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• 11.15.15 08:11 pm

My left-wing brother Miles says, “Reginald Gildersleeve may have been robbing a store but he got shot way too many times. They should have just grazed him in the leg.”

“You didn’t have to kill him. What if he was kidding?

“Karla Lee is in trouble for buying a car. Sure, the money she raised was to bury her son but she needs the car for protection. Ask Tupac and Biggie, you need to be in a car.

“Racists like Tommy Sotomayor and Deroy Murdock don’t understand what it’s like to be black. It’s hard. Blacks are getting hunted by cops and gun owners who kill too much but everyone’s focused on black on black crime.

“Okay, if you really want to get into that, check out what’s really going on in urban communities. Gay men are getting sexually harassed by libidinous women.

“Of course, the mainstream media won’t cover that because they’re even more sexist than they are racist.”

  1. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Your black accent is shit. Pure shit.

  2. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    You can’t go blaming a white guy for having a bad black accent. After all, no one can beat authentic shitskin niggers when it comes to sounding like shitskin niggers.
    PS: I be livin’ inz a food desert, but I don’t be seein’ no damn cactuseses…

  3. OogaBooga says:

    Dat shit wuz da bomb!!!!!

  4. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Ha! OogaBooga. There’s no need to get all racial, dude. I mean, its not my fault every time you start to shove your rhythm-less limp oysterdick into your old lady, she starts dreaming of tyrone and company taking turns wrecking that ass at Spring Break Daytona ’97. That’s just the way it is. And when that first kid of yours comes out a tad…”swarthy”…don’t be mad at that baby. Love him like he was your own!

    PS: You mad?
    PSS: You really mad?
    PSSS: Youse reeeeally mad???
    PSSSS: I think I made an impression. Bitch.

  5. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    OH SNAP!! Yet more muh dik comebacks! And who says that nig-nogs only have one-dimensional minds? Now, now, don’t you go getting angry with me! I mean, it’s not my fault that every time you go out into society the vast majority of people will look at you as a resource draining stink-ape that will never contribute to Western civilization in any real or meaningful way. After all, spearchuckers and failure go together like collard greens and fatback. That’s just the way it is. Your doo-doo colored skin is Mother Nature’s way of letting everybody else know about your potential in life. You know… Pure shit.
    PS: muh dik
    PSS: muh dik muh dik
    PSSS: muh dik muh dik muh dik
    PSSSS: I KNOW I made an impression. Buttnugget.

  6. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    I’m sorry. I humiliated you. I understand that you are a sensitive, bitch-made cave pussy who can’t take being fucked with. Its ok. I know that this is the ONLY venue where you can pull this shit and that in the street, you’re as quiet as a mouse. When negroes are around, you’re silent as the grave. Sure, you’d like to start some shit out there, but your pussy starts swelling and that mouth of your zips shut. Then, you run home, hit the forums up and you’re harder than Ed Norton in American History X. Look here, keyboard gangster: I am not phazed by racist shit. Never have been. Never will be. I think it’s cute. AND it lets me know that I’m getting to you. Which is just lovely. So, keep on spewing those cute crackerizms, chickenshit. Its. fuckin. hilllarious!!!

    PS: HA!
    PSS: Double HA!
    PSSS: I’m gonna steal that stink-ape shit. Kinda funny that one. Next time I’m balls deep in some blonde that you’d dream of fucking, I’m gonna have her call me that as I nut. For giggles.

    Toodles, sugar!

  7. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Hey. I’m sorry, dude. Sometimes I just get so frustrated with life that I take it out on others. I mean, I see you black guys picking up some hot snow bunny that I couldn’t bag in a million years and it hurts, man. It hurts bad. I mean, this one time I came up to this young lady and asked her if she’d like to go to Dave & Busters for some pizza and video games. Know what happened next? Her virile, luscious, chocolate warrior of a boyfriend came over and told me to make like coco and scram. So I did. Which brings me to something else I need to confess…..Give me a second…This is kinda hard. I, too, crave the black cock. I admit it. Please forgive me for any of my unoriginal/borrowed racist quips I unsuccessfully tried to hurt you with. I guess what I’m really saying is: Can I get a hug? Please, big daddy?

  8. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Sure thing, little buddy. Sure thing.

  9. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Ooooo, that super sensitive pickaninny ego is sure showing itself again. I know that it must be hard to accept the fact that you and your people are little more than obsolete farm equipment that will collectively never amount to anything. Don’t let it get you down. Relax. I assure you that the stores in your neighborhood are fully stocked with all the Flaming Hot Cheetos that you could possibly desire, so grab your EBT card and go buy yourself a snack. I must say, I find your coon-brained responses to be incredibly entertaining. “…I know that this is the ONLY venue where you can pull this shit and that in the street, you’re quiet as a mouse. When negroes are around, you’re silent as the grave.” Ooooo, is that because the feces species is supposed to be all hard and violent and shit? I’d better watch my mouth when I’m around the chimps, because I might get hurt, right? Straight up gangstas, huh? Wow. You people have an uncanny way of verifying your own stereotypes. I will admit to not being around bootlips that much. Only a miniscule handful of them earn enough money to be able to afford to live in my neighborhood, although I do spy one or two coming through every once in awhile to mow somebody’s lawn. From what I’ve seen, the Mexicans do a better job of it and drive a better truck, but at least there’s a couple of nogs out there who are gainfully employed. For now. You say that you’re not phazed by my racist shit, but yet you still felt a dire need to issue a response to me? Hmmmm… I must confess that I can’t make much sense of a nigger’s thought process. Oh well. The funniest part of it all was that you still managed to end with a muh dik comeback! You poor little monkeys just can’t help yourselves! LOL
    PS: When will blacks understand that Tide laundry detergent is not an acceptable form of currency?
    PSS: Seeing as most black children don’t have fathers in their lives, are grandfathers merely regarded as some form of mythical entity?
    PSSS: BLAT LIBE MADDUH!!! (not really)

  10. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Stop it! i never knew my dad! He was out of my life before I was three. Mom brought home a different player every weekend. I could hear her getting plowed from down the hallway. Our apartment always smelled of hair relaxer and chicken grease. We didn’t own a book until I was a teenager, and it would be a few more years ’til I could learn how to read it. I talk about muh dik all the time because I have nothing else in life. WHY GOD, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME A NIGGER?!?!? muh dik *sniffle* muh dik muh dik

  11. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Woah, don’t have a heart attack! Maybe if you’re really good you can be reincarnated as something other than a shitskin!

  12. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    But muh dik! Muh dik!

  13. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Sorry, pal. Late again! I thought of playing the name game 1st. I can only wonder why it must feel like to be a white dude who is perpetually 2 steps behind *gasp* a black guy! You lose, again. Every time we meet, I clown the shit out of you, you go ballistic, and then I die laughing!! I had to use google to look up half your shit cause NOBODY uses that crap. Is this the kinda shit you guys throw around at the stormfront meetings? Half of it is just plain lame. You are entertaining though. Ironic, huh?

  14. TheSmegmaEatingFaggotWhoCallsHimselfOogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Ironic is a big word for you. You nogs really have fun using white people’s inventions, huh? Computers and the English language. Wow, you guys sure have come a long way! What’s that, no muh dik comeback? Now you’re just getting lazy.

  15. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Y’all niggas need to chill.

  16. raymi says:

    here we go again

  17. OogaBooga says:

    You know what’s humiliating, OogaBoogaMomsMowf? The fact that I can easily kick your ass in a street fight. I know, I know… black guys always think they are tougher than white guys. Klitschko doesn’t really exist. He’s fiction, like the moon landing. I, however, am real, and I can kick your ass and make you call me “massuh” if I want. How humiliating! Anyway, let’s get this over with… what’s your home address? I’ll be right over. After I knock you out, and then piss on your face to revive you, I will be kind enough to break all of your fingers so you’ll be freed from the trolling addiction of yours. White man’s burden, etc.

  18. PassiveAggressiveOogaBooga says:

    Listen fellow OogaBoogas, you’re all entitled to your opinion. No need to get nasty with one another, now.

  19. PassiveAggressiveOogaBoogas48YearOldDadMarriedAGirlHalfHisAgeAndHisFamilyAreSlightlyUncomfortableWithTheWholeThing says:

    SHUT YO CRACKA ASS MOUTH, NIGGA!!! THE First white man was a BLACK MAN!!!!

  20. OogaBoogaMomsMowf says:

    Return of the Keyboard Gangster!!!

  21. OogaBoogaMomsCaboose says:


  22. OogaBooga says:

    ‘Cause I’m Ooga Booga, yes I’m the real Ooga
    All you other Ooga Boogas are just imitating
    So won’t the real Ooga Booga please stand up,
    Please stand up, please stand up?

    Bring it on, you anomalously pencil-dicked Urkel-lookin’ mofo!

  23. Bad decision oogabooga says:

    Hi, I am bad decision oogabooga and I have cable.

  24. I'mA JohnnyComeLatelyToThePartyOogaBooga says:

    Hey I’m only 9 days late to the Ooga Booga party. Won’t someone come out to play Ooga Boogas!

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