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• 08.29.13 11:48 am


He’s not Scary, he’s Terrifying. He wants to be just like Perry but he doesn’t understand. For example, he thought Perry’s jacket was made of garbage bags, not fine quality leather. Now he looks like an asshole.

However, despite all his bamboozling . Tim keeps nailing it. Like Peter Sellers in Being There, everything Tim goes near, turns into a success story (much to poor Perry’s chagrin). Tim copies Perry’s online skateboard shop idea and it becomes America’s SK8 Headquaters. He hears Perry is patriotic so he goes off to war and (almost definitely) dies in a battle of some kind – possibly at sea? Anyway, the man is a credit to the Perpedic name and we all miss him dearly. Some say he’s still alive. Some even say he’s this guy.



To us he’ll always be the real Stone Fury. He’s a funny comedian, a great actor, an awesome skater, a war hero, and as far as I’m concerned he’s still alive. Long live Terrifying Tim!




  1. Nicole Perez says:

    He really was an American hero. I miss him so much.

  2. Andrew says:

    And now Perry ripped off Tim’s skateboard logo and is using it for his own company. It’s like some crazy ouroboros type situation.

  3. Eddie Torres says:

    Somebody even ripped off Tim’s logo after Tim was “gone.” So sleazy. America needs more heroes like Terrifying Tim and less parasites like that pseudo-skateboarder from Reseda.

  4. Aaron Dolan says:

    Tim had such a special and unique way of pissing the Scaremaster off.I loved the time he showed up at Perry’s apartment unannounced and uninvited. Perry immediately went nuclear!

  5. Spooky Sammy says:

    American hero! TT RIP.
    Tim is everything Perry wishes he could be. Except that Perry hates America.

  6. Gillest Grant says:

    I really miss Tim… RIP

  7. Perry made that rather weak “Ooooh Ooooh oooh” sound but Terrifying Tim made it his own and he made it sound macho. He turned it into a OOOH OOOH OOOOOH sound that just dripped masculinity and raw animal magnetism and also acting ability and also comedic talent.

    Infact, considering how Perry thought that Hulk Hogan was sexy I always thought that Terrifying Tim was more of a “Macho Man” Randy Savage. That would explain Perry’s attraction to him — Tim certainly had the body for it.

    Unfortunately after Tim crashed on monster island (which is totally misnamed, it’s more of a peninsula) I hoped he’d be found but I guess now we’ll never know. The fund to save Mole and Tim was part of the podcast so Perry killed the podcast and killed any chance of finding Tim.

    Blood is on Perry’s hands:

    R.I.P. TIM the best american skateboarder/actor/comedian that ever existed.

  8. Tom says:

    Tim was quite possibly the greatest creation to come out of the podcast. It was an instant home run and served the greatest purpose of the project … it drove Perry nuts.

  9. Mike says:

    If I remember correctly, Terrifying Tim was the heir to an important bed company/fortune and wanted to finance WCH2 but only if he could play Stone Fury. Something else Perry ruined for everyone, even though Tim offered him a bit part in the sequel.

  10. Beardo B. Bear says:

    RIP a true American hero. I’m not even American, but I respect what he did for the world. Let us remember a true skateboard enthusiast. Fuck Parry.

  11. Ry Dogg says:

    Of all the souls I have encountered in my lifetime, his was the most … human

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