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• 04.30.13 01:35 pm

TV is doomed. Where college kids used to list owning one as their first priority when setting up their dorm room, today they don’t even want one. The habits they form in college will last forever. The budgets reflect this. Where some broadcasters are letting budgets sink as low as $80k/ep, Internet stations such as Netflix and Amazon are releasing budgets that are up in the 250k zone. Internet TV is more versatile and easier to find than scheduled television. It also appears to be more in tune with its audience. Arrested Development was canceled because the network assumed nobody watched it. After the show was canned, fans went ballistic and wouldn’t shut up until Netflix picked up the show. They launched the first episode last night and people “came.”

jakefogelnest I stole this car tonight.

worstinstagram: Slam on the breaks about a mile away from any stop. Remember, you got about a ton of stairs behind you. And don’t forget to go over the route to the hospital.


amberrosetamblyn Jeffrey meets my Father Russ Tamblyn for the first time. #manswooning. #arresteddevelopment

amberrosetamblyn Madame Bluth. #candy
amberrosetamblyn Patton Oswalt and david popping up before the big show! #premiere. #arresteddevelopment
avivayael Portia and Ellen
avivayael @lesleyarfin and Paul at the AD premier!
avivayael Pre-game with Russ!
amberrosetamblyn Sneak attack. Countdown to the premiere. They will be screening episodes 1 and 8. #arresteddevelopment

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    Fuck yeah! Great pics at an amazing event. Just add a little water and you got yourself a stew!

  2. Est ce un effet des célèbres lasagnes à la viande de cheval ou de son prochain direct de Lundi depuis Bordeaux, la capitale du Pommerol et des Cannelés ? Toujours est il qu’hier matin entre 7h15 et 7h20 France Inter nous a servi sur un plateau le plus épouvantable magret de bobards qu’on ait jamais eu l’occasion de déguster sur une radio de service public.

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