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John Pittsley
• 08.29.17 06:43 pm

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Grandparents are almost always asking their grand kids to speak up. No matter what, they can never understand what they’re saying and are constantly complaining about how they mumble too much. I always thought it had to do with them being hard of hearing but now, I finally understand what it’s really about. It doesn’t have as much to do with their hearing as it does with them being frustrated with how timid the youth make themselves out to be and it makes perfect sense, too.

There are plenty of old timers out there who like to say the younger generation has been feminized, so to speak. Some will blame it on the lack of fathers doing their part, while others will say it’s because of feminism’s dominance over our culture. Obviously, both must play a part in why the youngsters act the way they do but the amount of pot some of them smoke can’t be helping either.

It probably sounds like an outrageous claim to make. The weed isn’t all that crazy of a drug, if you can even call it that. In fact, it’s actually quite nice. There’s about a million strands now and hundreds of different highs for just about every occasion and circumstance. But when guys start using it as their ‘go to’ and smoke it all the fucking time, it does turn into a bit of a problem. Even after they’ve built up a decent tolerance.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little high if a dude is spending the night in with his misses or wasting the day watching shitty movies. It’s when young men smoke it throughout their normal everyday lives, like on their breaks at work, that they appear more sedate and apprehensive than a man ever should. There’s just something about a man speaking with less fervor and at a lower volume that suggests he has no confidence. A better move would be waking up and getting a heat on or developing a cute little crack habit. At least that way they’d speak with some authority, when talking to a stranger or person of influence. It might be a tad bit more dangerous but the intensity and volume necessary to command respect would definitely be there.

What’s so frustrating is all these guys who smoke at every chance they get aren’t really pussies of the highest degree. It’s just when they’re high out of their gourd and trying to interact with normally functioning human beings that they give the impression they’re cucked little queers. They know it’s a problem, too. Because if it wasn’t a big deal, they wouldn’t have such an issue with the word “cuck” as so many seem to have.

You would think the word would be welcomed with open arms by just about everyone as the new perfect insult but for some reason, a lot of these guys still have an aversion to it. Not only that, there’s almost a disdain for people who do use it. I guess some liberal comics have tried to paint it as a ‘word of the right’ but that doesn’t really explain it or makes sense at all.

No matter how high these baby queefs are, they should be able to understand that “cuck” will replace “fag” and “faggot” as the go-to put down. I thought they had a problem with people using those two words, because they were homophobic. Cuck doesn’t really shit on fags. I mean, it can. There’s no doubt in my mind there are some gays out there who are all about the cucked lifestyle, considering all the kinky shit they get into. But cuck is more of an insult centered around straight dudes, in a relationship, acting like pussies. It’s not only not homophobic, it’s a more accurate insult. That’s why I’m convinced they hate it.

If the word didn’t embody the exact spirit these pussies portray, they’d embrace it and use it like crazy. Instead, they treat it like the new n-word. Or, at the very least, the most uncool insult ever. Maybe it has something to do with some shitty blind loyalty to the left but I have a hard time buying mind control has gotten that good, even with people who are high all the time. This has more to do with men knowing they’re acting like timid twats and not being able to handle it being brought to their attention.


  1. Disinterested Third Party says:

    Figure it out, John. You are over 30 years old. Your grandparents want a straight answer as to why you wet the bed in the guest room.

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