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DJ 537
• 10.31.13 12:00 pm

Yo whddp NY street bones, long time first time, namsayin. This a Halloween shout from DJ 537, rapper and freerunner, holla 168.

As you did hear in the papers, my man J.T. AKA Grumps passed away tonight after a train surf wipe on the 6 train. First and foremost may he rest in peace.

I told you I’ll do a shout on the website because Grumps was a bright light and my boy but he also had his own problems with the K2D2 namsayin, so to all the surfers or those who are looking to surf, please hear me out and do not ride intoxicated, especially on the D2 because the shit can very easily flip heads and make feet banana peel namsayin.

For real it’s not a game right, you have to take shit mad serious and remember it’s your life in your hands. With graffiti and other forms of hip hop you know, you battlin’ toys and five-0 and facing jail time namsayin, but surfin is much more direct as is now obvious again.

The scene came up from heads chasing that rush, namsayin, havin all the MTA customers point and give respect when you fly through a station, and I will say it does let you connect in a more direct way than other art forms, but it comes at a price. To young pups lookin to come up, I can only offer this advice. This game is not a second pastime; in other words, you have to focus.

In Grumps’s case I do understand that the beam at 96th Street was an unsafe construction condition, UNAUTHORIZED namsayin, so I do hope his family will seek justice. But understand of course it can take mad time when you consider the hoops and bureaucracy that keep NY politicians rich and in power. My advice to them and to all of you is to stick with it don’t quit with it, keep faith strong and stay true to the fight that you first believed.

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Peace 168 RIP Grumps one love.
—DJ 537

  1. Don Cornholiness says:

    Look at pimp daddy getting on the SOUUUUUUULLLLL TRAAAAAIIIIN!

  2. TWalsh2 says:

    Substandard writing and mush mouthed colloquialisms – Mr. Injustice appears to have taken on another nom de plume.

  3. Viet Namsayin says:

    Yo yo rest in peace. This artist was one of a kind, namsayin

  4. Jewjy fruits says:

    Watch, they really will sue the city

  5. Wahwah Girl says:

    Hey, careful what you say ’bout my baby daddy!

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