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John Pittsley
• 10.19.17 06:11 pm

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This is a brave new world we’re living in these days. Despite the recent events of the past week or so, women have made some incredible strides over the years. They can vote, serve in the military, and one of them has even lost her first presidential election. Yet women are still acting like spoiled little pussies, even though they’re apparently the exact same as men.

While the ‘feminist’ movement has clearly done women some good, it has also done quite a bit of damage. Whether they recognize it or not. You don’t have to be Einstein to recognize women ought to have equal rights as men but only a retard with severe downs syndrome would think they should act or be treated the exact same as men. And when women believe that, they not only set themselves up for a world of disappointment and maybe even more danger, they end up turning the tables right back around on themselves. The problem begins to present itself in public or anywhere good manners ought to be practiced.

No matter how awful women may be at driving they have to recognize equal treatment is a two-way street. That means it’s not just unnecessary for men to bend over backwards for women, it’s “problematic”. Chicks no longer get to have the doors opened for them, just because. Or, use their tits to get shit. Unless it’s with a consensual sex partner. They also have to brave walking on the street side of the sidewalk, when they’re all gussied up and in heals, and risk getting gutter puddles splashed all over them when with a man. Even public transit becomes less of a breeze, when we’re all acting and being treated the same.

Obviously, when on the subway or a public bus, everyone should give up their seats for seniors and people with disabilities. It may even be a law, with all the fucking signs they have posted everywhere. But if women are going to pretend they are or need to be the same as men, they have to stop expecting to get seats. Or, at least, stop expecting comfortable ones when on public transit. And if we’re going to respect one gender’s body type, no matter how unhealthy or disgusting, we ought to respect all genders’ body types.

Unfortunately, when a chick has decided to exercise and starve herself into being the tiniest ‘dream woman’ a guy could want, that can be exceptionally hard to do. It can be even harder if she’s just got done with a long day at work and then has to spend her entire commute back home squeezed between two humongous construction workers on the bus. But women are going to have to keep their yaps shut and enjoy the ride if we’re all going to embrace a truly level playing ground and equal treatment. Or, at the very least, try to be polite and respectful when saying something. And recognize when they don’t, it’s extremely insensitive.

It’s not just rude comments or painfully annoying grunts of displeasure that women will need to recognize are no longer acceptable, though. It’s the staring and dehumanizing looks they give. And that’s where this all becomes truly ‘problematic’. Because if we are all really the same and honestly want to do something about sexual assault then it’s important we recognize we’re ALL capable of it, too.

That seems to be hard for some individuals to do, even though what counts as sexual assault isn’t what it used to be. It’s no longer just a despicable act done by some deranged psychopath in a dark ally, a gigantic asshole waiting for someone to pass out, or a horny and desperate boss using his power to get what he wants. It’s now considered by many to be any inappropriate act that’s unwanted and considered to be sexual. Luckily, women everywhere now feel empowered enough to come forward and expose hypocrites, who speak out on sexual assault, for their own atrocities. However, it’s also important women recognize that they too are capable of and quite possibly have done something just as slimy, like drunkenly grabbing a man by the crotch or ass without his consent.

Unfortunately, men have been and continue to be taught to keep their mouths shut about these particular types of events. Apparently, they’re “no big deal” for us and whining about them is gay or something. But if we’re going to continue down this path of equality to a level playing ground, men need to speak up and women have to be prepared for the consequences.

Then again, there’s always the option of accepting the fact men and women aren’t the same. And guys could admit when they fuck up, quit being little baby faggots in public, suck it up, and start acting like real men.


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