged nowadays.
    nothing like the real deal- nice dreams!

  25. Frank DeFalco says:

    I had the best coke in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. But that was then…

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