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• 10.23.08 10:57 am

pharmacy hotties

Who knew that the world of pharmacies would have its own seedy underbelly on the internet?
pharmacy hotties

Who knew that the world of pharmacies would have its own seedy underbelly on the internet?

  1. Hahahaha, there is a blog for everything i guess.

  2. I wondered why my blog traffic increased by a factor of ten today. Indeed pharmacy does have some naughty girls. :)


  3. and less of the seedy….. :) :)

  4. Average Rummy says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless seedy here and there. Nice jugs on that Angie. Christ. I’ve never seen so much boob and so little areola in my life.

  5. Kiwi Boy says:

    Ah… God Bless the infamous Rule 34.

  6. schmuck roofie says:

    I’d like to fill THEIR prescriptions with my GIANT PILL

  7. schmuck roofie says:

    do any of these bitches do drugs.. I know a couple people who work in a pharmacy and they are the straightest driest bunch of cunts in the world. they are paranoid and even if they could do a big scoop of pills they wouldn’t. fuck you pharmacy faggot.. you make me SEEK (better looking girls with better jobs who give better jobs cos they are fucking miked on Oxys and Adderall speedballs while they take my balls (testes) in the mouths (jizz apertures)

  8. K-Dawg in E-minor says:

    Pharmacists are little minx’s. They are super intelligent, but not nerdy enough to be doctors. So, that means they have an untamed wild side. Dirty little pill poppers. Apparently they also have big tits (who knew). You’d better believe they take drugs. They see how effective they are on a daily basis. They also get to see people just before they kick the bucket so they know that they have to make the most out of life. Never underestimate a smart chick.

  9. JammSt**RR says:

    that’s total conjecture, these girls are clearly the exception. I know for a fact they do stringent screening and monitor to the pill what they have in stock so don’t even

  10. yaksas!!! says:

    Dear Street Carnage??? Speaking of pharmacies, where the fuck can I buy pills online? The kind that’ll get you fucked up. I just moved back to my shitty hometown from Brooklyn, and now I’m trying to save moolah to move to Austin. I’ve noticed that everyone here is hooked on Lortabs and Xanax and such but the supply is super-scarce. So anyway, I wanna push pills on these rednecks (and take some too) to fund my next adventure. Perhaps if you publish this letter, some of your kind-spirited readers will have some advice because google isn’t seeming to help.

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