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Donna Deliva
• 02.25.09 02:34 pm

Man, if my parents shelled out $60,000 A YEAR to send me to NYU and I got expelled for barricading myself into the cafeteria to demand (among other things) amnesty for myself for barricading myself there, I would have my entrails stuffed up my ass.

(After discovering this banner was paid for with their parents money, it exploded into a fireball of irony)

Man, if my parents shelled out $60,000 A YEAR to send me to NYU and I got expelled for barricading myself into the cafeteria to demand (among other things) amnesty for myself for barricading myself there, I would have my entrails stuffed up my ass.

A group of NYU students decided to protest a bunch of stuff but they couldn’t think of anything so they said, um, scholarships for Palestinian students. Huh? Then they made a wall out of garbage cans and sat there for few days, eating food and refusing to leave. Eventually the campus security said, “Fuck this” and threw them out. Now they’re expelled.

This video is fucking hilarious and keeps giving and giving but the best part of it is the asshole cameraman who filmed it doesn’t even go to NYU! Man, are these guys ever grounded when they get home.

  1. Patricia Richardson From Home Improvement says:

    I bet you could have a circle jerk with the university administration you apathetic shit

  2. crabber says:

    they all need to be raped in the ass

  3. Vane$$a says:

    might be the best thing to ever happen to those stupid kids. i went to usc, the nyu of the west, and all i got was $700 a month in loans. i never barricaded myself in the fucking lunchroom though. if i could turn back time. . ..



  5. Jordan says:

    What is the cameraman’s name? I’d like to reach a democratic consensus to shit on his head.

  6. yawn says:

    man, i wish that video showed their whiny entitled asses getting dragged out of there.

  7. Popeye The Sailor Man says:

    best thing i saw all day. where can i donate to NYU?

  8. Michael says:


  9. Michael says:

    This guy really needs to brush up on his revolutionary cliches. Watching that was more awkward and uncomfortable than reading a North Korean press release.


  10. Michael says:


  11. Jordan says:

    Those police officers were probably wearing suits under their uniforms.

  12. Gustavus Adolphus says:

    He did get one of them to do earmuffs.


  13. Why Palestinians of all people? They just happened to watch The Situation Room on CNN that week? The ungrateful fucks got just what they asked for, an independent section of the stupid fucking desert. Now they go shooting RPGs at Israeli citizens anyway. Fuck students and their phony ill informed political views fuck arabs and their self victimizing bullshit.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Excuse me. Do not use force!

    What a bunch of pussies.

  15. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    God, this idiots are so desperate. They want it, they want it so bad, and they want the cops to give it to them.

  16. bg says:

    Devices of force?

    Guys! We have 10 minutes!

  17. pubert says:

    college is gay.

  18. glendon rusch says:

    some of us just go to nyu for the cocaine, not this faggotry.

  19. Gavin is NOT his boyfriend anymore says:

    You guys are about a week late on this. I considered sending it to gavin last week because I thought his take would be hilarious, but had a reporter “embedded” with them the whole time, and gawker had some decent posts. Consensus: These folks are idiots.

  20. Chinky says:

    best line of the entire video “they probably drink corporate water”

  21. Anonymous says:

    1) Civil disobedience
    2) The probably drink corporate water

  22. Vane$$a says:

    I’ve already seen this, but yeah, rumor has it that Bill Ayers was the mystery cameraman. This is so satirical that I kept expecting Rob Reiner to yell “cut” and one of the cops to pull a tin-foiled cucumber out his pizzants. Is it just me, or is the Jewish-American experience suddenly everywhere? With this cut we’re seeing the children of orthodontists, hedge fund managers, and Hollywood agents take the Emma Goldman/Abbie Hoffman social rebellion placebo. Outside of enrolling in college, it’s the first step toward becoming…well…orthodontists, hedge fund managers…you get the picture. I like how the first brave man over the barricade was double A. You really can’t complain about being oppressed by your university when they got Mr. T’s ebony paw slappin you around. White people can not be oppressed by black people, even when they’re representing white people. Word. And what’s up with the little hippie guido that keeps talking about the “fuckin rats” in his best Sopranos brogue? Mama’s boy.

    To my impostor: You’re a moron. I attended Carnegie Mellon, a university built on the shattered promise to forever educate the moosh-brained offspring of steelworkers. Shit is HARD up in Squirrel Hill, yo.

  23. sarah cynthia sylvia stout says:

    There needs to be a gameshow with all these kids. The prize is tortuous slaughter, and everyone wins. The best part is that all those school bags contain at least one Macintosh product. They must be so greeeen!

  24. bing bong says:

    your entrails are stuffed up your ass…so to speak.

  25. Taeil says:

    Funny, how NYU takes a hard line stance against students who protest when it’s THEIR money and reputation on the line.

  26. sluggo says:

    Yeah, what the fuck is corporate water? That guy probably masturbates to free trade porn.

  27. you jihad me at hello says:

    thank god i don’t go to school, these kids are shits

    i love when the girl runs into the security guard screaming “DONT TOUCH ME HE TOUCHED ME”

  28. NYU alum says:

    Ok we gotta find out who that camera guy is. His voice is so annoying…ugh that stutter! This kids are clueless.

  29. KyleHL says:

    “i don’t think they want clothes… they wear suits.”

  30. brainiwak says:

    “bizarre” is right. it’s like, the poor asshole with the camera is trying so hard to communicate while the others just sit there with blank stares and the KY ready in their hands.

    not that i pity the camera dude (who i suspect is the guy who “organized” (and i use that term very loosely) the new school strike thingy). he can’t keep his cool, and is completely unprepared. next time . . . WALKIES DUDE. maybe even a bullhorn. this is 101 stuff for organizing anything from a protest to a parade to the camera dude’s mom’s gang bang film.

    and what’s up with the bratty little kid that keeps shouting profanities? and the girl who keeps throwing peace signs at random moments? wake up, dudes!

    i respect the idea of student protest, even the ones that are borderline surreal abortions of protest. but these kids make me embarrassed for them.

  31. koan says:

    This is too perfect to be real.

  32. Ed Lister says:

    If this had happended in an Australian university the other students would of kicked these woman out as soon as it was lunchtime. Wtf?

  33. lol@u says:

    ahahaha OH THE BRUTALITY. That was brutally embarrassing.

  34. Psychic Dad says:

    Surprised that bitch ass faggot loser Todd Gitlin didn’t make his way down from Gallatin or whatever section he’s in and throw his hat in the (anus) ring for these insanely retarded kids. (He was in SDS but was “enemies” with the only actually legit activists besides the panthers in our history, the Weather Underground)

    At the NYU that’s not in the city for slightly smarter kids they pulled the same shit like staging sit-ins for some kid with like a D+ average who got kicked out for disciplinary shit BUT HE WAS NON-WHITE so it called for a massive showing of solidarity “fighting” to keep him in school.

  35. Gavin is NOT his boyfriend anymore says:

    These weren’t Jews man, they were all about gaza and crap. and the kid filming is named alex lotardo or something, he responded to some stuff on with the whiniest rants ive ever seen.

  36. vegan jules says:

    The school is a corporation. They treat you like babies the entire time you’re there. There are some cool kids, there are lots of bland, and naive suburban overachievers.

    The tuition is so high because it’s about profit. NYU has a 5 billion dollar endowment. Both the parents and society blame the kids for the cost of their attendance there. The kids just wanna go to school in New York.

    In other countries like England for instance, the kids pay $6,000 a year to go to University of London. This means they don’t get treated like babies.

    It’s a waste anyways. Or very much worth it. You’ll only get prepared for a job in corporate America. But you’ll learn how to read and write above the crowd if you want to.

    That’s why I’m smarter than Vanessa, Blognigger, and even Gavin.

    NYU Class of ’06 (I hated 90% of the kids. It gets less alternative every year it goes up in national rankings, and every year they raise the tuition.)

  37. vegan jules says:

    P.S. ALL those security guards are ex-NYPD. So they’re practically as organized, power-structured, and asshole-ish as NYPD cops.

    When I was there, lots of kids just committed suicide. I’m glad they’re starting to do this instead. Getting kicked out may be one of the best things that could happen to them. But graduating, and your last year there is also a fine touch on your brain.

  38. arnie the carnivore says:

    “It gets less alternative every year it goes up in national rankings, and every year they raise the tuition”.

    I want you to know I just punched my cat when I read the words “less alternative”. I hope you’re happy.

  39. ew says:

    this is a comedy goldmine!!! “we have to use civil disobedience, guys. we’re angry but we have to be civil”. HAHAHAHAHA. all the cliches i heard from this sort in my five years of college were compiled into one montage of annoyingness. MOARR!!!!! “they’re using brutality!!!”

  40. koan says:

    hahah. Where do they find these people? Aren’t these people supposed to go on to become asshole, hothead, aggro CEOs and lawyers and shit?!?! Where did all the hothead psychopath teenagers go?!? I mean they have like 20 young people and not one of them can start screaming and punching cops or secretly bring in a zip gun or a flare gun? Fuck, UMASS has riots every fucking year just ’cause and they’re a bunch of new england hicks. This fucking video reads like a goddamn macbook ad.

  41. elise says:

    so, i usually think of myself as an activist of sorts and i sometimes go to protests and shit and this video seriously makes me want to give it all up and become a neo-con.
    “they probably drink corporate water”

    ugh. some people’s self-righteousness is bone-deep.

    then again, it was worth it for the laugh.

  42. Arv says:

    I’m all for protest and civil disobedience, but this is ridiculous. Those kids should’ve been tasered, each and every one of them. If you’re going to try something crazy like this you need two things:

    1. A plan: indefinitely barricading yourself in a place without any reasonable demands, way to keep the “suits” out, or an escape route is fucking retarded (for future reference, a stack of cafeteria furniture that any adult human being can climb over should not be considered a reasonable barricade).

    2. A point: a scholarship for Palestinian students? Really? For some reason I doubt that is part of the road to peace in the Middle East.

    The most revealing part of the video is at the end when they’re cataloging their stuff in case the authorities confiscate anything. The cameraman comments that “they” probably drink “corporate water” and “only wear suits” without realizing that the guards who are going to drag his ass away probably don’t even make enough money to send their own kids to NYU.

  43. i'm transfering says:

    yay vegan jules and taeil

  44. i'm transfering says:

    forgot an “r”

  45. Anastasia says:

    The cameraman is Alex Lotorto. This is his MySpace:

    MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Not like it’s corporate or anything.

  46. Belle says:

    “They probably drink corporate water.”

  47. Belle says:

    ah, I was late on that one.

  48. so ashamed says:

    i am so ashamed to be an nyu student right now…

    corporate water reference? wtf, there are two $1400 macbooks in the same shot.

  49. CaptainQueef says:

    This has to be one of the most pathetic things i have ever seen. I dont even know where to begin. These kids embody everything that is completely wrong with our society. Their barricades were fucking terrible.. the guy climbed over NO problem. Did they actually expect the university to listen to a bunch of whiny, self-righteous and ignorant college faggots? “oh the students want palestinians to have scholarships, and they put garbage bins in front of the doors that we can still easily get over in 5 seconds! we better co-operate!” Get fucking real.

    Next-Their “cause”. what. the. fuck. Scholarships for palestinians? do they expect us to believe they actually give a shit? they just want a pat on the back for being good “global citizens” and fighting for those who “can’t”. typical liberal bullshit. they should be protesting the budget deficit that has mortgaged the future of their countries children for generations to come (but i guess they wont have kids because there are too many out there already). what makes them think anyone will listen to their stupid asses anyways? what the fuck do they know? just that the words capitalism and corporation=bad and social justice=good, without any in depth contemplation of what those words actually mean. they think because they can regurgitate what naomi klein and their textbooks’ paraphrasing of marx that they somehow fully understand the world. my university is full of these types douches but not nearly as bad as these idiots.

    finally, their demeanor is just unbelievable. another reason why our society is fucking dead is because we have completely lost our balls. did you hear those guys talk? they are huge pussies! camera douche said consensus about 50 times, as if the cops gave a shit. they were the poorest excuses for men/intelligent human beings i have ever witnessed. rant over.

  50. real ew says:

    hey ew imposter, i happen to have a year and a half of college! get ur facts straight, mr. five year plan. p.s. what was that fifth year for? did u fail or something? if so UR A TARD!

  51. suresure says:

    did someone here just say usc is the nyu of the west?

    honestly, now.

  52. kittiesisthebastard says:

    This is their list of demands. Trying to make sense of 6,7 & 10 made my brain cry.

    After a two-year campaign of letter-writing, tabling, flyering, educational events, and even electing a member onto the Student Senate, Take Back NYU! decided to occupy the 3rd floor dining hall in Kimmel.

    Our demands are as follows:

    1)Amnesty for all parties involved.

    2) Full compensation for all employees whose jobs were disrupted during the course of the occupation.

    3) Public release of NYU’s annual budget and endowment.

    4) Allow student workers (including T.A.’s) to collectively bargain.

    5) A fair labor contract for all NYU employees at home and abroad.

    6) A Socially Responsible Finance Committee that will immediately investigate war profiteers and the lifting of the Coke ban.

    7) Annual scholarships be provided for thirteen Palestinian students.
    That the university donates all excess supplies and materials in an effort to rebuild the University of Gaza.

    8) Tuition stabilization for all students, beginning with the class of 2012. Tuition rates for each successive year will not exceed the rate of inflation. The university shall meet 100% of government-calculated student financial need.

    9) That student groups have priority when reserving space in the buildings owned or leased by New York University, including, and especially, the Kimmel Center.

    10) That the general public have access to Bobst Library.

  53. kittiesisthebastard says:

    …and this was the official statement:

    New York University is pleased to report that the students who sat in the Kimmel
    Center’s cafeteria and disrupted services have peacefully exited the building.

    Robust dialogue is a customary, normal, and expected part of the interaction
    between students, faculty, and administration at NYU. But it is not appropriate
    for it to take place while there is an ongoing violation of university rules.

    Despite the protesters’ stated principles that the protest was to be
    non-destructive and non-violent, the protesters, despite specific warnings to
    stay off the Kimmel Center balcony, broke the lock to gain access to the
    balcony. The protesters also injured an NYU security officer during a scuffle.
    These actions dishonor NYU’s commitment to free exchange of ideas, reasoned
    debate, and legitimate forms of protest.

    From the outset, the University made clear to the protesters that they were
    violating the University rules and engaging in improper activity. Nonetheless,
    the University offered to sit down and have a dialogue with the students if they
    left the cafeteria early the night of February 19.

    The 18 students who stayed through the night of February 19–after rejecting the
    University’s offer to leave the building–have been suspended pending the
    outcome of the university’s disciplinary process.

    No students who were participating in the demonstration in the Kimmel Center
    cafeteria were arrested by the New York Police Department.

    None of the students’ demands was met.

  54. kittiesisthebastard says:


  55. Frank DeFalco says:

    Wait… so this lasted over night?

  56. Frank DeFalco says:

    I wish there was more video!!! Could turn it into a reality show.

  57. consuala says:

    I would pay those Palestinian kids tuition, just so I could bust into that dinning hall with a paint-ball gun and waste those suckers.

  58. Larry says:

    Oofa, captain queer MUCH TOO long. Write that shit in your journal man,come on.

  59. Godfrey Jones says:

    you know the commercial for that movie “taken” where liam nissan is walking his daughter through everything that’s about to go down like a pro because he knows his shit so well?

    these kids could’ve used someone like that.

  60. vegan jules says:

    NYU’s invests their tuition money and endowment in weapons, shitty food, and exploitation the same way all the major universities do.

    Powerful investors like this are the force behind the world remaining the way it is. Oh and YOU are also a force for this as well. Stop eating animals :)

  61. ty says:

    Oh fuck!

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Well since those fucks in the trees in Berkeley.

    You got, Mr. Democratic Consensus, Ms. Double Peace Sign, and Blonde Marley. Fuck!

    How the security and police have so much restraint with students (white kids), I’ll never know. It should’ve been all Rodney King and Nancy Kerrigan, if you ask me.

    But, fuck. I’m LOLing, I’m LOLing!

  62. glendon rusch says:


  63. glendon rusch says:

    he had a skateboard and FUCKING DREADLOCKS!! HAHAHAHAH

  64. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something says:

    Vegan Jules… The most self-righteous, full of shit commenter to ever grace the digi-pages of this site. You are hilarious.

  65. Alex Lotorto says:

    don’t hate me because this made me internet famous.

  66. vegan jules says:

    yeah. I believe I’m right. Prove me wrong.

    But I am full of gay love for you my darling.

  67. SF Jef says:

    Best line from Futurama, when Frye wanted to go back to college:

    “Everyone knows 20th century universities were just expensive day-care”

    -That goes double for the 21st century.

  68. barnard animals says:

    pauly shore and ed begley jr in: too many macbooks!

  69. I don't mind says:

    Painful to watch… they’re trying so hard to be victims, and yet the police are reasonable and even courteous to them. The guy calling them scumbags is soooooo forcing himself to try to be angry and he just can’t do it. Beautiful.

    It’s kind of telling how their first demand is amnesty for themselves… at the end of the day they’re just looking out for number one, like the “Corporate Giants” they’re pretending to be at war with. what a bunch of losers.

  70. tim says:

    “The don’t wear clothes, they wear suits.”


  71. Guys says:


  72. Can Con says:

    I like how some guy is going on about “brutality” and consensus while some chick is wandering around doing the peace sign. I wish some Canadian police were there to put the tazers on these limp-dicked and dreadlocked fucking babies. ” You are brutalizin’ us!” Ha, ha,ha!

  73. Yohio says:

    Is this performance art?

    If they’re serious, then this is exceptionally pathetic. I’ve never seen such calm and relaxed security guards and administrators. No brutality, no taser, no bullshit (except pour les maudites etudiants).


    I personally want to Beecher this cocksmoker.

    There are many things wrong with universities in North America, chief among them are the little prickless shits like these fucks who don’t pay for their schooling and do little more than complain and get high.

    If you’ve got a legitimate complaint, study your ass off and become an ACLU lawyer or start a public policy think tank. Not only will you be well paid, you’ll actually have a chance to make legitimate, legal changes. You may even get yourself onto a university governing board where you’ll have a tangible role to play in shaping university policy.

    But no, no – obviously working really hard to accomplish goals based on your personal values and convictions is selling out to the man.

    I hate to say it, but I hope these people are bitter and unfulfilled until their last day. I hope they go the rest of their lives showing this video to their friends, proud as peacocks, pointing out the evidence of their past radicalism with great relish, and I especially hope their kids loathe them for it.

    Suck it nerds

  74. A White Boy's Dingy Dreadlock says:

    Lots of free advertising for apple at the end there…wait a minute…isn’t apple a corporation? Dude!

  75. libarbarian says:

    Suck it nerds

    Nerds would never do something this stupid.

    Those kids aren’t “Nerds”. They’re the fake waana-be arty fucks.

  76. libarbarian says:

    These losers are not NERDs.

    Most of them probably flunked Algebra because they were too busy writing bad poetry and otherwise being untalented “artsy” losers.

  77. dkjfkdjf says:

    Ha what a bunch of fucking pussies. These kids are so full of shit.

  78. whatever says:

    The students portrayed in this video are clearly silly, among other things, and NYU has dealt with them in a manner that is consistent with their right as a private institution, but the majority of the posters here are venomous and obviously revel in the self-righteous barking that makes the world of internet comments an unenlightened and ugly place. Enough already.

  79. SFOtter says:

    Um, aren’t your entrails already stuffed up your ass?

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  81. Zipper says:

    How unsatisfying. I’m sitting here sipping my corporate water and not needing clothes cause I wear suits and waiting for some skull-cracking. Talk about ending with a whimper. As an NYU alum, all I can do is shake my head and wish the kids good luck getting a job in the middle of a depression without a college diploma.

  82. SFOtter says:

    Alex Lotorto Says:

    02.26.09 at 12:33 pm
    don’t hate me because this made me internet famous.

  83. Chico Leo says:

    I think the chick they “dragged in” off the balcony was one of the two titty flashers from the day before.

    Honestly if this ended with a mass shrieky tazing, this would be the best video ever released on the internet. A shrill and broken chorus of “dude, don’t taze me” accompanied by the sounds of scuffling and overturning furniture might have been even better than Barak Obama’s speech speech the other day (and the cameraman in this one makes Bobby Jindal seem like Lord Humungous, the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla)

  84. JV says:

    Hi Mansura!

  85. YouDieMonia says:

    Outstanding. Take back NYU, indeed.

  86. truthynesslover says:

    We need to have a concensus!!
    These are spoiled- faux outraged posers!
    lower tuition for palestinians?

    Is that a joke?
    how about lower tuition for everyone who cant afford it?
    but palestinians?

    I hope their parents are proud!!!

  87. 2Poor4NYU? says:

    Absolutely priceless. Bunch of spoiled rotten, hypocritical, incoherent poseurs. Props to NYU for calmly, competently putting an end to this nonsense. “Guys! We’ve got 10 minutes!” Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Made my day.

  88. pml says:

    Would’ve been funnier if they would’ve bashed in their hippie skulls with corporate batons. Shazam!

  89. Nylund says:

    These people actively put in a lot of effort to apply to the school. When offered admission, they chose to accept and attend. They then voluntarily handed over ungodly sums of money to become students. If not happy with their choice, they are free to leave whenever they want. If they do not agree to the terms of the institution they voluntarily became a part of, that institution is free to send them on their merry way.

    Except for that cameraman guy. He has no affiliation with the school. He has a pretty ridiculous sense of what his personal rights are given that he is trespassing on private property.

    NYU is pretty awful in many ways, and if you disagree with them, don’t give them your money and four years of your life. Its as simple as that.

  90. Wow says:

    I thought they were re-enacting an old Monty Python skit…HELP, HELP, I’M BEING REPRESSED!

  91. Cal Gal says:

    Wait a minute. Your entrails are ALREADY stuffed up your ass.

    Don’t you mean you’d have your entrails pulled OUT of your ass?

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  93. Doc says:

    This shit isn’t gay. Trust me! I’m a big fab and even I’m not this big of a pussy. 😉

    My favorite line has to be “Who wants to be the facilitator?”

    That’s comedic gold. You couldn’t write this stuff if you tried. And yeah, white guy with dreads and a board. That’s fucking perfect.

  94. Howard says:


    Wow, someone slap the shit out of these little bitches. It’s like they’re trying to follow a fucking lame-ass suburban revolutionary instruction manual. “Step 1. Who can facilitate?” They totally didn’t let those corporate fascists immanentize the eschaton!


  96. BARNEY FWANK says:


    I like how he makes the STUPID quip, about “corporate water” while holding his corporate camera and taking inventory of all the Mac Books. CLASSIC!!!

    “Students free space” They should all be sent INTO OUTER SPACE!!

    Just keep in mind, these are kids are training for future gov’t jobs and workers within in the “Progressive Movement”

  97. Qualtrough says:

    Um, your entrails are stuffed up your ass, that is where they are supposed to be.

  98. busey says:

    Their hammer and sickle is a mac book and a mac book charger.

  99. Ian says:

    I’ve never been inside NYU. Looks like a nice building.

  100. Anonymous says:

    I suppose macs aren’t corporate?


    Very Funny!!!

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  104. uhh.. says:

    Jules: England is not a country


    There is no “University of London”

  105. Steve Dave says:

    Spoiled. Fucking. Brats.

  106. […] While NYU is full of rich, white douche bags playing Ché, Baruch is packed to the brim with minorities. That’s not to say NYU doesn’t have any […]

  107. Unca Mike says:

    Laugh now but in 20 years these kids will all be in Congress writing the laws we have to live by.

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