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John Pittsley
• 05.04.17 04:49 pm


When is this sorta shit going to end? When are famous black athletes and movie stars going to suck it up and stop caring when some retarded goon yells a racial slur at them? This type of thing has supposedly been going on long enough for them to have thick enough skin to just brush it off. It’s about time they stop making such a big deal about it and blaming one race or city for it all.

How is the n-word even insulting to blacks anymore? Shouldn’t it be played out by now? It should have the same effect as a children’s insult in a street brawl. Like calling someone a “doo-doo head” or “yucky pants” right before you hit ‘em over the head with a fire extinguisher. I know there’s the whole history of racism and slavery in this country but I’m honestly surprised that one word still gets under their skin so much. You would think nowadays a black guy’s response to getting called that shit would be “pfff” or “that’s all you got?” I’m starting to think that talk black people have with their kids includes telling them to flip the fuck out over hearing the word “nigger” no matter what. They’ve been getting called that shit forever now. There has to be a better way to deal with it.

I know it doesn’t make it any better and it’s no excuse but blacks used to have to put up with a whole lot worse than they do now, especially the celebrities or ones breaking down color barriers. They didn’t bitch. They kept their heads down (or up, or however you wanna look at it), kept quiet, and continued to do their jobs. Obviously, they didn’t really have all too many options at first but they had to have known that if they were going to change this country’s perspective on race that’s how they were gonna have to go about doing it. Complaining every single time they dealt with adversity or some knucklehead shouting something stupid at them wouldn’t only be exhausting, it’d be proving the critics and assholes trying to discriminate against them right.

When someone becomes a celebrity or professional athlete, they’re choosing to be in the spotlight and criticism naturally comes with that. If they can’t handle or ignore that criticism, they’re going to be dealing with one giant hemorrhoid. That’s why you always see celebrities losing their shit. They’re all delicate little snowflakes and creative kitties. They grew up being told how great and special they were their whole lives and once they make the big time, they don’t want that shit to end. They can’t help but read about themselves or check out the tabloids, and getting torn apart on a daily basis eventually drives them bonkers.

Professional athletes are a different breed, they know they’re the best. They’re physically superior beings and they have statistics to measure their success. These are guys who all have outrageous insults hurled at them on a regular basis, no matter what their race, and are paid millions of dollars to perform under pressure. Once they let people know what bothers them, that becomes a whole lot more difficult. Going into opposing ballparks and stadiums filled with fans hell bent on throwing them off their game only means they’re going to hear that type of shit more. It doesn’t matter if a fan is racist or not, if they’re drunk enough, they’ll say it to piss a player off. Instead of implicating an entire city or fanbase, a player could make their job a whole lot easier if they just kept their fucking mouth shut. Or, maybe we oughtta follow a bit of this advice ourselves.

Whenever it’s brought to our attention that some racist dickhead was acting like an asshole, we’d probably be better off not acting like a bunch of fucking pussies about the whole thing. Instead of getting bent out of shape when someone claims they were a victim of racism, maybe ‘we’ can just condemn the act (whether real or fictional) and go on about our day. There’s no need to do some retarded song and dance when condemning it but bitching and moaning about how whites are the only ones who get blamed for racism won’t solve all this shit. Just like crying about racism won’t stop morons from yelling racial slurs at people.


  1. Talking through My Ass says:

    Why you aren’t nationally syndicated is one of life’s great mysteries.

  2. NIGGERS are Natural Base Stealers says:

    The stink apes are thin skinned because they’re “shit skins which is nature’s way of saying their prospects in life are pure shit.” For example, Mother Nature warns us about other dangerous critters, like reptiles and amphibians, by coloring them with bright red, which means poisonous.
    There’s a reason why calling them Nigger triggers them so easily. Niggers call themselves every other sentence “Yo Nigga” to remind each other that misery loves company and to say in effect “Yo Nigga you ain’t nuttin but a chimp bro so don’t be acting white – my Nigga.” BUT!….they be BUTT hurt when humans remind them, by calling them Niggers, they is the missing link that were left behind in Africa after every other race ran the hell outta of Africa to get away from them. Deep down, in their black hearts, they know that word describes their essence. In PC affirmative action bizzaro world where black lives matter, we need to be careful what we say around these apes. With all the high tech gadgetry available these days, though, one need not be banned from being entertained by these chimps by getting caught telling it like it is. Buy a drone with a loud speaker and prerecord a message that flies over the stands and playing field blaring “NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA….” over and over as the drone does a drive by hit job and flies away into the night.

  3. Spacekook12 says:

    Do you squeeze out this shit while sitting constipated on the toilet? Serious question as your writing is so forced and unnatural. You rhythmically repeat yourself as if you keep trying to push out a shitty idea but are cramped and stuck like a bitch delivering a bastard turd son that you should have aborted with ex-lax.

  4. Alex Peanas says:

    Pittsley don’t listen to these sarcastic critics. This was one of your more thoughtful writings. It’s true you’re usually full of shit and deserve to be insulted by the shit lords and faggots who make up your readership. Yet…..once in a long long long while… redeem yourself, and this is such a time – barely.

  5. Synthesizer says:

    Yup, gotta agree with Pittsley here. Nigger is just a word. I never say “n-word”. I mean, all manner of obscene language is allowed nowadays. What makes nigger any different if you’re not some fragile snowflake? I don’t have anything against black people, I certainly understand their plight, as it were, but a “word” shouldn’t be some horror to them. Heck, call me a cracker, or a KKK member or anything else—matters not to me. “Nigger” is insulting, of course, but not some overarching societal atrocity. After all, it is a term seemingly reserved, for some backward reason, for black people to call other black people. How does that at all promote the best for black people?

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Nigger Cock is the best.

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    This would never happen in NYC. It definitely wouldn’t happen in Philadelphia the “City of Brotherly Love”. Los Angeles Dodgers fans treat SF Giants players and fans with the utmost respect. Just ask Bryan Stow. Alright, that’s enough sarcasm.

    Pittsley makes a good point. Just give a tip of the cap to all the hecklers and then do your damage when you step up to the plate. That’s what Darryl Strawberry did to Red Sox fans back in the ’86 World Series…

  8. meech says:

    yeah BUT WHY gavin Why are you a fucking senseless retard what is the point of insulting someone it is fucking senseless if you know that someone is bothered by a slur then why the fuck would you be a nuisance is someone lying when they say that comment hurt my feelings you are a fucking grown man for fuck’s sakes why are you writing (too lazy too finish sorry) articles about how black people should get over racial slurs are you fucking kidding me. GET IT BUDY YOU ARE A FUCKING GROWN KMAN. It is the year 2017 when are you going to be over it im fat so therefore if someone singled me out as being fat chances are my eyes would start getting a little watery maybe a little tearful and you are ugly with horrid skin you see where im going with this WHAT THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING POINT of calling someone an N. So i guess at that point you are just bothering people. The only reason im singling you out is because you know bette DAD and why . Why should black people be over racial slurs, come to think of it you are the only fucking person(HOLY FUCK GET THIS HES FUCKING WHITE FOR FUCKS SAKE) calling black people N. Are you that fucking miserable what the fuck did they do to you. The only tangible way i can see you using N words is in your blog because god knows you wouldn’t have the balls to call a black person a N to their face and the proof is in the pudding you hide behind pseudonyms. So therefore you are a fucking nazi pest who is living as a skinhead in the eighties as archie from st cats wwwwwwwooooooooooowhoooooooooo buddy. YOU.ARE. FUCKED> in . THE fucking head

  9. meech says:

    GAvin mc innes=Archie from St. Kitts. anyone wwho remembers the old St Catharines would have to remember archie the skinhead and anyone whith a rational clear sensible head can put two and two togethe. do my eyes deceive me. No you aree fucking archie no mistakes allowed

  10. Asshole says:


  11. Flaming ASSHOLE says:

    ^ ground control
    I have this dream, that one day, a Yankee will hit the 7th game winning grand slam homer, in the bottom of the 9th, on a full count, in Fenway, in front of all those screaming Micks, and instead of the pre-internet slow-strolling and gentlemanly brief mocking wave of the hand by Strawberry, I’d do thus:
    I too would troll the crowd by taking my time on the base paths, but instead would be blowing Soprano one-finger kisses, and crotch grabbing my way around the bases till I arrived at home plate, where my homies who were clapping and cheering me all the way around greet me in celebration. Then all 4 of us in the 4 directions of the wind, would bend over, drop our pants, an MOON the Boston Red Sox fans while spreading our cheeks. The rest of the Yankees would pour out of the dugout, and like the rockettes line up, they’d shit kick in unison.
    If that ever happened, I’d be ready to go to the grave in shit grinning peace. I fucking hate Boston.

  12. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    That’s a great sports fantasy, Flaming ASSHOLE. Funny one too. One question: Why would the Yankees be batting in the bottom of the 9th when they’re on the road at Fenway?

  13. Flaming ASSHOLE says:

    ^ Yeah that’s what happens when you’re fantasizing. I chalk it up to “artistic license.”

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