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• 08.30.09 09:06 pm

Tony Montana. Tony “Fucking” Montana. Why the fuck is he still a hero to people?

Tony Montana. Tony “Fucking” Montana. Why the fuck is he still a hero to people? Why was he a hero to people in the first place? I can understand him being recognized as a tragic figure, a narcissistic, less than intelligent, a ruthless entrepreneur, a guy who’s sister (with whom he wished to enjoy intercourse) hated him. His best friend was afraid of him. His wife was disgusted by him. Everyone wanted to kill him and they finally do. Best of all, no one cares when he does get killed. Even as a viewer, all you can think is, “Finally, he is dead. Jesus, I was sick of that guy.”

Anyway, I was recently walking down the street, minding my own beans when this fucking framed abortion goes “psst, over hear here [thanks, Nick]” and I oblige.

It’s a gorgeously framed Tony Montana bank note (legal tender in the state of Montana) along with an elegantly framed gun and ammunition. The mantra “Who do I trust? I trust me!” is tastefully emblazoned in the the upper right hand corner of the bill. Yours for a mere $85.00 U.S.

So I figured, Tony, you win, again. I cannot deny you your Presidential status anymore. You are the real people’s choice. So, to anyone out there making or distributing Scarface Brand Clothing or Inspirational Messages, I thank you for keeping the dream alive.

Perfect for visitors day, weddings and funerals.


That is exactly how I’d spend $160.00.

Helping myself to a good old barf into Lisa’s Scarface pants. We decided to dress up as “People who just didn’t give a shit anymore”. The combination of clothing got pretty mathematical.

Cause it’s worth repeat viewings.

  1. Tony Montana says:

    I don give a fuck what joo think bout me maricon

  2. Ghoul power says:

    What? I’m I supossed to be some faggot who drives a hybred or some shit? Get the fuck outta here.

  3. streetbummers says:

    This is why democracy doesn’t work in certain cultures. They just wind up voting in the local Tony “Fucking” Montana and it’s back to square one.

  4. De-stroyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    It’s not really that he’s a hero to some, it’s more that the character continues to fuel an inexplicable yet culturally collective Al Pacino boner.

  5. Nickerspooner says:

    thanks for posting this. i wholeheartedly agree with mr streetbummers. its funny, i don’t think ive ever actually heard anybody down the whole tony montany idolatry til now.

  6. Eddy 209 says:

    In France, people who have arab blood, very cheap french rap for culture and who wears sport suit have Tony Montana for god instead of Mohamed.

  7. Beef says:

    “Hybred?” Hahahaha.

  8. rjb says:

    I almost bought a huge Tony beach towel at the PNE. It was the most hideous thing I’d ever seen. SCARFACE

  9. vegan jules says:

    A culture must worship someone and something. Who are they supposed to worship in a central, singular person? Gavin McInnes? Barack Obama? Jay-Z? Michael Jackson?
    Vegan Jules?

    As you can see the only reasonable answer is Vegan Jules.

  10. vegan jules says:

    mtv cribs… mind just the whole thing.

  11. Blub says:

    he was a victim, ok?

  12. Nick says:

    ‘over hear’? – better spend that $85 on a dictionary.

  13. Wack-boy says:

    America, America, so good you got to say it twice.

  14. Gavin says:

    He was a successful criminal for how long, a year, a few years? He murdered and suffered his whole life just for a few years of stress-filled wealth. Then he died. That’s your hero? How about raising the bar just a tad? Like what about Ronnie Biggs or someone who actually got away with it and lived?

    Oh, and if you’re going to spend 4m on a McMansion, you may want to have that Scarface poster professionally framed. Laminated foamcore is for presentations not living rooms. Fuck!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The movie is okay,maybe even good. The video game is better. And someone should log into Wikipedia make that first paragraph the entry on Scarface.

  16. BRAIN AIDS says:

    ha ha.. This is great!!
    terrible movie (like any depalma movie)

  17. FOR REAL says:

    Boners were invented for girls like Lisa.

  18. Fartzone420 says:

    Oh my god, you deleted my fucking post…here it is, with same amount of racism, but without the bad words: Black idiots (not all black people are idiots, fucking duh) and wiggers (that’s ok to say, right? You can call white people whatever the fuck you want) like Tony because he is a fucking idiot (like them) who made it big (like they never will) and who fucked a hot white chick (again, like they never will).

  19. old man says:

    cut your hair and get off of my lawn, hippie!

  20. kure kure takora says:

    The thing about the character of Scarface was after all his prattling around killing people with no thought, tough guy attitude, absolute lack of any sort of taste, he can’t even get things straight and pussied out on blowing up that dignitary car because it had some kids in it.

    Why you’d idolize someone who clearly was so angry and disappointed with his life tells a lot of the people buying this garbage.

  21. dr.pop says:

    best haircut ever.that’s why.

  22. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    Fuck Ronnie Biggs, what about Ronnie Dobbs?

  23. brooklynchimp says:

    beckles, quit being so “different”-

    it comes off pretentious, petty and feeble.

    Montana would have certainly got his dick sucked.

    Beckles, you’d die with a dry dick, chanting the night away convincing women to respect themselves and their throats.


  24. Can’tada = America’s Hat, so Mexico = America’s shoes….canadian in a drug-rug = my need for a textbook to walk outta class cause i’m wearing sweatpants. i’m so michelleous…

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