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For over 21 years I’ve been working with “Scary” Perry Caravello and Walter “Mole” Molinski on The Big 3 Project or what some have called The Perry Project. I had hoped that we would be reaching an ending sometime after this October, which will be the 10th anniversary of our film Windy City Heat. But around a month ago I realized that it would be very difficult to keep it going anymore.

In 2009, after not talking to Perry at all for over a year, he got in touch with me begging me for help because his mother was dying and the print shop he worked at was going out of business. I knew that his mother still controlled his life like he was a 13-year-old kid and that nobody would ever hire this guy after his cousin’s print shop closed. The reason that I hadn’t been speaking with him was he had ruined a chance to make the sequel to WCH. He had tried to sue everyone that was part of the group. This was the same group that already had the financial backing and distribution for the film and after hearing about the lawsuit, they walked away.

The non-stop phone calls in tears had me trying to help him by at least giving him ideas on how he could make money. All of them he turned down because they were beneath him. He only wanted to do acting work. Then our pal, Jimmy Kimmel arranged it so we could get our very own Big 3 Podcast on Adam Carolla’s Ace Broadcasting. We soon realized they didn’t want us there so we left and soon after some very loyal fans donated money to keep the podcast going in a new studio. So, for the past three years we’ve been doing a weekly podcast where our ultimate goal was to raise money to do another Big 3 project. If we didn’t raise the money we would end the project with a big 10th anniversary weekend celebration in October where people could say goodbye to us.

By the end of July, Perry’s behavior was getting worse and he was making next to impossible to plan any shows because I could never tell if he was going to be there or not. Perry was always out of control with his yelling and his verbal threats but now he was becoming more violent. He would scream and take swings at everyone but my eyes started to open when he started threatening to hit our producer, Mary Jane. Each week it was getting harder to convince him to just come the show because so many people online would fuck with him by promising him show business success if Perry would stop listening to us and work with them. These people were just trying to make themselves part of the project but they had their own agenda and didn’t mesh with what we were trying to do. On top of all this we had Perry’s constant lying, threats of lawsuits, and biting. I was the only one that had money to put in and it was nickel and diming me to death. I didn’t want people to fly down for the anniversary party and have Perry not show so I decided to pull the plug on the Big 3.

What I failed to realize was how many people were affected by this project. Once I ended the show, our fan base let us know how much the whole thing had meant to them and they did everything they could to bring it back. I started to think the project didn’t end the way it should but ultimately, it’s not up to me. I think it would be best to let the fans decide. So, do you want us to come back and finish this? Let us know.


For more on the legend that is Simply Don, check out the WTF podcast he did with Marc Maron.

  1. The show must go on! Bob Hope would be proud.

  2. Fred says:

    I listen to a lot of podcasts, most of which are hosted by comedians. Ironically, out of all the Joe Rogans, Adam Carollas and Mark Marons out there, very few of the comedy podcasts I listen to are actually FUNNY! Of the few I can consistently rely on to be funny every time, The Big 3 Podcast is at the top of the heap. The B3P is key, because it drops every Friday, which, for a working stiff like me, gives that day an even more special meaning. Even if the show is not long for this world, I’m glad Don has decided to continue doing it through the end of the year. BIIIG THREE!

  3. Werx Reddy says:

    I remember, before he started working w/ Prarie, Don’s hair was beautiful. Glad he still has a great sense of humor.

  4. F.N. Seward says:

    Oh, Don! Thankyou so much for all the laughter you’ve given me in the last 6 months since discovering Windy City Heat, through Bobcat Goldthwait.
    I honestly think that the Big 3 podcast is the funniest show I’ve heard since Ricky Gervais’ old xfm radio shows. Karl Pilkington should thank his lucky stars that their trio never boiled down to such intensity as yours, Mole & Perry’s has.
    Please continue as long as you possibly can. A reality show would be sublime!
    Biiiig Three!

  5. Jack Thompson says:

    Finish it baby!!

  6. Jon Nicholas says:

    While clearly B3P is the best podcast out there, I think it transcends the medium and I would weigh it against pretty much anything on TV or film today. It truly is a spectacularly unique experience.

    I really hope you can get a project started because while it is great hearing Perry get pissed, nothing beats seeing it on video. The idea of a reality show sounds perfect. You totally deserve this to succeed. You’ve certainly put in enough money and time. If only Perry would start acting like a professional.


  7. Gillest Grant says:

    BiiiiiGGG bean town heat!

  8. Aaron Dolan says:

    I’m very happy and thankful that the Big 3 Podcast has risen from the ashes like a big, fat, greasy, Javahoe phoenix. Don, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Gavin, thank you for your hilarious additions to the worlds greatest podcast.
    And lastly, thanks to all the fans of the Big 3, the coolest and funniest fans on our planet.

  9. Tom says:

    The Big 3 Podcast is the only podcast I listen to. It’s my main source of comedy. I’ve always been a big Howard Stern fan and I still listen to his show (when he’s actually there), but since the podcast has been on, the podcast has trumped anything Stern can come up with for me.//

    The Big 3 project appeals to me on a level that is unquantifiable. As a self-admitted comedy snob, I find that most things the dullards of the world find “funny” are insufferably boring. When I find something that truly makes me laugh to the point of exhaustion, I grab a hold of it and and don’t let go.//

    I’ve had a lot of reasons to be depressed over the past couples of years, but The Big 3 Podcast was always a soothing constant. The precious hour flies by all too fast, but it’s just enough to make me smile, laugh and instantly forget any of life’s curve balls. It’s a weekly reminder that shouts: “Hey, there’s a despicable human being named Perry out there…” and instantly life is suddenly worth living.//

    As for why I need the Big 3 in my life? Well, for me it’s simple. I don’t really have much of a passion for music anymore, I don’t have any real hobbies, I loathe football and I don’t have a girlfriend … The Big 3 has become my passion, my hobby, my sport and my love. I don’t ever want to lose it, and I’ll fight for it if I have to.//

    Thank you Don for crafting such perfection. I owe you a debt I can’t possibly repay.

  10. josh says:

    The only way this thing will end properly is with Perry’s death and a joint eulogy by you and Mole followed by a sausage spaghetti chilli dinner at 7*** R***** Blvd Apt. 1**. If the project needs to go away for a while for you to focus on other things and for Perry to get desperate enough again, than I can wait; The Ding Dong Show and your Simply Don Podcast will give me enough entertainment to get by. Whatever you decide to do Don, I will support you 100%.

  11. ill_dixon says:

    I can remember blurrily watching the 2nd runthrough of Windy City Heat thru clouds of weed smoke at some late hour when I was in high school in stunned silence that was only broken by fits of Joker-style maniacal laughter. And as quickly and mysteriously as it had come into my life it was gone. Years later, I would find out this was because of Perry’s lack of vision and penchant for lawsuits. One of my best friends discovered the podcast and tipped me off to its existence at a time in my life that I really and truly needed it.. long story short I got stabbed in the back by people I had trusted implicitly and even gotten my hands dirty for, something which basically left me with nothing. And then came Don and Mole and, yes, even that greasy sack of shit Perry waltzing right back into my life, answering all the horrific questions left in the wake of Windy City Heat. When they had the 20th anniversary of Perry’s famous blowjob, the friend who had reintroduced The Big 3 back into my life was gonna donate money in the hopes of being the VIP winner. Being a broke-ass myself, I put some money towards his dream (which resulted in his tying and therefore winning). I even wrote a $10 shout-out he read at the show. Getting to be a part of this project in a tangable way like that is something I honestly treasure. I know I need The Big 3.

  12. Rick Hunter says:

    The Big 3 podcast is such an amazing and unique show and I would really miss it if it went away. I support whatever Don decides to do, but I hope he continues The Big 3 in some way or other.

  13. There is no podcast as good as this one. Long live the Big 3!

  14. John J Glanton says:

    I had watched WCH a couple of times and really liked it, but I hadn’t delved too deep into the perry project until I read some of Gavin’s shit. Now I am obsessed with the Big 3 and the comedic genius of both Don and Mole. I don’t want this brilliant clusterfuck to ever end, especially not prematurely due to Perry’s uncontrolled homosexual rage.

    Please don’t let that lying, thieving, ass eating, gypsy, semen-robber ruin this wonderful project.

  15. Nick says:

    I sometimes (like a lot of people) feel like the butt of a cosmic joke. Things and people seem to exist only as comic foils in the terrible and hilarious movie that is my life. I hate myself and the decisions I’ve made. I find fault with everything that I do, everything that I am; I am an ever-filling void of loneliness and self-loathing.

    Yet I’m not nearly as big a loser as Perry.

    Thanks for giving me the hope to live another day, Don Barris.

    Big 3 Forever!

  16. Babus says:

    Keep the fun coming Don! The past few weeks sucked without the Big 3!

  17. Cha Cha says:

    Thank God this is The Perry Project. I thought it was an effort to get Rick Perry elected president.

  18. Raymi says:

    Come back Kotter.

  19. Eddie Torres says:

    Whose side am I on? Big 3!
    Whose country do I love? Big 3!
    Everybody better get with the program! Big 3!
    Jump on the team and come on in for the big win! Big 3!
    Aye-aye! Big 3!
    BiiiGGG 3!!!

  20. Lebanezer says:

    The Big 3 is pure genius. Nothings else gives me as much joy as the weekly abusing of Perry. I still giggle to myself at random times throughout the day thinking about my favorite moments. Thank you, Don, for bringing it back! Biiiiiiiiiig 3!

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