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Street Carnage
• 01.31.14 03:00 am

The premise is simple: A half-dozen recently convicted sex offenders who are awaiting sentencing would face off and try to cook the most delicious meal for a group of sexual-assault victims at a local women’s shelter.

The winning RAPE CHEF would not have to serve any time in prison. It’s justice, redemption, and fine dining all wrapped into one weekly episode. Sounds like a win-win—for the perp, the victim, and the viewing public. America, let’s make RAPE CHEF a reality!

  1. Bad idea says:

    Yeah, but they would put a hot dog with two cherry tomatoes arranged on a plate to look like a penis and the women would be verrrrrry uncomfortable. :(

  2. Nick Mulgrave says:

    When I die I want to donate my body to Iron Chef. (Japanese show only).
    I imagine the ratings would go through the goddam roof once Chairman Kaga introduces me.
    “And tonight’s secret ingredient” Whips the sheet away “Nick Mulgraaaaaave!!!”
    Crowd goes bat shit crazy. Chef Sakai comes running towards the podium, cleaver in hand.

    But I think they should be able to spare a few organs for me to also make a guest appearance on Rape Chef so hurry up and make it happen.

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