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John Pittsley
• 09.20.17 11:32 am

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Don’t you all think it’s about time everyone with testicles stopped using the phrase “LOL”? I know there are a bunch of women with a pair now but apparently, those dudes aren’t really gay and using LOL is queer as shit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in written or spoken form, there’s no need for a guy to abbreviate his laughter. I can see why he would want to hide his laugh or cut it short but using LOL doesn’t really help with anything other than show his appreciation for cocks.

There’s always times when you want to let someone know how unfunny something they did or said was. A few idiots are too retarded to grasp sarcasm, though. So, telling them “that was really funny” or “you are hysterical” can often times fly over their heads. There are a lot of knuckleheads out there, who are so used to hearing fake laughter after telling a shitty joke that LOL can actually be helpful in letting them know they’re not being funny, too. It’s also a great way to tell people who aren’t mentally challenged to shut the fuck up but using it to abbreviate true amusement helps no one.

Even when trying to respond to a needy and impatient “funny” friend’s text, as quickly as possible, a dude isn’t making things any easier by using LOL. Maybe it’s quicker because it’s only three letters but if time is really of the essence, one of those shitty cartoon smiley faces would be the way to go. Or is that too gay for these teenage man princesses? That’s dumb. If you’re going to give hand-jobs, you might as well suck dicks too. Using LOL is rude as shit anyways.

Usually, people like to know how well received a joke was after telling one. That’s virtually impossible to figure out, when that’s done over text and some dingus responds with “LOL”. If they were to go with some variation of “hahaha” instead they’d give the other person a better grasp of how funny they thought it was. Sure, there are some fairy queens who try to be more courteous by using “LMAO” or “LMFAO” but using five, or two, or however many Ha’s is far more specific. Besides, by sticking with the traditional “hahaha” a guy can sound a lot less like a closeted middle schooler talking in code to his camp counselor boyfriend.

There’s really no excuse for a dude to use LOL. It may make things easier but if all a guy cares about is convenience, he ought to pick up wearing diapers, sweatpants, or Velcro shoes too. The lunatics who honestly use it in conversation may be the one exception but that’s only because they sound so much like a robot with a learning disability, that head trauma is clearly the cause.


  1. IHaFdB says:

    Gavin is a Nazi sympathizer.

  2. A Matter of Perspective... says:

    You know when that gook in the photo uses LOL , he is signifying to his American friends…

    Rots of Ruck!

  3. Name 1 says:

    I use “hahaha” all the time, but my impression on reading this is, where do you live that this is an issue? A gay nightclub? Who cares who says “lol” or “hahahaha” or “roflmao” or whatever it is. It’s all texting shorthand, and therefore meaningless pap. If it irritates you, I suggest taking a long vacation and possibly moving to a place that isn’t a gay nightclub. Everybody reaches the point where the insipid nonsense of their surroundings aggravates them beyond all reason, every now & then, at which point they plan a vacation, or move. I sympathize, but the tension you will relieve from leaving the gay nightclub for awhile, maybe forever, will be far greater than the tension you relieve from writing stuff like this.

    Good luck.

  4. ohtheydiint says:

    Foget LOL, try GLN: Gavin Loves Nazis.

  5. Sniffy says:

    Oh please Pittsley, I’ve seen you hanging at The Lookout, don’t try and front.

  6. There’s really no excuse for a dude to use LOL.

  7. Glenman says:

    Get rid of Pittsley. You suck.

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